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Here’s your chance to SHOW the Barr campaign what you really think

In Humor, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Media, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Wayne Allen Root on September 12, 2008 at 1:28 pm

From Bob Barr’s Deputy Campaign Manager Shane Cory:

Don’t be a Party Puppet

Dear Friend,

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but a great Libertarian in Washington State, Bruce Guthrie, ran my all-time favorite political ads during his 2006 senate run.

The production of his commercials was simple enough: Lunch bags, glue, yarn and construction paper put together with very entertaining voiceover.

Bruce’s theme was brilliant: “Don’t be a party puppet!”

If you have a minute to enjoy, here are two spots that aired: the Party Puppet Girls and Party Puppet Rick.

Now that only 53 days remain before the election, I think it’s about time we kicked off our advertising campaign!

While we sill have ongoing ballot access battles going in many states and funds are still very tight, only three weeks remain before early voting begins in some states! Despite our challenges, I don’t want to delay our media campaign any longer.

We need your creative help to get the ball rolling.

Rather than produce stuffy, standard political ads, we want to get your concepts or even full commercials.

If you’re the creative type or want to spend some quality time with a few friends and a video camera over the weekend, we sure could use the help. Please keep them to 30 seconds, leaving about 3 seconds at the end for the government mandated, “I’m Bob Barr and I approve this message.”

Once you have a concept or finished product, just send us your videos! Here’s a drop box where you can upload your videos and concepts.

Not very creative like me? No worries, you can help just as much by making a donation today. I’ll throw in the first $100 and if you can match or contribute $25, $50 or more, we would greatly appreciate the help. Click here to donate.

Thanks for everything that you do!

In Liberty,

Shane Cory
Deputy Campaign Manager
Bob Barr for President

If anyone reading LFV decides to make a video, be sure to post it on YouTube and leave a link here.

  1. Who’s Barr and what is he running for?

  2. Last Free Voice should create a YouTube channel, and then upload all the Barr campaign parodies to YouTube.

    We know this one …

  3. Good point. I do love that particular video, I’ve watched it more than once. It even gets stuck in my head from time to time, LOL. The username “LastFreeVoice” is already taken on YouTube, though. 😦

    Jonolan: Is that a serious question? If so …. Bob Barr is a disgraced former GOP Congressman who convinced a bunch of extremely gullible delegates at the Libertarian National Convention to make him their presidential nominee. Click on the video link in Casual Observer’s comment, that will give you a pretty good idea why it’s a problem.

  4. It was a joke – or rather sarcasm.

  5. LOL, Jonolan. You never know, and I didn’t want to offend anyone especially since a lot of people find their way to LFV via my personal blog, so …. 🙂

  6. The username “LastFreeVoice” is already taken on YouTube, though.

    Then create a variation on the username …. LFVVideo, LastFreeVoiceWordPress, etc.

  7. Someone needs to tell Cory that being a party puppet means supporting a candidate no matter how much he screws up, not thinking for oneself, and perpetually overdosing on the candidate Kool-Aid.

    IOW, look in the mirror, Cory!

  8. Maybe the Barr campaign should run an ad explaining how much it costs to keep somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000 troops overseas in over 130 countries, and that doesn’t include those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Or maybe explain to the American public that while Sarah Palin says maybe we need to protect Georgia she did not explain what it cost the U.S. to support NATO, or how much our so called allies pitch in to do the same.

    Try that Shane.


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