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Phillies: Barr did Worse than Keaton so Leave Her Alone

In Libertarian Party-US on October 2, 2008 at 3:26 pm

George Phillies makes the case that the accusations against Angela Keaton are mere trifles compared to Bob Barr’s alleged failure to declare his conflict of interest while serving on the LNC.

My defense is simple: Relative to the acts of other members of the LNC and their staff over the past two years, Keaton’s acts are the merest of peccadilloes.  Other members of the LNC and their staff were not disciplined for far more serious acts.  To discipline Keaton when those other persons went scot-free would clearly be unjust.

Dr Phillies claims that Congressman Barr never disclosed to the LNC the fact that he was raising funds for and contributing to conservative Republican candidates via his Bob Barr Leadership Fund, some of whom were running against Libertarians.

While a sitting member of the LNC, Bob Barr — through his Bob Barr Leadership fund — raised over a million dollars to support conservatives for their 2008 election campaigns. When you raise money from others, for a particular purpose, you have a duty to those others to spend their money on that purpose.

Barr’s duty to support electing conservative Republicans conflicted with the Libertarian Party’s interest in seeing every Republican defeated. Instead, Barr’s PAC actually supported Republicans.

Barr failed to disclose that he was actively disloyal to the party, namely he was trying to defeat our prospective candidates by supporting Republicans.

Furthermore, Barr’s PAC paid his son to carry out duties for the PAC. Barr thus had an economic interest that was contrary to the Party’s interests, namely, his family would thrive financially when the PAC did well by causing Libertarian Party candidates to lose, and, conversely, his family would do less well financially when his PAC’s candidates were defeated by Libertarian Party candidates.

Read the entire article at: In Defense of Angela Keaton, Part 2

  1. I think something got chopped on the original.

    It reads, “In this and ” then a blank line, a dividing line, and a new paragraph that does not continue whatever was being written.

    George, any idea on this?

  2. Appears to be a browser issue. Or perhaps bowser, Bowser the Browser Dog having apparently eaten

    “…In this and following messages, I offer such a defense. See Below Fold:…”

    I can see it on my browser, but will check caching issues.

  3. I did not quote the whole article, only certain parts.

  4. You may rest assured that so long as the people who threatened or tried to expel Angela from the LNC have not yet resigned from the LNC themselves, I will continue to defend her. Vigorously.

  5. OK, figured it was something like that. IE7 appears to be chopping it then.

    And to be clear, I meant George Phillies, not George Donnelly. My apologies for the confusion.

  6. Internet Exploder is bad stuff. Try a real browser, like Mozilla Firefox. Opera is cool, too.

  7. Keaton needs Phillies to defend her like a fish needs a bicycle.

  8. Keaton needs Phillies because “radicals” like Susan were silent (or supportive) of the actions taken against her.

  9. keaton should apoligize with a statement fo the record detailing these shenanigans. If it isn’t in the minutes, it didn’t happen, folks.

  10. It’s funny watching radicals attack their only forceful ally on the near-dead LNC, and then simultaneously wonder why they keep getting their asses kicked.

    Many of us have learned that alliances with “radical” Libertarians are one-sided — in fact, while you’re on the front line fighting a battle for them, they’re busy sticking a knife in your back while you’re fighting for them!

  11. I’m sure the enemies of liberty have a good chuckle at stuff like this. It’s great to have a front row seat to such libertarian cannibalism.

    This revelation might be of some interest if it were remotely objective, and provided something approaching an example. Or perhaps Mr. Barr’s release of the well-funded Republican hounds on unsuspecting Libertarian candidates was so prevalent, and so widely reported that citing examples would amount to obvious redundancy.

    I love this:

    “Barr’s duty to support electing conservative Republicans conflicted with the Libertarian Party’s interest in seeing every Republican defeated.”

    I cannot for the life of me find any such stated interest of the LP. I was sure the LP existed not solely to elect Libertarians, but to promote liberty. According to the above, the LP will bitterly and with extreme prejudice, oppose anyone not under their banner, regardless of how often their positions intersect. I did not realize that the party had adopted the statist principle of classification. Recognizing the dignity of the individual over a collectivist notion of black, white, Democrat or Republican was one of the most appealing features of the LP.

    In any case, the generous copy on the one issue, and the economical sparsity on the other betrays this as much more of an attack on Mr. Barr than a defense of Ms. Keaton.

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