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Latest George Phillies media appearances

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on September 26, 2008 at 9:09 pm

George Phillies, a Libertarian Presidential candidate currently on the ballot in NH, will be on TV — broadcast is Sunday

George Phillies interviewed by Todd Andrew Barnett and James Landrith 6PM Friday

In the eighty-eighth episode, Todd and Jim asks panelists LP presidential candidate George Phillies, LP activist Lidia Seebeck and her husband blogger Michael Seebeck, and The Liberty Conspiracy talk radio show host Gardner Goldsmith on topics such as Gard’s firing from 107.7 WPTL The Pulse, Bob Barr’s declining candidacy, the fall of the LP, the domestic and worldwide financial crisis (including the bailouts), and the never-ending McCain/Obama saga. In the second half of the second hour, Todd and Jim talk about AP News of the Day.

  1. I think george is not very Libertarian on issues like the Federal Reserve but I admire his stick- to -it- tiveness.

    How come Mass went from a lot of people in public office to hardly anyone under him and his buddies before him?

  2. Not sure what you mean Ken. Mass. has never had a large number of elected LP officeholders in the state, though we did have more in the past. We also didn’t have anyone at a very high level.

    We had managed “major party” status for a couple of election cycles, and did some spectacularly successful (by LP standards, though they didn’t win) office and referendum campaigns.

    We did have a larger and more active state party, that largely collapsed due to a number of issues which I don’t want to go into as I feel I’m to close to be an unbiased reporter. Suffice to say there were some bad management decisions made, possibly due to influences from the “Brown / Cloud” crowd.

    Regardless of how we got to it, there was essentially NO LPMA activity in the 18 months or so until George and friends (including myself) took over the party almost two years ago. Since then we’ve been slowly stopping the slide and started to rebuild a bit. Membership has mostly stabilized and is starting to go up a bit, we’ve been getting out a monthly newsletter, the website is up to date, and so on, but we have a long way to go.

    Many of the previous officeholders are no longer around because of various moves and other life changes (several are activists in other states) others have for better or worse switched to other parties.
    We do have a few low level elected people still, I’m one of them – so there are still signs of Libertarian life in Mass…

    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    Town Meeting Rep. Billerica, MA (also Vice Chair, Rules Committee; Cable Access Committee; Composting Committee; former Bylaw Review Committee, etc.)

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