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Voices from the anti-Barr petition

In Activism, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Libertarian Politics 2008, People in the news, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Protest, Wayne Allen Root on September 11, 2008 at 4:09 pm

As previously noted, a petition has been started to remove Barr/Root as the LP nominee. In glancing through the hundreds of petition signatures, I found a number of comments, including many stating simply that they absolutely will not vote Libertarian unless Barr is removed. Some even said they are leaving the LP. Here’s a sampling, in no particular order:

The LNC is once again showing a failure in leadership in not bringing forth a motion to remove Barr/Root. It only takes one LNC member with courage to bring the motion and another to second it. I am getting KILLED by my Ron Paul associates for my association with what they see as an arch-enemy of liberty, the disgraced LP.

Bob Barr is nothing but a Neocon

Bury Barr

Barr = CIA Schill (Shame on you for the 90s)

My support for Barr ended when he went before the cameras and lied to the nation. The lies continued today from Russ Verney. These people are pathetic and are destroying the LP.

Why snub RP?

This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

Barr has shown by his actions he is still a neo-con at heart. He is a disgrace to himself and the Libertarian Party.

Barr is not a Libertarian. The delegates who voted for him did not vote with principle.

I have voted Libertarian in the past. I was planning on voting Libertarian again. Not Now. I will not vote Libertarian as long as Barr is on the ticket. I will never vote Libertarian again if Barr is allowed to get away with his actions without any consequences.

ex-LP member after the “Party of Principle” became just another “Party of Compromise”. Good luck, LP.

You have shamed yourself and made known to all just who and what you are! I will never vote for such a scoundrel

Bob Barr cannot be trusted!

Thank you to Bob for continuing to make American politics a bigger sham than it already is. goodbye!

Pack your bags and go home.

I knew something like this was going to happen from the moment he was nominated. Kick this neo-con off our ticket.

Bob Barr has nothing to do with the pure ideals of liberty. It is a disgrace to the Libertarian Party the way he has treated Ron Paul, the true soldier of Liberty.

As a libertarian candidate, I am appalled by the continued anti-freedom actions of Bob Barr.

More and more the LP continues to sell out. It will not get my votes or money anymore.

We need true libertarians on the libertarian ticket.

Bob Barr is no libertarian. His record show it, and his recent words, deeds and actions further prove it.

Bob Barr does not repersent what We The People believe in…The Constitution. He must be removed.

what was the libertarians thinking?

I was going to vote Libertarian when Ron Paul quit the race. I will now vote for Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party). Bob Barr is a fraud as a Libertarian.

I hope this petition gets more signatures than Bob Barr gets votes. The national Libertarian Party needs a wake-up call. Bob Barr is the pinnacle of their ongoing efforts to compromise principle for a few more meaningless votes.

this ron paul supporter will NOT be supporting the current LP prez candidate and Mike Ferguson should go to hell

Bob lost my support weeks ago, on idiotic comments regarding the Fannie/Freddie bailouts as bad but “necessary”. But the thing yesterday was really over the top.

As someone who was brought to this movement because of Ron Paul, the actions of Bob Barr and his staff has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was considering joining the LP and then you nominated Barr instead of Ruwart. That kept me from joining a few months ago. I have since joined the GOP, were I do not fell welcomed. So, I started looking at the LP again, and then this happens. Get rid of Bob Barr! And endorse a real FREEDOM candidate.

Regardless of his intentions, Barr has failed as a symbol of the cause.

I was considering a vote for either Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin. I will NOT vote for Bob Barr – a snake in the grass

This man should not be representing the Libertarian Party.

Bob Bar is a Trojan Horse candidate, who has taken over our Party to destroy it from within.

I have voted Liberterian in every election since 1980. When Bob Barr was selected to run this year, I was concerned. At best he sends a mixed message about liberty and freedom. His latest actions show me that he is no different than all the other Republicrats. If he is not replaced, I will be forced to voted for the Constitution party this year.

I refuse to support Barr, and may very well abandon the Libertarian party for good, for the aforementioned reasons. Additionally, Barr is a man who, until frighteningly recently, supported the so-called “war on drugs,” and locking up non-violent offenders in the torture chambers Americans refer to as “prisons.” Honestly, his recent behavior has given me reason to believe that he may very well lack sincerity, and any real commitment to libertarian ideals. He strikes me as an opportunist, riding the coattails of the current resurgence in libertarian thinking, while likely not truly believing in its ideals. If this is the way the Libertarian party is headed, count me out.

Bob Barr makes me ashamed to be a member of the LP.

I will vote for Baldwin instead.

I will NOT be voting for Barr, McCain or Obama. Thank you.

I am an active LP member. If Barr remains the LP nominee, I will not be renewing my membership.

Call me sentimental, but I think LP candidates should be actual libertarians.

I am a registered Libertarian since 2004. I voted for Michael Badnarik. I do not trust Bob Barr because of his integrity issue. I would suggest that Bob Barr step down and let Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, Steve Kubby or other take the presidential candidate slot. Bob Barr will earn a little more respect if he does this rather than be divisive in sabotaging the Libertarian Party ticket that give a reason to vote for the two Establishment parties.

Shame on you Barr and LP leadership.

I had decided to vote Libertarian in November, but now I am taking a serious look at the Constitution party. Barr has got to go. I have enormous respect for Ron Paul, and do take kindly to anyone insulting him.

I originally wanted Barr to be the LP candidate before the convention, but was fortunate enough to wise up before the convention started. I tried to like Barr, but his continual flip-flops and unlibertarian statements were building up. What he did yesterday was the last straw. Unless this petition is successful, my family will not be voting for the LP nominee for president for the first time since 1980.

I have voted for a libertarian in every presidential election. I will not be voting for Barr because of this. I am also consdering whether to stay as a registered Libertarian because of the fiasco that is the barr campaign.

Dear, Bob Barr. I kept ignoring the signs. I kept supporting you, even when it became obvious you no longer seriously endorsed the views and beliefs of Ron Paul. I humbly ask that you step down and stop playing politics, just like the Democrats and Republicans you make fun of. How dare you get our hopes up, only to turn your backs on us! I AM NO LONGER VOTING FOR BOB BARR. I might vote for CHUCK BALDWIN, instead.

Although I somewhat supported Bob Barr before, and had planned to cast a vote for him, this latest episode gives me pause. The LP presidential spot is not for self-promotion over principle. Barr should have honored his commitment to attend the rally. Overthrowing the status quo is more important than individual vote totals.

Unless Barr is removed and, Baldwin will most assuredly get my vote. I was a county co-chair in the LP locally, and could never imagine such a doltish move on the national stage.

Absolutely inexcusable betrayal, smearing, and grandstanding by Barr and his apologists. Barr needs to leave town.

As a new member of the LP, in the past 24 hours, I have now begun to question supporting a party which nominates a man who clearly does not represent the goals and ideals of the Libertarian platform.

Thanks to the LP party for showing true colors before the election; this saves me considerable time in an intelligent review of their platform, which is now rendered meaningless by their actions.

Who picked Bob Barr in the first place? He is on the no vote list just like Obama and McCain. After voting Libertarian since 2000 the choice of Barr by the party disgusted me.

An Iraq War supporter who voted for the Patriot Act twice and a career CIA drug warrior claiming to be a Libertarian?! The LP has become a sad joke with this phony on the ticket. Let me guess, Cheney for the 2012 ticket?

Barr: Paul is creating a movement here, and the LP is an important part of it. Your attempt to discredit can only be redeemed by your stepping down.

Ron Paul and the Libertarian have both done so much for advancing the ideas of Freedom and as a Libertarian, I am so disappointed that those within the freedom movement are not willing to cooperate.

Bob Barr has finally shown all Libertarians his true disregard for Liberty!

I tried to like him, despite his history as a foe of liberty, and attempted to believe that he had had a sincere change of heart. So it goes… Now, he is not going to bring prominence to the party, only notoriety.

I had serious missgivings about Barr based on his congressional record. He merely proved those correct.

Ron Paul has more integrity in one eyelash than Bob Barr has in his being.

Also, LP HQ & LNC need to be purged of phony non-libertarians, war-mongers, statists, traitors, and compromisers.

I am a dedicated LP voter, provided the party nominates an actual libertarian candidate. Bob Barr is not one.

Bob Barr is not a libertarian, as his recent attack on Ron Paul clearly shows. Endorsing foreign wars and incarceration of people for non-crimes are only two of his wildly non-libertarian positions. My suggestion to Mr. Barr is to go back to the Republican party where he belongs.

Bob Barr is a disgrace to the Libertarian Party.

What does this man really stand for? The Libertarian Party will not be a party I want to associate with unless Barr leaves……..

if you remove Bob Barr, I will re-register, once again register as a Libertarian.

I have voted Libertarian in the last three Presidential Elections. I believe in the Libertarian platform. Bob Barr is NOT a Libertarian. His voting record and public statements show that his career has been a study in following the Republican Party line.

Barr is neither a libertarian, nor, as we know now, a very good political strategist. Total disaster from the beginning.

Barr is a phony and an opportunist. He is no libertarian.

SHAME on Bob Barr. What on earth he was thinking today is absolutely beyond me. As a Libertarian Party member since 1996, I was very skeptical of Barr. However, I was fully prepared to vote for him. Not anymore. Get rid of the SOB. I may even cancel my LP membership.

I am a libertarian, and will be voting for Chuck Baldwin of the constitution party unless Bob Barr is removed from the ticket and replaced with another libertarian candidate.

The Libertarian Party has lost its ways. They acted extremely rude to Ron Paul’s fanbase, a very passionate sect of the Republican party. They annoyed them now too. Great going, Libs!

You flunked the test Bob.

The LP has earned one less vote in NC after today unless there’s “change”. Barr’s selection was “iffy” at best at the time, now it’s been shown to definitely be a mistake. Please find a andidate that we can rally behind.

Today was a dark, dark day for supporters of the Libertarian Party.

Bob Barr’s political arrogance was put to the test during Ron Paul’s coalition press conference. Mr. Barr displayed his actions or inactions of being a leader by refusing to work with others in the political arena. By not attending, Mr. Barr showed his true colors. That is not the type of leadership we need. That is the type of attitude we are trying to dispel from the political scene. Bob Barr can’t hold a candle to liberty. Riding Paul’s coattails throughout Paul’s campaign and associating himself with Ron Paul is the only reason Mr. Barr was nominated for the LP. Mr. Barr and the LP need to evaluate their agenda before they ever get my vote.

We have enough politicians with giant egos on power trips. I will not vote for another one. To top it off, instead of admitting a mistake you defend yourselves. Neocon ways die hard, eh?

The Libertarian Party, in order to preserve it’s dignity and respect should demand that Bob Barr and Wayne Allen Root step down, and allow the true Libertarians their rightful place on the stage.

wtf were you thinking boob? Did the big boys have a gun to your head, or were you just trying to outfox integrity, truth and the GOOD doctor?

I never liked or trusted Barr. This recent turn of events only validates my concerns and the fact that the Libertarian Party has lost its way before it even had a chance to find it. It reminds me of Hamlet “Out, damn spot!”

barr has a long history of being ANTI libertarian. wtf were you thinking to begin with?

Terrible, Bob. You, of the LP had an opportunity to have a HUGE impact this year. Instead, you picked a lying, grandstanting, self-absorbed authoritarian NeoCon – so that the LP has now BECOME the same as the big 2. SHAME ON YOU!!

For the first time in my life, I will not be voting the Libertarian Party for President or any other downticket race. It is no longer the party of principle and not worthy of the support of freedom-loving Americans.

The libertarian party has now lost its way among the other parties. What happened to good old fashioned liberty?

  1. Awesome! One of those quotes was mine!!!

  2. As an LP member my reaction to so many negative (but truthful) comments about our party is a little less exuberant. ;/

  3. A petition to remove Barr signed by people who never supported him in the first place is fairly irrelevant.

    I’m disappointed in the Barr campaign, but I don’t think removing him is the appropriate remedy.

    Full disclosure:
    My convention vote was 5 x Root for P; 1 x Barr for P; 2 x Kubby for VP.

    I’ll explain my votes so others don’t make false assumptions about my reasoning.

    I believe Root is more libertarian than Barr, but both are still coming around. Root was clearly the best speaker, which I believe is the most important quality in a candidate (assuming a minimum threshold of libertarianism is reached). In hindsight, now that I’ve seen the Root interview on Obama’s Columbia GPA, I’m glad he wasn’t nominated.

    Ruwart was by far the best candidate philosophically, but her speaking ability was underwhelming. If she practices with toastmasters for 4 years, I would be proud to vote for her in 2012. I witnessed Phillies improve his speaking immensely in a year and I’m sure Ruwart could have a similar metamorphosis.

    Barr had great credentials, but mediocre speaking ability. His voting record in Congress was significant baggage… more even than Root’s past war statements. Still, he was a better speaker than Ruwart and represented a huge media opportunity.

    It’s too bad we can’t blend Barr’s credentials, Ruwart’s philosophy, and Root’s charisma. That would be the perfect candidate.

    I voted Kubby for a balanced ticket and party unity. Barr/Root is not a balanced ticket.

  4. Chuck – Many of those people DID support Barr. What? You think he didn’t alienate Ron Paul supporters who previously intended to vote for him? WTF?

    And there’s a difference between opposing Barr and wanting him removed. After yesterday, anything less than his removal will irreparably damaged the LP. Do you not care?

  5. Full disclosure:
    My convention vote was 5 x Root for P; 1 x Barr for P

    I hope you’re at least ashamed now.

  6. I campaigned against Barr in Denver, voted for Phillies until he was eliminated, then voted for Mary.

    I have never supported Barr, wasn’t planning to vote for him in the general, (the first time since Ron Paul was a Libertarian that I have not voted for an LP candidate) and said that I would not cast an electoral vote for him if he carried Mass – somewhat of an empty threat as I figure the 3rd Coming (note that we are still waiting for the 2nd) is more likely than Mass not going D….

    However I HAD been planning to cooperate in letting Barr be substituted onto the LP ballot – Yesterdays antics blew that for him – his actions cost him ballot status in Mass if I have anything to say about it… Not because I’m an RP fan, but because I don’t like stupidity…

    (BTW ENM, I signed the petition, you missed my comment, no big deal…)


  7. I still stand against removing Barr, but if it happened, no one deserves to get the presidential slot more than Steve Kubby.

  8. Art: I’m sorry, I just grabbed comments on the fly without paying any attention to who wrote them. What number was your comment? I’d be happy to add it.

  9. I am disappointed in Barr, but I am not surprised. I am withdrawing my support for Barr.

  10. RE #8 – I’m not sure what number signer I was, ENM, and I’m not all that worried about it – essentially it wasn’t all that unique as it was basically a one or two line recap of my letter saying that Barr isn’t making it on the ballot in Mass. if I have anything to do with it…

    The important aspect is that it’s yet another signature.


  11. It’s up to 592 signatures now.

  12. “Root was clearly the best speaker”

    In what universe?

  13. “I’m waiting for all the Paul-haters (Phillies, Knapp, Hogarth, I’m looking at you) to commend Barr for declining to taint the LP by having our candidate stand for Dissent next to the likes of McKinney and Paul and Nader, as opposed to boldly standing alone for Liberty.”

    Surely you jest.

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing that McKinney, Baldwin and Nader stood boldly together for liberty yesterday, even if they don’t so stand, together or alone, any other time. I’d have had no problem with Barr doing likewise. There was no implication in yesterday’s event that any of the candidates were endorsing each other, or each others’ parties rather than their own. They were all endorsing a pro-liberty set of issues positions, and doing so from across a broad political spectrum added power to that endorsement.

    The important thing to remember here is that Barr trafficked heavily on Paul’s name and reputation in the timeframe leading up to, and including, his nomination campaign. He positioned himself as the heir to Paul’s mantle, the guy who could bring the Paul vote home to the LP in November, and that played in Denver.

    The Barr campaign’s antics these last couple of days were a direct repudiation of the package they sold to the LP’s convention delegates. If Barr wanted to be the anti-Paul, he should have honestly sold himself as such instead of pulling it out of his bag of tricks after getting what he wanted from the LP.

  14. The important thing to remember here is that Barr trafficked heavily on Paul’s name and reputation in the timeframe leading up to, and including, his nomination campaign. He positioned himself as the heir to Paul’s mantle, the guy who could bring the Paul vote home to the LP in November, and that played in Denver.

    The Barr campaign’s antics these last couple of days were a direct repudiation of the package they sold to the LP’s convention delegates.

    Tom is very right that this is a bait and switch.

  15. Six hundred and fifty for disavowing Barr/Root, and counting.

  16. But still, the LNC will not act.

    How much more evidence is needed to establish that the LP is broken beyond repair?

  17. Knappster: The Barr campaign’s antics these last couple of days were a direct repudiation of the package they sold to the LP’s convention delegates.

    Me: Not seeing this, all due respect. 1) Barr asked Paul to be his VP. 2) If Verney’s correct that the RP people leaked that Barr was quitting the race, then I wonder which “antic” you are referring to.

  18. Knapp quotes someone
    “I’m waiting for all the Paul-haters (Phillies, Knapp, Hogarth, I’m looking at you) to commend Barr for declining to taint the LP by having our candidate stand for Dissent next to the likes of McKinney and Paul and Nader, as opposed to boldly standing alone for Liberty.”

    Ummh, Barr just asked Paul if he would agree to become our Vice Presidential candidate. Ignoring the lack of merit of the remainder of someone’s analysis (not Tom’s), that seems to be the opposite of declining to link us to Paul.

    The effect was to have some Paul supporters dislike us, but not what Someone proposed.

  19. I’m with George. Why wouldn’t Barr want to link closely with Paul if his object is to get lots of votes for Libertarians and then use such votes as a means to re-leverage himself with the GOP (as some have asserted). Unless Barr is a Rovian plant, how does it help him re-establish himself in the GOP by dissing Paul’s supporters?

  20. Bob, offering the VP spot to Paul was an insult to him and his informed followers, even if it might be useful to fool the modal uninformed Paul fan. The smarter way to do it is like Baldwin, who says he wouldn’t have run if Paul were still running. That’s actually true of Barr too, but saying it doesn’t fit into Verney’s playbook.

    George, touché about Barr making the VP offer to Paul, but let’s not pretend that wasn’t a poke in Paul’s eye. (Let’s also not pretend that the LNC wants you instead of Barr on any state’s ballot. I voted for you in the California primary, in the California convention, and on the first ballot in Denver, but I say that any effort by you to obstruct the will of the Denver delegates is shameful. If Barr needs to be dumped, that’s for our elected reps on the LNC to decide, not you.)

    Tom, Barr’s talking point this week was not that he is the “anti-Paul”, but that any real leader for Liberty should stand above traditional American politics as both anti-Left and anti-Right. Barr should have stood next to Nader/McKinney/Baldwin and welcomed their advocacy of the libertarian view on these four issues. He should have then encouraged them to see the Libertarian light on the other 23 planks of our platform, and he should have politely disagreed with Ron Paul by saying it’s more important to vote FOR Liberty than to merely not vote for the lesser of two evils. THAT would have been real leadership.

    Of course, what really happened was that Barr and Verney thought the Paul event did not fit into their playbook, in which Barr raises $20M, polls high enough to create pressure for 3-way debates, and has a chance of becoming another Ross Perot. Too bad you can’t be Ross Perot on a Libertarian budget, or even on a Ron Paul budget. Yes, it was a shame that Ron Paul held an event that was designed merely to increase the Protest vote rather than the Liberty vote. However, that’s still a damn poor excuse for not using that stage to politely make the pitch for Liberty.

    Chuck is clearly right that Root was the best speaker available to us. Please point me to any speech by any other 2008 LP candidate that is better than what Root gave on the steps of the California capitol. An excerpt is two minutes into this video: I’ll grant that Kubby is better in a radio show format, especially where he is the host. I’ll concede that Ruwart is best at soft-selling freedom to otherwise unreachable leftish prospects with a low propensity for conversion. (But how many former fans of nationalized healthcare has she brought into the LP? Show of hands, please.) I’ll also assert that Phillies is who I would want a more-intelligent-than-average listener to hear, and such are arguably our most important prospects. But for a crowd or a random listener, Root sells the libertarian brand better than our 2008 field (including Ron Paul), and perhaps as well as Ed Clark did.

    I don’t quite remember Barr claiming that he could bring the Paul vote home in November; can you provide cites for this? I do clearly remember Ruwart hinting at the possibility of a Paul endorsement, which of course was unrealistic — and which, if procured before Denver, would have easily earned her the nomination (and my vote as well). I also remember Barr supporters arguing convincingly that Barr would get unprecedented amounts of free media, but I was concerned that it would be media exposure that wouldn’t be used much to promote the libertarian brand — as opposed to promoting constitutionalism, conservatism, and Barr himself. (By contrast, Root’s strategy for self-promotion is to become more famous by promoting libertarianism.)

  21. Except for the parts about Root, who comes across like a used-car salesman on a caffeine overdose, Holtz makes sense!

    The world truly is mad…

  22. Mike, you are sadly misinformed. I am quite sure he works for Ronco or Ginzu.

  23. Over 850 and counting.

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