Steve G.

Negative ads

In Media, Politics on October 5, 2008 at 1:31 pm

It’s silly season again.

There are so many negative ads that…

This one was in the related videos. Not sure why. It’s catchy though…


    Paul addresses birchers, the US answer to soft Nazism.

    Nothing beats the poor press ‘libertarians’ give themselves

  2. birchers, the US answer to soft Nazism.

    How so?

  3. Paul R. Nelson approves a message which talks about teenage girls watching porn with electrodes taped to their genitals.

    Personally, I think taking funds away from the war effort is the only realistic thing Congress can do to end the war. Not that I would want tax dollars spent on all the Ron Kind sex projects. Something tells me there’s a market solution available.

  4. Maybe you’re the exception, but my reaction is that only mostly lazy or deceptive people seeking to spread disinformation would even ask that question. Is the next question what’s wrong with Nazi’s? But looking at your posts here…

    My experience was they were a racist religious-nut bigoted ‘kill the Jews, wops and niggers’ bunch in the 50’s and by the 70’s rabidly anti-libertarian, all hiding behind free-market and constitutionalist rhetoric they cleaned up after Ayn Rand dissed them. Founding members created allied groups like the National Alliance.

    Oh, I see religious fascist Baldwin is addressing them too. Nice.

    Do you reseach and don’t waste my time.


  5. Kevin Barrett gives Ron Kind his pink slip

    Congress hopefull Kevin Barrett displays his complete disgust with Ron Kinds support of neo-con war propaganda and bailout scams with a pink slip.. Ron Kind, YOUR FIRED!


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