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Munger Campaign Update: Happy Birthday Mike!

In Libertarian on September 23, 2008 at 12:59 pm


Mike on the Move
A campaign update from Barbara Howe, Campaign Manager

Party Time. Let’s celebrate big.

Today, Tuesday, September 23, is our very own Mike Munger’s 50th birthday. Yes, the big five-oh. Half a century. Pretty soon he’ll be receiving mailings from AARP.

Let’s celebrate!

Mike can’t come to a party. He’s going to be busy at a candidate forum in High Point. But we can celebrate anyway.

What better way to celebrate than through the gift of cash?

Send Mike a big birthday wish. I’ll suggest $50 – $1 for each year. Of course, any amount will do. Any multiple of $50 is acceptable up, to the limit of 80 x $50. ($4000) And, fractions of $50 work as well.

Your birthday gift will buy yard signs, rack cards, radio spots, and gas for all the traveling Mike is doing. We are also looking into the possibility of producing a TV ad for one market. Your gift can help make that happen.

So, send your birthday wishes at Let’s celebrate liberty.

Campaign Update

Don’t forget to watch your local UNC-TV affiliate this Wednesday, September 24, at 8:00 p. m. as Mike debates his Republican opponent Mayor Pat McCrory. As of today, the Perdue campaign has declined to come. This is a first in LPNC campaign history. Our gubernatorial candidates have never been invited to participate in the televised debates. This is going to be great.


Many of you have already contributed to Mike’s campaign. Thanks. Many of you have taken yard signs and literature, written debate organizers, and written letters to the editor. Thanks. Many of you have helped at out reach events. This campaign is really working. Thanks for making it happen.

As always, let’s keep on movin’ with Mike.

Barbara Howe

Campaign Manager, Munger for Governor


If you prefer the old fashion method of sending gifts, send your card to Munger for Governor, 10020 Bushveld Lane, Raleigh, NC 27613.

  1. Happy birthday Mike!

    BTW, what’s up w/ all the blank space at the bottom of the post?

    ABTW, Looks much more professional with the short hair.

    Finally: are you still working on that post you wanted me to hold off on?

  2. Happy birthday Mike, you young-un!

  3. Is that Munger’s bumpersticker?

    If so, where’s the outrage that the word “Libertarian” is not on it?

    Hmm, perhaps that’s the state of the art.

  4. @ Paulie: the space is my bad – I basically pasted with minor revision one of my campaign emails. Had to take out the disclaimer-bits at bottom, but no time to futz with the extra space, Sorry!

    And, yes, I am. Sorry about that, too. Spent all LP-time last few days on Fairs and Munger-stuff. Blame Knapp for recommending 100+-page novel. Dammit.

    @Capozzi: No. It’s the old version of the Masthead, and thanks for reminding em I need to update it to the new one, which -does- say “Libertarian” quite prominently:

  5. hate to get particular, susan, but the masthead is not the bumpersticker.

    i’m cool with bumperstickers not saying L…it’s not big deal for me.

  6. Capozzi:

    Particular = good. I wish more people would try for it. You, in this particular instance.

    When you asked “Is that Munger’s bumpersticker?” and only one image was visible, I assumed that your *that* referred to the one visible image. So I replied with a “no”, and offered more information.

    Clear now?

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