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“Forget Jason” Money Bomb on 10/1

In Activism, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Local Politics, Media, Politics, Press Release, Thomas L. Knapp on September 16, 2008 at 11:28 am

The following was written by the Committee To Elect Jason Gatties.

St. Joseph, Mi- The Committee To Elect Jason Gatties would like to announce a fund raising effort for the month of October. The only catch is, it isn’t for Jason. On October 1st, the campaign will launch a “Forget Jason” money bomb. A dedicated page will list several top libertarian candidates, with a direct link to their donation page. Some of the libertarian candidates to be listed include: Scotty Boman, Allen Buckley, Michael Munger, Thomas Knapp, Daniel Grow, Eric Schansberg, Tyler Nixon, William Parker, Wes Upchurch, Andy Horning, Rex Bell, Bill Hall, Eric Larson, Charles Jay, Chris Cole & Susan Hogarth.

“It is important that libertarian activists show their support for candidates who are the front lines of the freedom battle. I want to do my part to help these fine people succeed in November.”- Jason Gatties

The fund raising drive will last through out the month of October via If you have a candidate you would like to see listed, please contact the campaign at

  1. Wow, that was fast! 🙂

    I always get crap for the wacky things I’m doing during the campaign and yeah, this doesn’t help me one bit. However, there are so many great candidates this year who I wish I could personally donate to. This is just my way to attempt to help some folks out.

    I’m getting plenty of hits and getting donations every few days. I just hope to encourage someone who may want to donate to my campaign to perhaps think about donating to someone else as well.

  2. Jason, that’s a good thing you are doing. I would urge you to include Morey Straus on your page as well.

  3. Oh no doubt. I like Morey.

    If you can think of any others, drop me an email.

  4. Really cool idea. I’ll cover it on IPR a little closer to the date.

  5. Zingo there, Jason (good thing in Mike lingo)! How are the updates going on

  6. I’ll never use wordpress again, that much is for sure. We’ve never had an issue with it before. Right now, we are trying to come up with a new website to launch by the final month prior to the election.

    To be fair though, I’m only having issues with 1 section. George D. complained that he didn’t know where I stood on the issues, but the Issues page has always been there. Typically, thats where one would look for said info.

  7. Jason, I said that a statement of where you stand as a candidate needs to be above the fold on the front page of your website in order to maximize effectiveness. I hope you have understood me this time so you won’t misrepresent what I said again.

    I offered this criticism in a constructive manner, and still do.

  8. Congrats on the win Mir. Out of curiosity what were Mir and Mirko Filipovic saying to each other up against the cage?

  9. Hi, thanks for your work! I searched for something like that, but Icouldn’t find anything that’s that what I was looking for:( You helped me to save god knows how much time.. Thanks:D

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