Steve G.

Please Don’t Feed The Animals

In Politics on September 17, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Herewith, another version of my essay on the wasted vote syndrome, especially for Wes Benedict:

Also available in video form:

  1. Hilarious video remix.

  2. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!! Me like very much.

  3. Brian, I love your video and graphic creations. You seem to do more in that regard than the LP’s paid media team.

  4. Wes impersonating Capozzi:
    I thought it might have been insensitive to kick that little dinosaur at the end. This video may be insensitive. Is this the image we want? Just a question without an answer. We’ll have to wait till the dust settles. I’m not judging.

  5. That looks like a perect bumper sticker, except for two problems:

    1) No LP or other party label.
    2) Where to get them???

  6. Both opposing thumbs up. Good video. I, too, wouldn’t mind a bumper stick like that. Any chance there is one out there, or will be?

  7. Wes,

    Not a bad imitation! There’s hope for you yet to evolve into a humanitarian libertarian :-O You even spelled my name correctly!

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