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Mike Munger on the Issues

In Libertarian on October 1, 2008 at 12:39 am

Latest Munger campaign email:

We thought we’d share a brief description of Mike’s positions on issues important to North Carolinians. The short statements below were taken from the more detailed Issues Page of Mike’s website. Please share this email with fellow North Carolina voters.

Mike Munger on the Issues

The reason I want to run for Governor of North Carolina as a Libertarian is that I want to restore good government to our great state. My themes, a moratorium on capital punishment, control of municipal aggression against property, a broad-based education vouchers system and ending corporate welfare, are all echoes of this one central theme. I am a liberal, in the way that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were liberals. I believe in the human spirit more than I believe in government direction and control of human activity. As Governor, I will lead North Carolina towards a rebirth of liberty, tempered by the requirements, and the ethics, of personal responsibility.

As Governor, I would work to persuade the General Assembly to pass legislation to curb this assault on freedom and property.

Corporate Welfare
We are being played for saps, and it is time to end this wasteful and corrupting practice. The way to attract new business, and to retain existing factories and jobs, is to create an atmosphere that is good for business. Low taxes, no burdensome regulations, and an educated and productive work force are the things that make an economy prosper.

Death Penalty
Get the state out of the killing business!
As Governor, I would immediately impose a two-year moratorium on executions in our state, and would ask for legislation ending executions completely.

Election Reform
Elections are the means by which the citizens control politicians. We cannot rely on politicians and elected officials to police their own activities. I would favor a relaxation of ballot access and retention rules for ‘third parties’. I would reduce signature requirements for ‘write-in’ challengers. I would also favor relaxing restrictions on campaign contributions, though keeping the disclosure requirements as they now stand.

Eminent Domain
The first piece of legislation I would try to persuade the
General Assembly to pass would be a statute sharply limiting the use of eminent domain to public uses. Second, I would support an amendment to the state Constitution curtailing the use of eminent domain forever.

I would support legislation that allows legal civil unions between same sex couples, under the same conditions that this contract is offered to female/male couples. The state cannot tell churches or spiritual groups to award or withhold a sacrament or ritual of marriage. But neither can churches require that the state deny the economic benefits of the civil union contract to citizens.

School Choice
It has become customary to bash public education, and the state of our educational system in general. I want to sound a positive note; there are a lot of good things happening in North Carolina education, and I would want to continue that advance, to guide continued improvement. And the path to continued improvement is to foster choice. School choice would be the central premise of the education policy of a Munger administration.

I would offer each parent in the state of NC an education voucher, financed by lottery proceeds, of $1,250 per child in their household. This voucher could only be spent at a state-accredited school, or be credited to the household in the case of home-schooling. But I would make the accreditation process streamlined and simple, fostering the growth of charter schools, religious or theme schools, or any other kind of innovative educational program that can attract the children of parents who want to exercise their choices as parents.

Victimless Crimes
The US incarcerates by far the largest proportion of its population of any country in the world, accounting for nearly one fifth of the world’s prison population.

Our state must strike a better balance, on two fronts. First, we must stop criminalizing so many behaviors that represent addictive personalities or recreational pathologies. I do not advocate the legalization of all, or even most, drugs. But I would favor decriminalizing most drug possession, and most other victimless crimes including prostitution. Second, we must stop spending so much of our money and effort on incarceration, and more on rehabilitation and alternative sentencing.


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