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Not at all surprisingly, disgruntled PA Republican loses lawsuit to remove Barr from ballot

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Victor Stabile, Chair of the Cumberland County (PA) Republican Committee, filed suit to remove Bob Barr from the Pennsylvania ballot.  Stabile’s argument was that the LP engaged in fraud, by substituting Bob Barr for the stand-in candidate, and by collecting petition signatures under the name of the stand-in even after Barr was nominated.

Predictably, the judge didn’t buy that argument:  pennsylvania-court-opinion

  1. A big raspberry to the NSGOP apparatchik for trying to remove an LP candidate from the ballot.

    And thanks go out to the Libertarian petitioners in PA, including Andy Jacobs and Mark Pickens, who gathered many thousands of signatures, many in rural parts of the state where other petitioners would not go, and at rates lower than were paid to some other petition contractors (including in PA).

  2. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. The LPP should pick out an incumbent Republican, in Cumberland County if possible, and work to defeat him or her in the next election when they can enter a Libertarian candidate. This crap will not stop until the other parties learn an LP with balance of power is not a toothless tiger they can push around.

  3. Well, revenge is what the Libertarian Party did to Bob Barr in his last congressional primary in Georgia! Ron Crickenberger’s ads featuring an ill, elderly woman who uses medical marijuana saying, “Why would you do that to me, Bob?” won an award for one of the best campaign ads of 2002.

    So revenge has strange consequences. It would be better to channel that energy into aggressive lobbying. One person, working fulltime, can have a huge impact lobbying. Ken Bush got Missouri ballot access reform in 1993 almost single-handedly, but he was able to go every day to the State Capitol and talk to people. Also he is charming.

  4. Well, revenge is what the Libertarian Party did to Bob Barr in his last congressional primary in Georgia!

    Yeah, but who’s having the last laugh?

  5. Nice work on some’s part.


  6. I didn’t think that this challenge had any merit to it.

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