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Sarah Palin: competent? libertarian?

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Let’s get the libertarian thing out of the way.

The answer is no


Lisa Nova presents a couple of humorous portrayals, giving different views of Palin’s competence level.

In Clip #1, Palin is portrayed as very competent (and ruthless).

In this one…not so much

  1. The first video was hilarious, but it’s been all downhill (and a steep one at that) ever since.

  2. But…but…Eric Dondero told me…

  3. Ahh, but none of you have mentioned the fact that Sarah Palin attended not one, BUT TWO Libertarian Party of Alaska meetings in 2005/06.

    History question:

    Can you name another Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate on a major party ticket, ever in the 37 year history of the Libertarian Party, who has attended an LP meeting?


    Never before.

    Now, another question. Given that fact, you’d think that Libertarians would be rejoicing over her candidacy jumping from joy and screaming at the top of their lungs about Palin from every hill in the Nation.

  4. Palin may well have some L-leaning views and attitudes. Great.

    Am I excited about her being VP? Nope. More because I see McCain as a Strangelove character, but also because I don’t support Palin, either. I’ve seen no evidence that she’s either capable of doing the job or that her commitment to liberty is strong.

    At the moment, I’m rooting for Obama, for the GOP to have a soul searching, and for the LP to benefit from that in the intermediate term.

  5. “At the moment, I’m rooting for Obama…”

    Hello? I thought you were an applicant for the Exec Director position. That seems like a really strange thing for a Libertarian to say.

    Also, “for the GOP to have a soul searching”, implies that you think the GOP has a soul to search – that is, that the Party has some Libertarian roots it needs to connect with. We need to get away from this idea that the RP is somehow more libertarian than the DP.

  6. Bush saw the GOP’s soul in Putin’s eyes.

    We shouldn’t dismiss Palin’s apparent lack of intelligence. We did that with President Bush and he somehow got elected twice.

  7. thanks, susan. I’m of course a stong Barr supporter. I’d love to see him win, and I honestly believe he would be perhaps the greatest President in my lifetime or longer.

    But he’s a longshot.

    And, yes, the GOP has no soul. Nor does the LP. It’s a metaphor. There are a lot of L leaners in the GOP who are apt to bolt if the GOP schisms. It would be helpful to our cause if they did. Amass a lot of these, along with independents and some thoughtful Ds, and … who knows … maybe the LP becomes a real influence in the political process.

  8. Why not support Obama? I mean, “libertarians” support the current LNC, LPHQ & the Barr campaign, none of which are currently very libertarian.

    There are even “libertarians” who feel Palin, McCain & George Bush are very “libertarian”.

  9. Well, one reason not to support Obama is because he favors the trillion dolar ripoff of taxpayers and consumers by Congress on behalf of Wall Street banksters.

  10. “Attended”? So what?

    Attending any LP meeting makes one no more a libertarian than attending a Dodger game makes you a Dodger fan (GO CUBS!).

    This is about as opposite of “guilt by association” as I have ever seen, and is pathetic beyond laughable to the point of sad.

    Dondero is even more of a caricature of himself than he used to be…and it makes me wonder how much spin he’s working up for the thrashing she will receive tomorrow night.

    Cue the spin in 3..2..1…

  11. Sarah Palin seems to have some libertarian attitudes.

    But she has also shown herself to be completely unprepared for the possibility of assuming the presidency.

    To me, #2 outweighs #1.

    In addition, her NON-libertarian attitudes are particularly troubling — she seems to want to invade every country that looks at us funny.

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