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First State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

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I want to announce my full and unequivocal support for the candidacy of George Phillies for President of The United States and Christopher Bennett for Vice President of The United States. For this is the only real Libertarian ticket for those offices on the ballot anywhere.

For Bob Barr, the choice of the Libertarian National Convention, is in point of fact anything but a Libertarian. Barr is a state’s rights advocate, where any real Libertarian is an individual rights advocate
who recognizes that “states rights” come a very far distant second, conditional upon how absolutely individual rights are upheld in any given state. Barr favors one religion over others,ignoring the
fundamental truth that if you lay your life on the line for this nation in the United States armed forces you have a right to observe the religion of your choice in those armed forces. An American is an
American, regardless of religious creed! And furthermore, if we are to acheive the ideal of limited government,we must end the nefarious cult of religious “leaders” giving blessing to the state, and the state favoring any one religion. In his inability to recognize the above truths and in his equivocation on questions that should have a clear answer Bob Barr still talks like the Republicrats. Indeed the cause of truth would be better served if Bob Barr ran as the candidate of the Know Nothing Party than the Libertarian Party.

In choosing Barr, or even considering him the Libertarian National Convention majority betrayed the Party Of Principle which I and other members of the first National Convention in Denver founded in 1972. And the 2008 Libertarian National Convention also attempted to deny the American people a choice at the polls.

But in New Hampshire there is a choice. In November citizens can vote for George Phillies for President and Chris Bennett for Vice President. For the Phillies/Bennett ticket stands for clear consistent choice. George Phillies and Chris Bennett know full well that you cannot have economic freedom without civil liberty, that social freedom and a free market are inseparable. That a house divided against itself cannot stand!

If you are a Libertarian and planned on voting Libertarian in any event in November I urge you to vote Phillies/Bennett. Your vote will count for it will send a message to LP National and the state organizations that you want Libertarians running as Libertarians, not the hand me down failures from the Republicrats with their tired theocratic/socialist myths and lies.

If you are not yet a Libertarian this current economic mess should make you one. And if you perceive rightly that voting for the Republican and Democratic candidates is indeed a vote thrown away, then I urge you to vote Phillies/Bennett for that is a vote for the future if America is to have one! We have no where to go but up!

Arthur W. Ketchen
New Hampshire Delegate to the 1972 Libertarian National Convention
First State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

  1. We Libertarians surrendered our principle for the lust of being a major party with Bob Barr’s nomination. We may just as well have posted a sign saying “Queers and pot heads not welcome!”

    Richard Lion
    Chair, Libertarian Party of Connecticut

  2. How hard would it be for the LP to nominate Ron Paul?


    For the sake of 3rd party unity. How hard would it be to nominate Chuck Baldwin?

    Could two partys nominate the same person?

    If two parties could nominate the same person, I’ve often wondered if the LP and the CP could unite for a single election to bring about the end of the ‘one party’ system we have.

    Serious questions above.

  3. I agree… we need to unite all of the “third” parties on a common thread… ending the federal reserve slavery system.

    Abolish the IRS too for that matter.

    Let me ask you a question. Is it any of YOUR business what I do, make for a living? NO? Then why is it the federal gov’ts?


    … and keep your damn hands out of my pockets I am FED UP!

    UNITE or be slaves… come together or perish apart.

  4. I’ll second Mr. Lion.

    Dan Reale
    Candidate for Congress (L) CT-2


  6. Another charter member tells it like it is.

    I’m supportive of Barr. He would have been the radical in the room in the early LP. He has not been trained or briefed by any genuine Libertarians that I know of.

    But the people around him are very destructive, using him as their excuse. They’ll discard him after and turn on hm like they did with Badnarik and the 2004 platform, unless Barr was aplant to begin with, which a lot of people at this blog seem to feel.

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