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What Should Bob Barr Have Said?

In Libertarian Party-US on September 17, 2008 at 4:16 pm

You’re Bob Barr on Sep. 10, stepping to the podium after Chuck Baldwin makes the following pitch to the people who worked for Ron Paul’s success in the Republican primaries.

In the comments below, post (or vote on) what you think Bob Barr coulda/shoulda said to attract votes to the Libertarian Party ticket from Ron Paul fans who heard Baldwin’s remarks.  I’m sure the Last Free Voice community can show the Barr campaign that there were better options than simply not showing up.  (Readers can judge for themselves whether sarcastic or non-serious responses should be counted as agreeing with Barr’s decision to skip the event.)

  1. yes, brian, that was a set up for failure if ever there was one.

    i wonder, though, can one be a constitutional globalist? methinks i am one, depending on how those words are interpreted.

  2. He opens up with a lie. Good start.

    “Late great Jerry Falwewll” — wow.

    My connection got interrupted and I didn’t watch the rest.

    Still, Paul was giving a platform for candidates to make their cases. Barr could have made the “libertarian” case, rather than the … whatever you call Baldwin’s … case.

  3. If Barr was going to lose the paleoconservative vote to Baldwin anyway, then I kinda think he should have gone down fighting, explaining at the press conference how the LP is closer to Ron Paul’s principles than any of the other candidates are. If Ron Paul can’t be offended by Ralph Nader using his podium time to seek Constitution Day donations celebrating how he wipes his ass with Article I Section 8, then I don’t see what Barr could possibly have said at the podium to offend Paul.

  4. Falwell was his mentor?

    No thanks.

  5. Baldwin got his political start in the “Moral” “Majority”, I believe.

  6. Oh yes, my two FAVORITE words.

  7. The libertarians who had been seduced by Ron Paul’s piping — not nearly as many of them as our LNC seems to think — are probably able to tell the difference between a libertarian candidate as available and Baldwin, McKinney, or Nader. The differences are sufficiently large that there should be no difficulty for most people.

  8. Great article about the failings of the “paleo” alliance:

  9. Barr could have announced his withdrawal from the race to woo Ron Paul supporters.

  10. I can see someone saying “the late great Layne Staley”, but “the late great Jerry Falwell”? No way. The man hated everyone who didn’t agree with him, supported racial segregation, said 9/11 was God’s punishment for gays, feminists, lesbians (and the ACLU), and was just generally a sick twisted bastard who wasted his entire life filling the minds of the gullible with lies. In fact, now that he’s dead, Jerry Falwell makes me wish I actually believed in a fiery burning hell.

    Dear god, how have you been then?
    I’m not fine, fuck pretendin’
    All of this death you’re sendin’
    Best throw some free heart mendin’
    Invite you in my heart then
    When done my sins forgiven?
    This god of mine relaxes
    World dies, I still pay taxes

    Can I be as my god Am?
    Can you be as God Am?
    Can I be as my God Am?
    God of all, my God Am.

    Oh Lord I see you grinning
    Must be grand always winning
    How proud are you being able
    To gather faith from fable?

    All the respect I’m giving
    Shared strength acquired by living
    All blooming life you’re feeding
    Can’t hide sick ones you’re weeding

    Can I be as my God Am?
    Can you be as God Am?
    Can I be as my God Am?
    God of all, my God Am

    Needless to say, I won’t be voting for Chuck Baldwin either.

  11. ENM,

    Regardless, as idiotic as Jerry Fallwell was, he still did not do as much damage to American liberties as Barr icons Al Gore and George W. Bush have.

  12. Hugh – I’m anti-Barr. I think that’s well established. Tagging him with Gore is fair. Tagging him with GWB is not.

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