Steve G.

  1. Whole thing seems surreal to me.

  2. You really are a low life if you think this is cool, do you know that? How would you like if someone hacked into your personal email and published it for millions to see? Did that thought ever cross your brain? How is this appropriate in any way? It’s illegal, and you are basically publicly supporting a Federal crime. Good for you!

    You know what’s funny? The email is clean! It’s as if these liberal hackers broke into my Mom’s email account on Yahoo, and posted our family emails and photos — literally just like that, except that my Mom isn’t running for VP. She just plans to vote for the woman who is (and she is not a Republican; funny eh?).

    You have created bad Karma for yourself by doing this, and therefore you are cursed — by your own actions. And no, I’m not talking about the original idiots who did this. I’m talking specifically about YOU who recycled the blog post. You are all scum, and truly the bad element of society. You are what is wrong with this world –your bitterness is vile and disease ridden.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done. What would your parents think of this? Maybe someone should hack into your email, and we can find out first hand.

    You are a jerk. Just a real jerk.

    By the way, these people will be prosecuted, you can count on that. If I were you, I wouldn’t be one of the idiots posting the next VP’s emails on my blog.

    You liberals just don’t get it. Actions like this make America love and embrace Sara Palin that much more!

    We love her, and she will be elected with McCain, and you are more than angry. You are rabidly frothing at the mouth with fiery rage and obsessive-tunnel-vision-Stalinism.

    Guess what? You guys blew it! 🙂

    After all of this, and exposing just who you are –people who are flat out mean, bad, indecent people, you will have to live yet four more years after the Heartland of America speaks and elects John McCain and Sara Palin. We are conservatives, and we plan to save our country from disaster. We conservatives have not been this enthusiastic and motivated to vote since Ronald Reagan humiliated liberalism in landslide electoral defeats. We now have Palin, and you obviously see this as a huge threat.

    You can post this stuff about Palin, but it won’t help. It’s harmless. She’s clean, and you can’t even fathom the thought of it. It couldn’t be true –but it is! However, you have exposed to the world, your absolute hatred.

    You hate me.

  3. You flatter yourself by believing you are important enough for me to hate you. LOL

  4. That might have been the scariest thing I’ve ever read.

    No comment.

  5. I think it is pretty low to break into someone’s email. I don’t support OBAMcCAIN and won’t be voting for Palin, but crap like this could almost make me change my mind.

  6. Palin was conducting government business through her personal email. The hacker is a hero to anyone who believes in transparency.

    Government officials are parasites who have no legitimate rights.

    Brent is a Commie.

  7. On the one hand, invasion of privacy, personal space, etc.

    On the other hand, hee hee.

  8. GE, so you’d be OK with Ron Paul’s email being hacked into?

  9. If someone hacked into my email, they’d find grocery lists from my wife, every kind of spam you can think of, shit talking with soccer fans, a newsletter from (I like the articles…I swear), people contacting me about the Boston Tea Party of Michigan (even though I’m barely active with them), my wife changing the grocery list, emails from libertarian discussions (the reply to all variety) & work related emails from my employees.

  10. Since when is it libertarian to support the invasion of someones privacy by republishing said invasion?

  11. G.E.:
    Do you believe in a right to privacy?
    Do you think that rights are inalienable?

    If yes/yes, then Palin has a right to email privacy.
    If no/yes, then you won’t object when your email is made public.
    If yes/no or no/no, how can you call yourself a libertarian?

    When we argue that JBTs have no rights, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Due process, THEN the lamppost.

  12. Amusing hi-jinks but isn’t this a property invasion?

  13. Since when is it libertarian to believe you have the right to tell others what they should and should not do on their own property?

  14. I’m a commie? Funny! In fact, literally the exact opposite is true. And I do happen to like Wayne Allen Root. Nevermind him, because I am one of a handful, not including all of you, who actually know who he is.

    Yes, it goes entirely against Libertarian principles to invade someone’s privacy like this. And YOU have contributed to this act which seems to be against all which you claim to stand for and believe in.

  15. Brent: Your site has articles like “Thank God For George W. Bush!” and “I Love Waterboarding!”

    It is therefore no surprise that you support Palin, given that like you she is also a bloodthirsty warmonger, and is already scheming to attack Russia.

    In fact, all you’ve really accomplished is to make me see that it’s a good idea to expose her even more.

    You don’t have to like it, but then again, I don’t have to ask your permission to post it here. More to the point, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the opinions of anyone who supports torture.

  16. It is a property invasion by the hackers, yes. Once it was leaked, though, it became news. LFV just happened to pick it up before most. Today, literally thousands of mainstream news sources are covering it.

    The Associated Press has been asked by the Secret Service to turn over the leaked emails. The AP correctly refused. At this point, it is a battle between the government and journalists’ constitutional rights. Given the shocking erosion of civil rights by the Bush Administration, I side firmly with the journalists.

    From TIME Magazine:

    Palin’s other Yahoo! account ( has already been hacked, so to speak, by federal authorities who are investigating her role in the firing of Walt Monegan, Alaska’s public safety commissioner. Critics charged that Palin fired Monegan for refusing to dismiss her former brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper. (The scandal has already earned a -gate suffix). After the hacks were made public, both private accounts were deleted — an act that could technically constitute destruction of evidence.

    The Alaska Governor could also face charges for conducting official state business using her personal, unarchived e-mail account (a crime), with some critics accusing her of skirting freedom-of- information laws in doing so. An Alaska Republican activist is trying to force Palin to release more than 1,100 emails she withheld from a public-records request, the Washington Post reported last week.

    So no, this is not a simple matter of someone hacking an email account for lulz, nor is it a simple matter of someone being attacked due to their party affiliation. Far from it, in fact.

    The bottom line is that no one at 4chan would have even been interested in hacking her account, nor would it really be news, if not for Palin’s own actions in openly refusing to cooperate with an official investigation by her own state legislature (shades of Bush); and I would have had no interest in posting it if not for the fact that many libertarians have been tricked into thinking a bloodthirsty warmonger like Palin is a libertarian.

    Palin brought this particular hell completely upon herself.

  17. Is Brent’s avatar a chicken hawk?


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chickenhawk may mean or refer to:

    * Chickenhawk (politics), a political epithet
    * Chickenhawk (bird), a common name for three species of bird
    o Cooper’s Hawk
    o Sharp-shinned Hawk
    o Red-tailed Hawk
    * Chickenhawk (sexuality), gay slang
    * Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys, a 1994 documentary about NAMBLA
    * Chickenhawk (book), by Robert Mason
    * Chickenhawk (band), a rock band from Leeds, UK
    * Chickenhawk (hairstyle), a variation of the Mohawk

  19. No, it’s a Rooster, as in Brent Roos. Rooster has been my nickname my whole life.

    As far as the articles you cite on my blog, you obviously have no sense of humor. It’s called satire. You can think of me as a response fisherman. I like to lure people to the cliff’s edge, then lead then right over the cliff. It works every time, and I only use people’s own words against them.

    You don’t know me and yet call me a warmonger “just like Sara Palin.” I am not a warmonger. I am a victorymonger. I refuse to forfeit my freedom. As a libertarian, I find it odd that you don’t share my belief. Yes, I am a registered member of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. And I am highly disappointed in you and other Libertarians who have been keeping this Party back for years. At this point it is a joke, and it is nothing like how it is advertised. The founding fathers would laugh at your liberalism.

    Name one single action that Palin has done to support that ridiculous claim that she is a warmonger. What has she done as Gov. of Alaska to support your wild claim? Is her suggestion that Russia’s aggressive actions are not to be tolerated? Is French President Sarkosy also a warmonger? What about any other leader who has said the exact same thing as Palin or Sarkosy? Obama? Biden?

    We all know that Ron Paul is a pacifist. He is an extreme pacifist –on a dangerous level. Thank God for George W. Bush and John McCain! Yes! Bush has prevented further attacks since 9/11. Perhaps you might want to give him a bit of credit for ensuring that you and your family have not been exploded my psycho suicide bombers whose religion tells them that killing the innocent intentionally is righteous.

    Do you know why nobody took Ron Paul seriously and he was basically laughed out of the debates? It is because of people like you. That is a fact.

    If this is newsworthy, I find it hilarious. The news isn’t even about Sara Palin and her innocent emails. It is about the people who did this, the people that recycle it (YOU) and those who support this insane action. I PROMISE this will come back to bite you. This is exactly the type of thing that is going to get McCain/Palin elected. You people are so far out of touch with the “norm” of the Heartland of America. That is why you represent about 1-2% of the electorate.

    Prediction: McCain/Palin win by a landslide! I’m talking Reaganesque. 40 states. YOU did this. THANKS!!!!!!!


  20. Think we found Dondildo’s cousin….

  21. Brent: You are clearly unhinged. You are also clearly not a libertarian. For those reasons, I am not responding to you further, because I do not feed trolls.

  22. You morons don’t know what libertarianism is. Libertarianism deals with aggression and the state. As a looter (politician), Sarah Palin commits aggression by her very existence. The person who hacked into her email, which contained “business” related emails (i.e. plots to loot and pillage peaceful citizens), was acting defensively. There was no aggression and they were not acting on behalf of the state. The “right to privacy” — what are you people, abortionists? — exists in relation to private citizens having a “right to privacy” from government intrusion. Government leeches like Palin, pure scum, have no such “right” from their taxpaying hosts.

    You are Commie trash. Please move to North Korea and cannibalize yourself.

  23. GE, so you’d be OK with Ron Paul’s email being hacked into?

    1) Take proper precautions against your email being hacked into.

    2) If he was doing government “business” with his personal email — i.e. dividing up stolen loot — then no, I’d have no problem with him being hacked.

    3) Government e-mails should all be done out in the open. Or at the very least, they have no “right” to be private.

  24. Ohhh, this is sad…


  25. It is a property invasion by the hackers, yes. Once it was leaked, though, it became news.

    Very true.

    Of course, Commies like Brent don’t believe the First Amendment says what it says.

  26. It is a property invasion by the hackers, yes. Once it was leaked, though, it became news.

    Fair enough. Picture this scenario. I have naked photos of you in the tub. I’m going to go ahead and post those on the Internet. Now that it’s there, it’s fair game, nevermind your privacy. Granted, I may have invaded your privacy, but ANYONE else who posts these, and “just happens to pick them up”, haven’t done anything wrong. Nevermind that the photos are on the Internet forever, and could have possibly ruined your reputation.

    This is of course, YOUR standard.

    GE, so you’d be OK with Ron Paul’s email being hacked into?

    Exactly my point…

    I’m a commie? Does becoming a politician automatically make you scum? Does getting elected somehow take away your right to privacy, even away from your office? Remember, this was Palin’s PERSONAL email –amongst her family and friends — her Yahoo account. You say she has no “right” to be private. But I assume that you expect this right for yourself…

    Don’t forget, this was a Federal offense, and your posting these basically is just like saying that your do not see it as wrong. This is obviously because you do not like Sara Palin. However, if Bob Barr or (insert pathetic candidate who has a less than 1% chance of being elected here) had his/her privacy violated like this, your blog post would have been critical of the crime. Instead, you endorse it by repeating it. But it had already been done, so according to your standards and values, it’s in fact not wrong.

    I am not unhinged. I am not the one posting someone’s private emails on my website. I am not trolling. I am challenging you, and you obviously have not the courage nor the resolve to defend your own position. You call me a troll (you obviously don’t understand its meaning) because I challenge your argument (or lack thereof, thus demanding it). By the way, how important can this position even be, if you are not willing to defend it with anything other than calling me names and jumping to conclusions based upon your own baseless and factless assumptions?

    I don’t know what Libertarianism is? Do you honestly believe that the Founding Fathers of this great nation would have approved of this woman’s invasion of privacy like this? Your behavior would have been shunned by them, I assure you, as a lifelong student of history.

    As far as I’m concerned, you are just as bad as the Obamunists that did this in the first place. These people are trying to destroy Palin, and rather than debate the issues, like the founders of this country would have, and you have joined in with the wacko leftists’ attempt to destroy her. You fear her. You realize that in a debate, she shreds the competition. You must stop her by destroying her because civil debate will result in a huge victory for Sara Palin.

    It is clearly obvious to me that you subscribe to the wacko Mary Ruwart version of Libertarianism –the one that has kept the Party from being taken seriously by anyone who matters. By the way, speaking of which, if someone posted child porn on the Internet, is it okay for you to link to it, even though you didn’t post it originally? Do you see the slippery slope?

    You have the nerve to question my Libertarianism and the fundamental Libertarian belief of individual rights was violated by none other than you.

    A commie? Do you even understand what you are suggesting? How juvenile! Firstly, communism is an economic system. Since I am a capitalist, communism might get in my way just a bit. Being such a huge fan of Lincoln and Reagan, being a communist might contradict that.

    Again, the First Amendment is about the right to express yourself and report news and events, not the right to open someone else’s mail and post it for the world to see. That is not news, that is a pathetic and petty attempt to destroy someone with which you disagree.

    This is no different than me going to your house, opening your mailbox, opening your mail, and posting your financial bills and /or any other private letters/mail for the whole world to see.

    You are not even close to being a Libertarian, as described by the Party, and especially in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

    And you consider me unhinged for challenging you on the difference between right and wrong; decency and indecency…I’m laughing…

    You should be ashamed of yourself. What you did was wrong, privacy or not.

  27. Brent: What part of “I am not responding to you further” did you fail to understand?

  28. That’s a copout, but I DO understand. You are not smart enough for an intelligent response, so you instead choose to ignore my challenge, other than to say that Palin brought it on herself.

    I’m sorry I wasted my time. I incorrectly assumed that this blog was about intellectual discussion.

  29. You most certainly didn’t challenge anyone. You came onto this blog screaming like a crazy person, and eventually asking me what I would think if you posted nude photos of me, as if that is in any way comparable to posting what I posted.

    Go fuck yourself.



    * Troll (Internet), a person who is deliberately inflammatory on the Internet in order to provoke a vehement response from other users
    * Troll (gay slang), a slang term for gay men who wander about looking for sex or potential partners

    You can think of me as a response fisherman. I like to lure people to the cliff’s edge, then lead then right over the cliff. It works every time, and I only use people’s own words against them. – Brent Chickenhawk/Rooster/Troll

  31. So he is an admitted troll?

    He’s gone.

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