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Jason Gatties supports the removal of Bob Barr from the Michigan ballot

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For Immediate Release

St.Joseph, Mi- Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees candidate and Libertarian Party member Jason Gatties announced on Thursday night that he is in support of the removal of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root from the Michigan ballot this November. Bob Barr is a former congressman who gained the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in late May during the Party’s national convention in Denver. Wayne Allyn Root was a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate who ultimately won the Vice Presidential nomination.

“Bob Barr continues to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not a libertarian and not a friend of the freedom movement” Gatties said in a written statement. “Barr shows no respect towards libertarian activists or down-ticket libertarian candidates.”

Bob Barr has recently become the center of controversy within the libertarian movement due to “no-showing” a unity event hosted by long-time libertarian & former presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul and ignoring party by-laws when, after insulting Ron Paul with the no-show, offered the Congressman a spot next to him on the Libertarian Party ticket, replacing Wayne Allyn Root.

“Bob Barr turned his back on the Libertarian Party the moment he accepted the nomination. Disrespecting Ron Paul should be the final straw. I encourage the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s Executive Committee to remove Bob Barr from the Michigan ballot. If they are unable to remove Mr. Barr, I encourage Michigan citizens to cast their vote for Chuck Baldwin or perhaps, write-in a freedom candidate who will not appear on the Michigan ballot. Your write-in vote may not count, but at least you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you made the right decision. I support our Michigan Libertarian candidates and I encourage people to cast their vote for these fine defenders of liberty. However, I refuse to support Bob Barr and his anti-freedom agenda.”

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  1. For the record, not our best press release ever. However, this was done out of pure emotion.

  2. Assuming any voter reads this on page 38, do you think that – even if differences with Mr. Barr are spelled out in detail – that the voter will think anything other than “What a bunch of fools.” Let’s live with “our” choice and work out how to pick the best next one in our own little convention and not in the news media.

  3. Maybe he feels he needs to do it in order to keep Ron Paul fans among his voting base come November.

    That said, basing public statements off of emotion is generally a bad policy.

  4. Jason Gatties, the Progressive Alliance Strategy calls for nomination of a fusion ticket AND coordination of the downticket vote. EITHER one Libertarian OR one green on EVERY ballot. First come, first served.

  5. Good job Jason Gatties. Good press release.

  6. Jason gatties, ask Michigan LP to try this: disaffiliate & nominate a fusion ticket & substitute or new ballot. Even if Barr remains on Mich. ballot most will vote fusion.

  7. Jason,

    What would happen if a Barr elector were to withdraw from the race for the Electoral College? Would that disqualify Barr for the ballot? If so, I think there is one Barr elector who would be more than happy to withdraw [cough]G.E.[/cough]

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