Steve G.

New libertarian Facebook group…

In Libertarian on September 19, 2008 at 6:41 am

The Remnant is a gathering place for those who are personally committed to living libertarian ideals and spreading them through their actions and attitudes in everyday life.

“You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you do know, and no more: First, that they exist; second, that they will find you.” –Albert Jay Nock, 1936

  1. Having attended leadership conferences, taken leadership roles in organizations, studied education, and taught in many schools, I recognize that the qualities of good leadership include setting an example for others and driving others to become their best selves. Holding a powerful position and telling people what to do is not leadership. A leader empowers those around him to be able to lead themselves.

    To act libertarian in daily life is to be a strong leader.

  2. I like the idea of a Jeffersonian Democratic Caucus. Of course it must be alot different than The Democratic Freedom Caucus. It will be interesting how it takes shape and what it’s platform will look like.

    Jim Eckland

  3. I am also very conservative as I agree with the Founders on the importance of “Virtue” in Govt. Traditional Families, respect for life, and sensible immigration laws should be part of any Platform.

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