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Has culture of timidity paralyzed the LNC?

In Libertarian on September 14, 2008 at 3:14 am

Blogs are on the bleeding edge of 21st century politics.  What’s the last thing you heard from any LNC member posted on a blog or elsewhere (besides from Angela Keaton who is a special case–an under-understood case in my opinion)? I can’t remember seeing one written word from my regional LNC rep since speaking to him in person at the Denver convention.

I’ve got a pamphlet about leadership sitting on my desk.  I’m reading this thing and nothing in this leads me to find positive comparisons with the current LNC, and for the record, almost everyone I voted for in Denver is currently sitting on the LNC (it ain’t a radical versus moderate thang).

In my opinion, a culture of timidity has paralyzed the LNC.  Don’t want to say something stupid!  LNC members seem reluctant to post something, anything, on the internet with their own name attached to it.  I can’t blame them too much.  With personal exposure comes risks.

But the LP is in desperate need of leadership.  Staff tries.  Barr tries.  The LNC doesn’t.  Bill Redpath hasn”t and that hurts me to say because I know he’s overly busy.  I’d love to help fill the current leadership vacuum and assist Redpath and the LNC as the National Executive Director.

I can do it.

And I’d be communicative with the outside world, because even though I’d be opening myself up to criticism, I’d expect some occasssional worthwhile suggestions (plus a bunch of worthless ones).

But back to my first point.  Why is it we hear so little from the LNC members?

  1. Yes, Wes, there is a culture of timidity. There is also a culture of criticism that is negative and vicious. People aren’t willing to take risks because they are constantly told they are evil for thinking out loud.

    Before you jump in to help Redpath, who seems determined to keep his gun control candidate Bob Barr out front, you might want to have a plan first.

    One of the reasons we don’t hear from some of the LNC members is they don’t know what to say. They haven’t seen a plan that makes sense, so they aren’t ready to expend whatever political capital they have taking sides, defending one of their own, or saying anything.

    What is needed is a plan that makes sense.

    A plan that I like is the Boston Tea Party plan. Hold candidates to a standard, endorse them if they meet it, and form state affiliates. Get on the ballot in a few states this year, and plan to do more in 2010, in more states. Leave the rotting carcass of the national LP to rot in its own stench.

  2. Or maybe the LNC doesn’t want to get involved in the kindergarten chaos of these blogs (which are at times quite entertaining), and make rushed decisions.

  3. karen Stills, I beg your pardon.

  4. You’re exhibiting unwarranted attachment to the LP as libertarian strategy in the face of direct evidence that a political party is poorly suited for purposes of genuinely libertarian strategy (i.e. smashing the state, not Jefferson nostalgia).

    The BTP people are merely defering the task at hand.

    If you were biz school grads and looking at numbers on a spreadsheet that didn’t add up, you’d know it was time to liquidate the failing enterprise and do something else with your time and capital.

    What we see here is a quasi-religious devotion to party that itself is indicative of the failure to sufficiently disengage from loyalty to the state that political parties inculcate.

    There’s a revolution calling…

  5. Mr. Spangler is correct. The Republicrat Duopoly, their corporate fascist sonsors, and their media shills have made third party politics an exercise in futility. It no longer matters what the LP or BTP message is, voters will not hear it in numbers to be meaningful.

    See my post here:

  6. that would be “corporate fascist sponsors”

  7. Increasingly with Spangler, and I’ve seriously considered that argument since 2000/1 or so.

  8. Remember, comrades — resistance, like empire, is global.

    Start a local affiliate of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left today!

  9. We all need to work together to make positive change occur. It’s not a question of just hiring the right person for LP ED.

    I’m not saying positive change means kicking people out or removing people from office or anything.

    I’m just saying we all need to work together.

    And the BTP sales pitch is getting so frequent I almost missed it (re #1).

    Weblogs like this are simply free and open discussion. If what happens is “kindergarten-ish” then that is not a reflection on the medium.

    Frankly, working in a group is not easy and it’s inevitable that everyone will sooner or later overreact or say something they later regret. The LNC is not exempt from this. Look what the LNC Secretary did just yesterday.

    Brad, perhaps you could crunch those numbers and show us the B-school the case for ditching the LP. I don’t see it.

  10. I hear from my regional rep on a regular basis, but this is a first in all the years I have been in the party that communications have been good.

    I have to disagree with Spangler though not entirely. There is a place for the party and there will continue to be such, but the party has not been filling its role. The LP has been poor at communicating the message for some years. And if the party had a better flow of information would be candidates would be less likely to deviate from the message.

    That of course requires better work habits.


  11. Just to be a bit more clear on this issue. The problem doesn’t so much exist because of those in the LPHQ office are incompetent, but because they haven’t been given clear direction and adequate training.

    Then we get to the representatives and officers on the LNC. That can be a mess. How they are chosen needs to be changed and somehow we need to develop some expectations of their work.

  12. George can you explain what you mean with this comment? “Frankly, working in a group is not easy and it’s inevitable that everyone will sooner or later overreact or say something they later regret. The LNC is not exempt from this. Look what the LNC Secretary did just yesterday.”



  13. Yesterday Bob Sullentrup posted a comment on LFV which has me still shaking my head in disbelief that he sits on the LNC.

  14. Wes,

    You’re full of it. I have posted a number of comments on this and other sites.

    In case you’ve forgotten, I am your regional representative.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  15. Remember, comrades — resistance, like empire, is global.

    Start a local affiliate of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left today!

    I’m down to start a permanent travelers’ affiliate, for those of us who do not tie ourselves to any particular location.

    Tom Knapp has my contact info if you want to get a hold of me, or you can get it off my facebook if we are still friends on there.

  16. ….However, I do have an “address” for LP snail mail, and that address is in Stewart’s region as well.

    Stewart, perhaps something like this for our region?

    Any others like that out there?

    Maybe we can repost them all here, with permission from author(s)?

  17. Mr. Flood,

    As my regional rep, I would like answers to these questions posted on this blog:

    I. What did the LNC actually did regarding Angela Keaton? Was she censured, asked to apologize, expelled …?

    2. Why is the LP Director of Communications (formerly known as the media coordinator) is listed on the Barr website as “media coordinator?” Who does he work for?

    3. Is the Director of Communications authorized in his job description as a party spokesman? Who does he clear his remarks with, if anyone?

    4. What is the status of the literature review committee?

    5. Is it the official position of the LNC or LP that President Bush exemplified “good leadership” on 9/11, a statement made by the Barr campaign?

  18. You won’t get an answer from Mr. Flood because he shares the same bed with the asshole wing of the LNC. Another Republican reject who came to invade the LP.

  19. Stewart do the state parties in the region you represent have newsletters and if so do you publish information about what is going on at the national level in them?

    This is one thing that is missing. I’ve been with the LP since 1980 ane would have been involved earlier, but the party was difficult to get in touch with. Not much has changed in my opinion since that time. It is still difficult to find out what is going on. We need to use all the tools we have at our disposal to get the word out as to what is going on. Web site, email lists, printed pamphlets, printed newsletters, etc. And the LP Is and has been very poor at doing just this!!!!

    Frankly I don’t give a damn what Rand says. People need to feel connected. Like they are part of the process, or team if you will.


  20. We are working on several vehicles for communication within the region. There are a couple of ideas that members of the region have brought forward. These include a meetup group for the region, which has been setup by volunteers in Tennessee, as well as other ideas that we haven’t gotten to yet.

    Members of our party in region 4 frequently contact me by either e-mail or phone (as Paulie does when he has questions). I try to address every issue, but some weeks — like this past one — the phone rings so often that I’m sure I’ve missed a few calls.

    Is it our job as regional representatives to blog every day to make people like Wes happy? Of course not. We’re all volunteers, but at times this is a full-time job — without pay of course. There are too many things to do to add blogging to the time we spend trying to restore liberty in our country. Wes is just trying to argue his case for becoming the ED, and he’s not scoring points.

    While members of the LNC don’t always attach a signature tag identifying themselves as committee members, I do frequently see other members posting comments on the sites that I read. Some are clearly more vocal than others, but there is certainly more activity than Wes would lead you to believe.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  21. Several questions were asked while I was writing my previous comment. I will attempt to answer those that I can. I will start with the questions in comment #17 from Brian Irving:

    1. Two motions were made and passed regarding Ms Keaton. She was asked (not ordered) to apologize to staff for her actions. This motion was made on Saturday. On Sunday, Ms Keaton was asked (again, not ordered) to resign from the committee. She was not censured. Censure is a meaningless act.

    2. Andrew Davis works for the party. He is currently on field assignment to work with the Barr campaign and help coordinate communications. This has been done in past campaigns, and is a normal activity during a presidential campaign.

    3. I don’t understand what you mean by “authorized.” Andrew Davis is doing his job. He reports to the ED, who reports to the Chair.

    4. The APRC (Advertising and Publication Review Committee) was re-constituted at the Denver Convention. The members of the committee are myself, Dr Ruwart, Mr Wrights, Mr Starr and Mr Jingozian. I am the chair of the committee.

    5. I do not personally know of any official party position either way regarding the current President of the United States or his ability to lead on that date.

  22. In response to Mr Wilson’s comments:

    You raised several good points. We do need to communicate more and use as many vehicles as possible.

    Several of the states in my region do have newsletters. I hadn’t thought about asking to write something about events at the national level for them, but since the same article could easily be used by all states, it may be a good idea to try. I’ll look into it.

    One reason why members of the LNC may feel reticent to comment publicly is that we are frequently vilified. I’ve seen comments calling our chairman and other members of the committee everything from nazi statists to criminals and even murderers.

    Another reason for not seeing a lot of activity is that some of us are so inundated with party work that we don’t have time. It is about 1:30pm on Sunday and with all the stuff I had to deal with this week, I was only able to get in one day of actual paying “work” and I’m still in bed today, watching a movie on SCI-FI and catching up on e-mail and several websites. Unbelievable as it may seem, the phone hasn’t rung yet today! (Today being relative, since last night’s calls ended quite a bit after midnight)

    Blogs work for some things, but they aren’t the best vehicle for the type of communication we need. Meetup groups are the same. They will handle several very important issues, but not everything. Something new needs to be invented. I’ll have to get myself in an inventing mood and come up with something.

    We do need more communication. I, for one, will certain answer questions that are asked politely — as these have been.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  23. Stewart do the state parties in the region you represent have newsletters and if so do you publish information about what is going on at the national level in them?

    Alabama’s newsletter has been email/yahoo group only for quite some time.

  24. You won’t get an answer from Mr. Flood because he shares the same bed with the asshole wing of the LNC. Another Republican reject who came to invade the LP.

    I think it is more fair to say that he was driven out by the Republican Party and found a home with us.

    By the way, Chris, Stewart is an active member of the women and minorities outreach committee.

  25. When not even one LNC member had the courage to bring forth a motion to remove Barr, it proved to me that the LP was 100% absolutely worthless. We can’t fix it. We can’t get it back on track. We don’t even have the power to send one person to the LNC who is unafraid to do what’s right and listen to people who elected him/her. Not even ONE out of 17. I encourage everyone who thinks a motion should have been made to remove Barr to quit the LP — it isn’t worth the mental stress. I resigned as vice chair of my local party (chaired by a Barr supporter) and I’ve disavowed the LP to my local Ron Paul group. It’s not worth caring about and spending the money to attend the convention to elect people who won’t represent us anyway. Quit. Let the reformers have the party they wanted. We fought and lost and it’s over.

  26. Members of our party in region 4 frequently contact me by either e-mail or phone (as Paulie does when he has questions). I try to address every issue, but some weeks — like this past one — the phone rings so often that I’m sure I’ve missed a few calls.

    LOL, that makes it sound like I call a lot. Just talked to Stewart for the first time since Denver, I think.

  27. pauliecannoli writes:
    “Alabama’s newsletter has been email/yahoo group only for quite some time.”

    Paulie the problem I have with that and I realize that it probably isn’t your decision to make is that with an email only newsletter that leaves a lot of potential people out of the loop.

    Additionally sending an envelope out with the newsletter and politely asking for contribution is a way to raise funds. Also copies can go to members of the press, be used at out reach booths and send to libraries.

    Computers are passive in that they just sit there waiting for someone to activate them. A paper copy is someting that we can hand out. It becomes an active instrument and can be passed along to others.

    Just my two cents worth.


  28. Stewart if you are the Chair of the committee can you tell us what the committe is planning to do? Does the committee plan to develop any new pamphlets and if so may I suggest that you advertise in the LPNews for contributors to those types of projects. Basically use an open source network to develop them. Maybe one new piece every other month.



  29. No, I wasn’t saying that you call a lot. But when you have a question you do call — as you should.

    I’m sorry to see that Chris Bennett has such a low opinion of me. I’m not sure what I’ve done to him to give him that opinion. I’ve only talked to him once or twice and only exchanged e-mail a few times.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  30. The committee is tasked with reviewing publications to make sure that they aren’t in opposition to the platform or our bylaws.

    Staff in DC and the various states produce material. We aren’t the authors.

    And to make sure I didn’t confuse things, we are not responsible for reviewing publications that state or local parties author. We have no authority to review their websites, newsletters or other material.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  31. Did you guys ever think that just possibly the LNC may be dealing with this issue but not broadcasting it to all of the kiddies in the class??? And Wes—when is the last time you’ve ever known people like Wrights and Keaton to be timid?? Bad choice of words on your part. Believe me—–I don’t like Barr as a candidate—and could care less if he’s on the ballot. But it could be a whole lot worse—-Ruwart—now there’s timid. The “velvet hammer” that can fill your ears with all sorts of philosophical CRAP that goes on and on and on………I’d love for her to get on here and take some questions. But if I remember correctly, she takes comments on these blogs too seriously and it “drives her to tears.” But she has her support system to get her through those times (her ex-campaign manager and co-adulterer, Lee Wrights.)
    Ah, what a tangled web we weave………

  32. There’s another perfect example of why LNC members don’t respond. Was there any reason to insult Dr Ruwart or Mr Wrights? No.

    We may not always vote on the same side of some issues, but I will still defend others when they are publicly attacked for no appearent reason.

    Neither the chair or any other member of the LNC deserve this type of treatment.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  33. Mr Flood——-
    Wanna bet????????????They bith deserve it—There IS a VERY apparent reason—-neither can be trusted—they had an affair—period. Against free speech, Mr. Flood???????—-when the truth is indeed being told????????
    I could care less about either of them as an LNC member—but they can’t hide forever and try to deny their little political tryst.

  34. Stewart how do we go about getting new pamphlet printed? I believe that it is foolish not to have more than the couple of pamphlets we now have.

    I can and will certainly do my own and have, but it would be nice if when I handed out a pamphlet I could know that someone in Jacksonville, Florida, or Melrose, Massachussetts, or San Diego, California was handing out the same information.


  35. Okay “I’ve been slimed” why don’t you step up and use your real name?

  36. Neither the chair or any other member of the LNC deserve this type of treatment.


  37. LP == Conservative Leadership Conference
    LP == Bob Barr
    LP == Wayne Allyn Root

    Need I say more?

  38. way to impress the people you want to hire you, wes . . .

    the region 7 rep

  39. Re: #18 Chris Bennett — I believe the term you seem to be searching for is “degenerate faction(s) of the ruling class”.

  40. Rachel H – Yes, instead he should lie to appease the cowardly.

    Good for you, Wes, for putting principle first.

  41. I think I kneed to check my spelling b4 I post. Whatever.

    I’d give the new members of the LNC time to settle into their positions b4 we start blasting them too hard.

    I was a bit erked when reading Angela’s post from the meeting. Someone brought up the infamous word “micromanaged” again. That word is used too often in this group. If people cannot answer questions, or take suggestions then they have a problem.

    I also notice that Mr. Starr is on the Advertising and Publications Committee. He also on Bylaws and as everyone probably knows he’s the Treasurer. I have this feeling that some things are not going to get done, or are going to be slowed down. Starr is wearing way too many hats! Besides I have to ask what experience he has in advertising, or related fields??


  42. One more point Stewart and then I wait to hear from you. If you look at the Issues section on the LP website under foreign policy youwill find an article written by Michael Tanner who is now with CATO if I recall.

    That piece is several years old and certainly out of date. That is the sort of poor work that needs to be fixed. I believe that I emailed Shane Corey about this months ago when he was still the ED and nothing has changed.

    I am certain that the general membership of the party can and will step up and help if asked.


  43. I am certain that the general membership of the party can and will step up and help if asked.

    I think the membership is going to have to step up before being asked. It’s a pain to do work that you’re not sure will be used, but I can’t see any other way to demonstrate effectively that the work that isn’t getting done (effectively or at all) by the staff can be assisted by volunteer activists.

  44. To clarifly what I said in response #30:

    The Advertising and Publication Review Committee does exactly what the name implies. We review.

    We are not responsible for the creation of advertising, we simply review it. There is no need for any of our committee members to have experience in advertising to be able to read an article and determine whether or not it contains material that is in opposition to the platform.

    We make no decisions regarding what information will be written, or who will write it.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  45. If you have work you want published by the LP, publish it first on your weblog as a testing ground. If it does well, you’ve bolstered your argument. If not, well you still have content for your weblog, which bolsters your credentials as a writer.


  46. Mr. Flood,

    Thanks for your response. Regarding Mr. Davis. What I am asking is, does his job description (I assume he has a written JD) allow him to speak for the party without having to clear it with the ED or chair? Frankly. some of the things he has said are not in conformance with the party platform.

    Don’t get me wrong. As a former military PAO and current LPNC communications director, I do not question giving him the responsibility of speaking for the party when needed.

    For what it’s worth, being an LNC member is much like being a small town mayor or council member. He get very little compensation for your trouble (if any) but do get to catch hell from both sides on every given issue.

  47. I’m certain that every member of staff has a written job description. I haven’t personally read all of them — not having the need to — but I’m confident that Andrew is acting within his job description.

    You’re right about catching it from both sides. Our perceived value to those who publish these sites is quite well known. I just finished reading a comment on another site, written by the editor of this site, in which she clearly stated that the LNC is irrelevent.

    With that kind of attitude, how can anyone expect us to want to communicate through this medium?

    I, for one, do not consider the LNC to be irrelevent. The only way to win a war is to fight. If your enemy has guns then you use guns. If it has planes and ships then you better have them too or you will be defeated.

    Our opponents created the political system that requires a national party in order to fight back. The national party is therefore not irrelevent. We are not, as another person infamous for hiding behind a fake name accuses, run by thieves.

    Since we’re irrelevent to this site, if you have further questions I will gladly address them in private. My e-mail address is published on the website. I’d include it here, but wordpress may have a filter to catch comments with e-mail addresses.

    Today is Monday. Time to go do some real work so that I can bill a few clients and bring in some money — or whatever that paper is that the government claims is money.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  48. Since we’re irrelevent to this site,

    I wouldn’t say that, and I have been a big part of this site.

  49. Given the ease of communications these days, wouldn’t it be preferable for every regional LNC member, and at-large member, to have a web-site where the upcoming agenda was published, comments were solicited, and “how I voted and why” be posted after an LNC meeting? Regional reps should be in regular contact with the state chairs of their regions.
    Having served as a regional rep, I know the time and expense associated with this (largely thankless) job. However, if you don’t want to do it, then resign and let someone who does serve instead.

  50. how can anyone expect us to want to communicate through this medium

    Because the medium of the internet or webogs is powerful and effective. It’s empowering. If you use it, it will empower you.

  51. … I’m confident that Andrew is acting within his job description.

    If – as you mentioned – you don’t know what that description is, what is this confidence based on? Confidence in Andrew? His immediate supervisor? The Chair? All three? Or something else?

    If your enemy has guns then you use guns.

    It seems to me that you use whatever you have. If you only have knives, you use them – but you make sure the fighting only starts when you’re in very close range. A battle can be won with ‘weaker’ weapons – if driven by good minds with better ideas. Conversely, if you have something better than guns, using guns just because the other guy has them might be a pretty silly idea.

    Of course good ideas are the best weapons, in the long run.

    – Comrade C.

  52. “40 G.E.

    Rachel H – Yes, instead he should lie to appease the cowardly.

    Good for you, Wes, for putting principle first. ”

    No, G.E., part of his job description would be to communicate LP policy and ideas to public and membership. It would be ineffective to go off in the intemperate and intentionally abrasive fashion that he has just demonstrated.

    One of the problems (as I see it) in hiring an LP activist is just this kind of stuff – divisiveness. Wes has probably insulted and turned off almost as many people as he has impressed (in the membership in general). OTOH – I do note and acknowledge that he has at least enough allies and supporters to get elected to an At-Large seat, if I remember correctly. An outsider who may have good managerial skills doesn’t know LP, either principle or culture.

    And it’s never bright to deliberately insult the interviewers for a job you’ve applied for – principle does not disappear when it’s stated in a reasonable, polite and respectful (of EVERYONE) fashion.

    As a matter of fact, civil, polite discourse is generally more persuasive, which is a point that LP in general needs to learn. Principle can be stated in a polite, respectful fashion, and is generally more persuasive that way.

    And after all, if we don’t use force, what tools do we have left? Persuasion. Civil discourse. Logic and reason, but those are rarely heard if they’re stated in a fashion that people won’t listen to.

    I’ve just finished explaining some of this here . . .

    I see abusive, verbal and written and ad homenim attack as a form of aggression. .:shrug:.

    You decide how well it’s working for you. It doesn’t work for me, as I’ve found thru long and painful experience.

    So y’all have a gentle week . . . :o)

  53. Rachel’s message – People who would criticize the LNC need not apply to share in the spoils. Wes, this disqualifies you. Stay in a job you can be proud of — you’re far too good to work at LPHQ.

  54. Mr. Flood please except my apology. I was under the impression that your committee had some oversight regarding creating materials. Since that is not the case and since I strongly feel that the party lacks adequate pamphlets to distribute can you tell me who is responsible for deciding what to develop? Who sets the schedule for development? And what does it take to get someone to bring the issue up at the next LNC meeting? Personally I feel it would be better coming from a member of your committee rather than someone else. And I might add how do we get the website updated as well?

    Thank you,

    Michael Wilson

  55. Michael, you need to contact the folks at The LP some time ago got out of the printing propaganda business. (Historical note: I originally got on the LNC back in 2000 in order to push for an upgrade of dated propaganda. It didn’t happen.) The LP only has one office, and it is in DC, a bad place to be doing mailorder. They contracted out the propaganda printing so big donors could buy propaganda without it being considered a campaign donation.

  56. Thanks CSM. Some month ago I bought some literature from LPStuff. At that time I specifically asked about new literature. They said they wanted to do some specific to the platform, but the the LP offce was slow to reply to their inquires. I have paraphrased their reply. Maybe I need to put that in CAPS so anyone who wishes to question this realizes that is not an exact quotation. The word paraphrased that is.

    Some time later I contacted Shane Cory regarding this and feel I got the brush off from him. So far to date nothing seems to be getting done.

    Some where along the line I did get the impression that the Advertising and Publication Review Committee, or whatever it may be called had some input into this.


  57. Far as I’m concerned the LNC is a major part of the problem…

    Despite a much signed petition requesting it, NOT ONE of the regional reps was willing to listen to their constituents and even INTRODUCE a motion to revoke Barr’s nomination, (or second it)

    We got some rumbles asking that members write whatever was introduced, which might have been nice to do, but is NOT OUR JOB… It is the job of the person introducing a motion – and there were certainly enough reasons provided, it should have been a simple enough matter to string them into something coherent.

    We did get the wishy-washy “Apology to Dr. Paul” from Mary, and Starr’s “Up yours Dr. Paul” motions, but it appears that neither will be voted on…

    We appear to have had NO action taken w/ regard to to the out of control press releases from LPHQ, or the issues of Sean ‘Firebug’ Haugh’s efforts to destroy petitions, and possible interference w/ petitioner hiring that has caused MULTIPLE failed ballot drives… (This may have been discussed in secret meetings, but the LNC Policy Manual clearly states that the reasons for a secret meeting must be part of the minutes of discussion leading to it, and as far as I can tell, it wasn’t mentioned)

    It is a long standing military doctrine that a poor plan executed promptly and decisively is better than doing nothing – which seems to be the current LNC’s preferred mode of operation.

    I’d be less bothered by them doing what I thought was the ‘wrong’ thing, than I am by them doing NOTHING….


  58. Hi Wes!

    I’m not paralyzed. I’m getting started putting the 2010 and 2012 Libertarian Party of Alabama candidates on the ballot, and moving the jury rights movement forward, here:

    I promise to hand out 500 of the following (linked) pamphlets per week for every week that my efforts are funded, and to post the results on the preceding website.

    Let’s all run towards a free and prosperous society, and plainly declare ourselves to be libertarians, everywhere we go. Let’s all politely explain to our neighbors that we need not send our fellow man to jail for tax evasion, drug offenses, gun offenses, etc… Let’s all educate our fellow citizens about their rights as the 4th branch of government.

    Let’s all show nothing but a cold shoulder to the police state, and its hack employees.

    The LP will succeed when failure is no longer OK for us and our employees.

    Instead of asking how can we fire someone, or how do we get our way, why do we not ask what is best for liberty?

    I’d like to see LP petitioners hand out information that connects petition signers with their local LP. I’d like to see LP petitioners collect email lists from interested petition signers. I’d like to see Libertarians get listed in every single state as Libertarians, with their full State slate of candidates, and not just the pres and VP candidates. There is opportunity all around us. All we need to do is run towards it.

    Since this is what I want, I have come up with a way to make it happen, and here it is:

    If other people agree with my goals, and contribute, they will see the direct result of their contributions posted at that website.

    Tired of Verneycrat messing things up for the LP? Then give to the 2010 and 2012 candidates, and make sure they are candidates you support, by attending the 2010 and 2012 National LP Conventions.

    Find a way, or pay me to find a way for you, if you believe that the FRN symbol of your labor will do more for your goal of freedom than your actual labor.


    -Jake Witmer

    PS: Call me between the hours of 9am and midnight, any day. I favor complete openness about all of my efforts for the LP. That is the only way to reinstill donor faith in the LP. All of my accomplishments will be independently verified by FBA and/or the various State LP’s I am working for. I sent the 2010 and 2012 LP petitions to the AL SOS for approval yesterday. Let’s make the AL LP a powerhouse and a media sensation.

    Let’s get Loretta Nall, or an even better candidate, into the headlines again!

    PPS: I just set up a “College Libertarians” Student Group at UA in Tuscaloosa! The President of the Student Group is filing the petitions with the Office of Student Affairs this week!!!!

    I collected 30 emails from students in a half an hour… I can do that for the next 4 months in AL. Let’s build the Libertarian Party. …Fast.

  59. Mr. Flood: I sat through three days and over 300 emails regarding what, if anything, should be done about the Barr/Paul dispute. Many involved in that exchange were asking that the LNC censure Barr. Others were asking that the LNC write a letter of apology to Ron Paul.

    The entire time, it was understood that the LNC can’t get along well enough to accomplish anything. Sure enough, in the end, an apology letter was proposed, but a counter-proposal asking for the exact opposite type of letter was also proposed. Both failed.

    When the LNC can’t even come to a consensus about whether to write a letter, and wastes its only general election meeting complaining about an LNC member, it has rendered itself irrelevant. I therefore stand by my opinion.

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