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LP founder David Nolan: “The Barr Campaign Is Over”

In Civil Liberties, Constitutional Rights, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics, Presidential Candidates, Wayne Allen Root on September 11, 2008 at 7:03 pm

David Nolan is an original founder of the Libertarian Party and, it goes without saying, an expert on Libertarian politics. Mr. Nolan created the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” and regularly posts on, where he shares his views on politics and the libertarian movement. The following is an excerpt from his excellent article, “The Barr Campaign Is Over”, posted on his website today.

Why has the Barr campaign has gone so badly awry? The simple answer is that the two men running it — Russ Verney and Shane Cory — are not Libertarians, do not understand what motivates Libertarian activists, and have no interest in building the LP. Verney is a gun-for-hire of no discernible ideology. Cory is a Republican who left his former job at LP headquarters in disgrace, after abusing his authority prior to the Denver convention. (Just today, Verney posted a Campaign Update on the Barr ’08 website, praising George W. Bush for his “leadership” during the days following the 9/11 attacks seven years ago. Any true Libertarian would have instead pointed out that Bush has USED the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to erode our civil liberties!)

With these two running the campaign it will continue to embarrass Libertarians and waste our resources. Bob Barr will never qualify for inclusion in the phony “Presidential debates.” He will not get the 5% of the vote that would qualify the LP for future matching funds — which it should not accept in any case. Indeed, at this point it seems likely that Barr will not get even 1% of the popular vote. (Bettors on are currently betting 2:1 against Barr receiving 1%.)

Click here to read Mr. Nolan’s article in its entirety.

  1. Yup, and the Party’s over too. Many of the best have already left. L. Neil Smith’s prediction has come true:

    “…Bob Barr, an interloper, carpetbagger, scavenger, and parasite who latched onto the Libertarian Party to salvage his failing political career and will no doubt hand it back when it has served its purpose, a drained, broken, lifeless wreck.”

    Voting for freedom has failed. The New Amerikan Police State isn’t coming, it’s here and settling in.

    Don’t vote, RESIST!

  2. the LP is not over.

  3. When a party gets 5% for president, it doesn’t then qualify for “matching funds.” All parties, no matter how small or new, can get “matching funds.” That’s why the Natural Law Party, the Green Party, the Citizens Party, the New Alliance Party, have received matching funds. What David meant to say is general election public funding, which is much more generous.

  4. Do you think the LP should accept that, Richard?

  5. All I can say is long live Dave Nolan, MG, Ralph Swanson, the ISIL founding trio and all the other surviving founders of the modern Libertarian movement who made it happen when even the Rands and Rothbards thought they were quite nuts, let alone the same old pragmatist conservative types.

    They’ve patiently led a world movement, defined a definitive Libertarian body of thought and action, created the mechanism for think tanks over the globe to generate come-hither transition proposals galore, put people in public office where experts said it was impossible, cleverly outmaneuvered everything sent against them, and more. Why the LP leadership doesn’t keep them on as permanent mentors or travelling spokespeople to clear the territory for candidates I have no idea. Instead they denounce Nolan as a ranter and GOP spy (!) and keep him cooling his heels for the privilege of speaking to LNC, while ignoring basic work like getting Barr prospect inquiries to affiliates, and sending people to mess up even their Wikipedia sites.

    We wouldn’t even have the internet if it weren’t for these guys creating the means so people could unblock the regulations, people who now argue they’re too visionary. it’s just too bad that this year we lost people like Vince Miller, Orlin Grabbe and others who were way ahead of the curve.

    Nolan knows when to speak and is always thoughtful. He has class, others have ass.

  6. Ken, I am down with honoring the ISIL founders. Hurray for ISIL, and hurray for the Kerry Pearson “Philosophy of Liberty” flash animation at

  7. The LP isn’t about honoring. At one point in Denver, five former chairs of the LP were standing together. As far I as know, there was no attempt to get them together on stage to even acknowledge them. While groups need not dwell on their past, they should acknowledge they have a past and leadership which has, at least, carried them to the present.

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  10. This is the LP.

    This is the LP under control of Republicans.

    Any questions?

  11. Roscoe, that would be true if the neo conservatives weren’t repudiating the past.

  12. is not David Nolan’s website

  13. Tom: It’s not David’s website? Wow, I always thought it was. Does he have another website? Who owns Nolanchart?

  14. David Nolan invented the Nolan Chart (aka the world’s smallest political quiz) and Walt Thiessen, a libertarian here in Virginia, founded

    Notice that the political persuasion of each contributor is represented on a Nolan Chart, hence the name of the forum.

  15. Thanks, Mr. Blanton. I will correct the entry.

  16. […] LP founder David Nolan: "The Barr Campai […]

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