Steve G.

LP Daily Poll: Stupid

In Libertarian on September 19, 2008 at 2:07 pm

LP Daily Poll for today:

“Will Sarah Palin be able to hold up in a debate with Joe Biden?”

Tomorrow’s Question:

“Vanilla or Chocolate?”

  1. Argh.

    How embarrassing.

  2. What, no Bristol Palin polls?

    Tune in tomorrow on “As the LP turns…”

  3. Inquiring minds, want to know! Also, will Palin be wearing her hair up or down in the debate? Maybe she’ll bring in a Moose to show how much she loves hunting!

    Maybe Biden will discuss his hair transplants, and have in the audience, the President of the Hair Club for Men, who is, after all, not just the founder, but also a client!

  4. Hey, comrades, this is serious.

    Ah, hell; no, it’s not.

    It’s pretty funny, really.

    Funny-pathetic, yes, but still amusing.

  5. Chocolate.
    Vanilla gives me gas.

    Debate team Mike is preparing a 4 minute statement on that issue.

  6. My forehead keeps getting flatter from repeatedly whacking it against the wall. Tomorrow’s question will be “Who is the better Republican: Sarah Palin or Wayne Alan Root?”

  7. How many disgruntled conservative supporters of Barr/Root in the LP will go wobbly on election day and cast their vote for McCain to prevent the evil democrats from winning?

    a) 50%
    b) 75%
    c) 90%

  8. Wil Palin hold up what?

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