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Why Bob Barr really offered to replace Wayne Allyn Root with Ron Paul

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Libertarian Politics 2008, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Protest, Ron Paul, Wayne Allen Root on September 17, 2008 at 9:31 pm

According to an excellent source, LNC member Stewart Flood made a resolution to remove Wayne Allyn Root as the LP’s Vice Presidential nominee, as a result of Root’s bizarre (and some believe racist) interview with Reason Magazine.

While the resolution failed, it explains why Bob Barr felt free to offer the Vice President position to Ron Paul even though, in actuality, he has no such power.  It also explains why the Barr campaign inexplicably called the LNC and asked that LNC member Angela Keaton not be removed, since she would be more likely than most on the LNC to support such a radical measure.

  1. […] Allegedly, there is a movement afoot to replace Wayne Allyn Root as Bob Barr’s running mate. […]

  2. Has ANYBODY asked Root directly his take on all of this? And I don’t mean words allegedly but not confirmed to have been said by him in a Barr release, either.

    He’s been very conspicuous by his absence and silence lately…

  3. Well, this does kind of make sense, although it still doesn’t explain Bob’s rudeness for blowing off Paul’s event, then calling his own (stupid) press conference. Wayne’s interview
    was disgusting and definitely came across as racist. That’s why Bob’s comment that he couldn’t be on the same stage as McKinney, or whatever the actual quote was, was particularly embarrassing. This is one of the main reasons I think the LP should issue Dr Paul an apology.

    I agree that Wayne’s absence is quite interesting.

  4. Hey, there’s a pretty strong rumor that Joe Biden will be up for grabs soon! Apparently, Obama’s “October surprise” will be to replace Joe with Hillary.

  5. The problem is the LRC ‘reform’ extremist anti-LP bozos want to run candidates with little indoctrination, and who have no concept of the history, achievements, and meaning of Libertarianism.

    So the candidates wing it, or substitute their own crazy ideologies, like the guy who’s running for Governor of Utah, or are simply ignoramuses like WAR.

    Either way the LP looks bad, which is the real intention and result of the LRC and its tactical non-supporters.

    And so the members are distracted while the LP coffers are apparently emptied for bogus ballot drives providing EZ money for their cronies, etc. amid cries that this is the best candidate ever, we’ll raise millions, and so on. These guys say either get rid of the pledge to respect other’s rights and/or LP leaders should be liars. That’s their universe. Believe them.

  6. So being against affirmative action is now racist? What a bunch of hyper-sensitive PC nonsense. I don’t think Obama should be expected to release his grades if he doesn’t want to, and I think it is kind of tacky to ask, but raising the affirmative action issue is not “racist.” It is totally legit.

  7. Red,

    Sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it. In this case Wayne’s bravado is played up by Reason and it makes the interview seem borderline rascist. In Wayne’s defense I submit:

  8. Red,

    Root didn’t “raise the affirmative action issue.”

    “Raising the affirmative action issue” would involve asserting that programs which discriminate in college admissions preferences on the basis of race is wrong.

    What Root did was entirely different — he asserted, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever (“my friends didn’t know him” is not “evidence”), that Barack Obama’s grades weren’t as good as Wayne Allyn Root’s, and that Obama got into Harvard solely on the basis of his race.

    Saying that armed robbery is wrong is reasonable.

    Pointing to a random passerby and saying “I bet he’s an armed robber, he just has that look about him” is not reasonable. In this particular case, the accurate descriptive term for Root’s departure from reason is “racism.”

  9. Interesting take on that interview. What Root is saying is pretty much what every working class white American is saying, and what a politicians can NOT say. He’s trying to Palinate the ticket, without the looks, charm, or wholesomeness.

    Obama’s grades and IQ ARE an issue, because he’s being sold as some sort of genius, and what we’ve heard come out of his mouth (esp. sans teleprompter) is not genius-grade material.

  10. JQ: What Root is saying is pretty much what every working class white American is saying…

    Me: Cite evidence of this assertion please.

  11. I did not support Wayne Root for the nomination, but I think that this is a bunch of hyper sensitive politically correct bullshit.

  12. I have seen the math on this in the past but don’t recall where. I think it might have been Walter Williams. Based on demographic data from the LSAT, MCAT, etc. we know that very few Blacks every year score at the level that would make them competitive for the top medical schools and law schools if they were White. Those that do are very highly sought after. But less qualified applicants definitely get in. (FTR, less qualified people also get in based on State, region, last name [Bush], legacy, unique talents, etc.) This is public knowledge. This is a legitimate issue. How exactly to raise it is another matter. There are some who would cry racism for it just being raised.

    It can not be racist to make assumptions based on the mathematical odds. To call it that would pathologize normality and good sense. It is wrong to act as if it is anything other than an educated assumption. And it is tacky at the least to publicly air your assumptions as fact.

    Actually I just read the whole article, and I think the interview comes off as offish and obsessed. Slow down on the caffeine there Root. I had just read the million dollar challenge part before. What I was reacting to is the hyper-sensitivity of some. You might say I’m hyper-sensitive to PC hyper-sensitivity, but even by my standards, the interview is tactless and insensitive. Had he been drinking? (Love the way he defensively threw in a “not that there is anything wrong with that” caveat when he mentioned drug use.) Root needs to go the charm school.

    BTW, grades certainly do reflect intelligence to some degree, but have we forgotten the old notion of the “gentleman’s C?” There was a time when seeming too concerned and diligent about your grades was a sign of unhealthy striving. It is the advent of standardized testing and an attempt to make the admissions process to the top schools more egalitarian and less of an old boys club that has made the gentleman’s C largely a thing of the past. But too often the pro-affirmative action crowd doesn’t want to live with the results of the new system they strove to implement.

  13. Let me get this straight, Obama and his wife both have previously admitted that they were beneficiaries of affirmative action (Michelle), or recieved beneficial consideration on account of race (Barack) and both cases involved consideration beyond the achievements of each of them and pointing the blatant unfairness of this is racist?

    There is absolutely nothing racist at all about pointing towards achievement as the bar to set for further educational aspirations rather than other arbitrary and often times unrelated coincidences such as race, gender, ect.

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