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LP: suggested bylaws changes

In Libertarian on September 10, 2008 at 10:42 am

Per Chuck Moulton’s suggestion, an open thread on suggestions for the LP’s bylaws committee.

Have at it! It’d be nice if folks indicated in their replies whether they are:

  • An active member of the LP (how long)
  • An ex-member of the LP (and since when)
  • An interested bystander
  1. Are there any CURRENT suggestions posted anywhere? If memory serves me correct, I believe there was a by-law committee website in the past. I just want to see what may be on the table already (although I doubt it)

  2. You can find 2002, 2006 and 2008 bylaws here:

    Clearly one idea worth considering is more strictly limiting the use of executive session.

    I’d like to see a video recording of each LNC meeting made available, minus of course valid uses of executive session.

  3. This was the website from last term:

    It looks like the convention website which had copies of the reports has been taken down. I just mirrored them on my website and fixed my own links to point to them.

    Majority report:

    Joint report:

    Of course, these are both pre-convention reports not reflecting anything done at the Bylaws Committee meeting on the Friday (Thursday?) of the convention.

  4. I guess my last comment with links to the relevant information was flagged as spam. Hopefully a LFV admin will approve it.

  5. This life member (since 1980) suggests:
    “The Presidential Nominating Convention shall not occur less than 300 days prior to the Presidential election, except if 3/4 of the delegates attending the preceding convention approve a later date.”

  6. Thanks George. I knew where the current & past by-laws where as I’m not new to the game, I was just curious if a dedicated website has been established by actual committee members yet as has been done in the past.

    I agree with George that executive session must be restricted.

  7. @Jason sry, do you mean the lp bylaws cmte blogspot site?

    sry if this gets double-posted.

  8. Sorry about that, Chuck. Your message was of course approved.

  9. Why worry about Bylaws when the Policy Manual and LP News aren’t even published anymore?

    Restict ES to not during open meetings. Otherwise eliminate it entirely.

    That and make Sec and Treasurer non-voting or staff positions.

  10. Oh, yeah, no LNC members or staff on any Platform or Bylaws Committee, either.

  11. Make the composition of the committees more open – currently membership of both platform and bylaws is restricted to a very similar list of states based on either party membership or delegation size (I forget the exact standard) Which pretty much gives certain large states a lock on membership and totally excludes small ones. The seats should be open to ALL regardless of where they are from.

    Ensure “new blood” – while there may be value in “institutional memory” or cross communication between the committees by common members, I think this should be limited… I think the current composition is way to incestuous. Requiring lots of new blood makes the party more open to advancement for activists and ensures that new ideas are more readily introduced. – thus I’d propose the following:

    1. No more than one current LNC member on each committee.

    2. No more than one member on a committee that has been on LNC, Platform or Bylaw committees in the previous 3 terms.

    3. No more than one member may be on both platform and bylaws committees at the same time


  12. With all due respect to Chuck, as a active member of the Bylaw committee last year online (but unable to attend the in person meetings, due to scheduling), I found that most of the same names being mentioned wrt the LNC were on the bylaws commitee, dominated most of the proposals, and it was clear that they were perfectly willing to abuse the process to suit themselves if it suited their ends.

    I do not see that submitting bylaws changes is going to fix the LP. I used to think it could, but after being part of the process, no longer believe that.

  13. The following 6 members of the 2010 bylaws cmte were also on the 2008 bylaws cmte:

    Dan Karlan
    Rob Latham
    Frank Manske (2010 alternate)
    Rob Oates
    Heather Scott
    Aaron Starr

    sources: LFV (AK) and 2008 convention minutes from

  14. George, Bill Redpath was also on the 2008 committee but resigned due to death in the family as I recall prior to the first meeting in person, and is on the new one as well. So that’s actually 7.

    While some of the fresh voices (Sarwark for one) will likely help, honestly, it’s the same mix in roughly majority control as before, so don’t expect anything much different.

  15. 7/10? Gah. Another reason to set up a shadow bylaws cmte.

  16. Without reading any of the bylaws I have to ask do we have term limits for some of these committees? That might solve some of this as Michael Seebeck stated “…the current composition is way to incestuous”.


  17. Uh, I didn’t say that. Art did. I never use the term “incestuous” except to describe major party politicians.

  18. It’s OK Mike, I’m willing to share… After all don’t they always say that incest is a family affair?



  19. The only by-law change we need is one enforcing the pledge and kicking out crooks starting with:

    Dan Karlan
    Rob Latham
    Frank Manske (2010 alternate)
    Rob Oates
    Heather Scott
    Aaron Starr

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