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Petition to renounce and remove Barr/Root

In Activism, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, People in the news, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Protest, Wayne Allen Root on September 11, 2008 at 12:57 pm

A petition has been started, urging the LP to renounce its support of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root, and to ask Barr to step down.  If interested you can sign the petition here.

We, the supporters of freedom and liberty hereby petition you to immediately remove Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States. Furthermore, we request that he not be replaced by the current vice presidential nominee Wayne Allen Root, but by another, less divisive candidate.

This request is not made lightly, but with much seriousness. The actions, track record, and history of Bob Barr has divided libertarians and other liberty leaning individuals across the nation.

WHEREAS the primary goal and purpose of the Libertarian Party is and has always been not conservatism but liberty,

WHEREAS Robert Barr has, not only refused to participate in the 10 September 2008 press conference of Rep. Ronald Paul of Texas and the Campaign for Liberty but has deliberately sabotaged this event with a false RSVP,

WHEREAS Robert Barr’s campaign has simultaneously called for Rep. Ronald Paul of Texas to be its vice presidential candidate and called him a thief, demonstrating either gross incompetence or a deliberate attempt to undermine the drive for liberty,

WHEREAS refusal to participate in a promising avenue for the enlargement of the party and the advancement of the cause of liberty is not in the best interests of the Libertarian Party, and

WHEREAS the Libertarian Party was not founded and does not exist for the aggrandizement of Robert Barr,

WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby affirm that we are registered voters in the several United States of America, and do petition Robert Barr to step down from his position as candidate of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States; we do petition the Libertarian Party to renounce its support of Robert Barr’s candidacy for the office of President of the United States; or both.

  1. Problem was, as soon as I signed the petition, it asked for a Pay Pal contribution. So, I didn’t end up signing it.

    Host the petition with a free service and people sign it.

  2. Wait…never mind, I guess it did go through even without the donation. Sweet.

  3. called him a thief

    What is the source for this?

  4. Yeah, that site is confusing — it looks like you have to donate at first. I’m sure the confusing layout is intentional.

  5. I noticed that the Paypal donation request popped up after it was signed. You can just ignore it though, because if you look at the top, when it pops up the signature has already been recorded.

    Had it been my petition, I probably would have posted it elsewhere, but it’s not mine, so ….. ;-p


  6. Oh well, wasn’t the first time in my life that I’ve been confused. Won’t be the last. At least I was able to sign it.

  7. I signed it. I’d sign it 100 times if I could.

  8. Conservatism bad! Paleconservative Ron Paul good!

    Umm, make up your mind.

  9. I joined the LP this year primarily due to Bob Barrs affiliation with the party. Even though I have always been Libertarian leaning, I didn’t pay the party much attention until Barr, a nationally recognizable political figure that I admired joined it. I figured if Barr thought the LP was more than just a bunch of kooks maybe they were worth a look. I know that there are many others like me. Of course there are some in the LP who aren’t interested in expanding the party to anybody who doesn’t “toe the party line” without wavering, which I definitely don’t. In fact I don’t really support parties at all anymore, I support people. And I have put my money where my mouth is since I came to the LP.
    It really disappoints me that some in the party don’t really want Barr in it… and by inference me either I suppose.

  10. […] 11, 2008 by ElfNinosMom As previously noted, a petition has been started to remove Barr/Root as the LP nominee. In glancing through the […]

  11. It wasn’t free? That’s funny, I put it together, signed it as have hundreds of others, and nobody paid a cent.

    Try it again and skip past any of ipetitions requests for donations:

  12. We’ve established Amy that I was able to sign it despite the donation request.

    Thanks though 🙂

  13. Nevermind, I see you’ve figured it out! 🙂

  14. I signed it. Also wrote the Georgia LP to hold an emergency convention if they aren’t all neocons too.

  15. The LNC refuses to represent its constituents. If not even two people will step up to put this to a vote, then the LP is worthless and we’re all wasting our time.

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