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VP debate liveblog

In Libertarian on October 2, 2008 at 11:47 am

I will be liveblogging tonight’s vice presidential debate at While it’s obviously a major party event, I’ll try to keep up with Boston Tea Party vice presidential nominee Tom Knapp’s updates from outside as well.

  1. I think we should do one here.

  2. May I suggest the use of something like Twitter to liveblog? Use a regular blog is awkward for this. Twitter makes it easy both to post and to follow.

  3. George claims to be an expert, better listen to him.

  4. Ya’ll can do whatever you like here, I’m doing my own thing this go-round.

  5. Jason I claim to be an expert in very little, and certainly not on live-blogging. Please cease putting words in my mouth; it’s simply not civil.

    If you don’t want to hear my constructive suggestions, please exercise your right not to do so and leave it at that in the future. Thank you.

  6. I don’t twit, but we can put our bloggery in the comments.

  7. I’ll be doing that provided the feed here works

  8. The moderator is on the stage

  9. Biden: Governor, it would be a pleasure to meat you

  10. Biden: It was a failure of not enough government

  11. Palin: Soccer games are key to the economy

  12. Palin: McCain will get a bipartisan screwjob passed

  13. Biden: I put 100,000 police thugs on the street and worked on genocide in Bosnia

  14. Biden: McCain is senile

  15. Palin: No he’s not.

  16. Palin: Obama is partisan, unlike me and McCain

  17. Ifill: Answer the question. OK, later.

  18. Who caused subprime crisis?

    Palin: greedy capitalists. McCain and me will take care of that with a hockey stick over a six pack.

  19. Biden: More regulation will fix it!

  20. Biden: I get gas too.

  21. Palin: Obama raised taxes.

    Biden: McCain did too.

    Palin: I reduced taxes. Not gonna mention piling up debt.

  22. Ifill: Shut up skank

  23. Tax reform:

    Biden: tax the rich.

  24. Palin: you are a Marxist.

  25. Palin: I want more families to be able to grow, like mine.

  26. Palin: health care tax credit

  27. Biden: Redistribution is more fair when you call it fairness instead of redistribution

  28. Biden: Watch the birdies, the hand is quicker than the eye

  29. Ifill: What phony campaign promises have you made?

  30. Biden: Obama had a few, but McCain has had a lot more. But we still have a big bag of goodies.

  31. Biden: All your money are belongs to us.

  32. Palin: I had to take on a whole state full of oilmen, and I got to say who would come first.

  33. Palin: I haven’t had enough time to make a lot of phony promises yet. Give me a chance.

  34. Biden: I can oil it up as well as anyone.

  35. Palin: I have more energy than you.

  36. Palin: I don’t know why it’s changing. I would like more drilling.

  37. Biden: Well I know why, you ignoramus.

  38. Biden: I’m tired of drilling

  39. Palin: I’m hungry for more drilling.

  40. Palin: The outer shelf is asking for it.

  41. Biden: Whatever gets you through the night is alright

  42. Palin: As long as it’s in the closet.

  43. Biden: as long as you don’t call it marriage.

  44. Palin: Keep pushing harder

  45. Palin: don’t pull out early

  46. Biden: Fuck it, we’re tagging it over to the Iraqis

  47. Palin: You are a cheese eating surrender monkey

  48. Biden: Let’s nuke Pakistan first, and then maybe Iran.

  49. Palin: Nuke both of them, and Iraq too.

  50. Palin: Check it out. I can pronounce Ahmidinejad!

  51. Palin: they hate us for our freedom

  52. Look mom, no teleprompter!

  53. Palin: I can kiss Israel’s ring

    Biden: I can kiss it with more tongue.

  54. Biden: No elections for filthy Palestinians

  55. Palin: The important thing is that we are both athletic supporters of Israel.

  56. Palin: Country first. And that country is Israel.

  57. Biden: McCain is like W’s much older brother

  58. Palin: Only for countries we like. Need I remind you I can pronounce Ahmedinejad? Ahmedinejad!

  59. Biden: Need I remind you I was the first one for getting involved in Bosnia, and will do the same thing for Darfur?

  60. Palin: Sure, why not. As long as we are invading all sorts of countries why not Darfur too.

  61. Palin: McCain got shot down over Vietnam, so he knows all about how to manage a war

  62. Palin: Flex more children’s behinds

  63. Palin: John McCain has already tapped me

  64. He got shot down, so he doesn’t know how to manage a combat aircraft. But a war? Sure, that’s believable.

  65. Biden: Cheney’s got a gun…

  66. Palin: I can quote Reagan, incidentally.

  67. Biden: Once again, I put 100,000 police thugs on the street and worked on genocide in Bosnia.

  68. Biden: I feel your pain

  69. Palin: I can take it from both sides across the aisle.

  70. Biden: McCain is not a real maverick. More like a Bush clone.

  71. Palin: Well at least McCain is not a coward like Obama

  72. Biden: I wasn’t always rich, you know.

  73. I think Root won the debate.

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