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Libertarians file Connecticut ballot access lawsuit

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics on October 3, 2008 at 8:01 pm

Posted at Ballot Access News

On October 1, the Connecticut Libertarian Party filed a federal lawsuit to get Bob Barr on the ballot. Libertarian Party of Connecticut v Bysiewicz, 3:08cv-1513. The case is assigned to Judge Janet Hall, a Clinton appointee.

The state believes that the Libertarian presidential petition was 280 signatures short, but Libertarian volunteers have found 209 signatures that were erroneously invalidated. The volunteers haven’t finished re-checking all of the rejected signatures. The lawsuit evidence will include evidence of the revalidation work performed so far. The party also believes that while the petition sheets were in the custody of elections officials, 116 petition sheets were lost.

A discussion of some of the factors leading to the LP falling short in Connecticut follows in the comments at Ballot Access News.

  1. Another screw up by the conservatarian LRC and their pals.

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