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Andrew Davis responds to accusations re Barr no-show

In Libertarian Party-US, Media, Politics on September 10, 2008 at 1:45 pm

The following is a statement by LP Media Director Andrew Davis, with regard to Bob Barr’s failure to appear at this morning’s press conference.  The original LFV post on this controversy are here and here.

The real question is why Bob, who is a major player in this election, want to be on stage with people like McKinney, who stands against everything the LP does, and Baldwin, who is barely on enough ballots to have a statistical chance of winning.

Barr is not a minor party candidate. Barr is a major player this year.

He is holding his own press conference right now.

  1. I noticed you left out Nadar. He showed up and he is a bigger “player” than Barr could ever hope to be. Not only does he have a higher % better in the actual scientific polling, he also has much more money.

  2. Hmm, it appears Barr has asked Paul to join him on the LP ticket. Root would step aside. Stay tuned.

  3. Barr has a running mate.

    The LNC, not Barr, gets to choose a new VP.

    I think the bright side is that there is probability zero that Paul will be interested.

  4. George,

    True, Paul may not be interested.

    If he were, I suspect the LNC would go for it. It would be the adult, big-league move, for sure.

  5. Neither Barr nor Root have the power or authority to replace Root with Ron Paul, as Root was separately nominated by the delegates.

  6. Yes, Elf. Any doubt they would have an emergency meeting to bless Barr/Paul? 99% chance, I’d suggest.

  7. Robert,

    Are you guys totally insane? Bob Barr just slapped the entire Ron Paul coalition in the face. If Bob was really wanting to do something with RP then why would Shane Cory be allowed to tell Mr. Rasmussen to go FUCK himself. When the fuck are you guys going to start denouncing this shit. When?

  8. OOH! OOH! OOH! can I have some of the drugs that Davis is on? They sound waaay cool for him to be tripping out that much!

  9. jre,

    chill. this is all happening real time. let the dust settle.

  10. It’d be nice if the LNC acted QUICKLY to endorse RP’s 4-point unity statement. A vote of censure against Barr and Root for being such terrible campaigners would be nice, too, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  11. Chill…Is that all you can come up with. I am sure that would be a good strategy with you at the helm as our Executive Director. No offense Robert, but Mr. Redpath should be scrambling at this very moment for some damage control and be issuing an apology before 5:00 today. Especially to Ron Paul and Mr. Rasmussen. And I mean ASAP!

  12. JRE is right. A message needs to be sent that the LP does not support Barr not attending the news conference. The LP’s credibility is at stake.

  13. This has to be among the worst libertarian campaigns EVER.

    Check out Mike Ferguson’s recent post on myspace – he’s Barr’s National Field Director. How insulting to many people who would have possibly voted for Barr!!!

    I really don’t think these Barr folks are sincere about having a successful campaign.

  14. So, let me see if I understand their thinking.

    1. Barr is too important to attend an event with Ron Paul, followed by the 180,000 people who donated about $30 million to Ron Paul’s campaign plus four or five million others who are interested in third party politics.

    2. The Libertarian Party’s members who chose delegates to go to Denver to nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates are not important, so replacing the VP nominee they chose is okay.

    3. Ron Paul is not important enough to be the presidential nominee, but Bob Barr, who is too important to attend Ron Paul’s event, would be willing to condescend to offer the VP position on his ticket to Ron Paul, even though doing so violates the LP members preference from Denver.

    Is that all you get for your money? But wait, there’s more!

    4. Elected LNC member Angela Keaton must resign for disclosing to her constituents the activities of the LNC or apologize for making a disclosure summary information about the nature of events in executive session that were not proper material for an executive session, and if she does they’ll probably throw her off anyway for showing weakness. Plus anyone who ever attempts to live blog the LNC meetings will be crucified right then and there.

    5. The LNC meeting is to be recorded, except in executive session, for the purpose of creating minutes, but the recording is to be destroyed once the minutes are approved so no one can ever argue about the minutes. Plus the LP bylaws don’t create any authority for destroying records, so they’ll have to find some justification in Robert’s Rules.

    6. The LP national staff and the Barr campaign don’t respect the members with regard to their choice of VP nominee, they don’t respect the members with regard to their choice of Angela Keaton to represent (and report on) their interests on the LNC, but boy do they want your money.

    7. The LP doesn’t want to be bothered to pay petition gatherers for gathering signatures, so they can expect a boycott next time they want to work on ballot access. Plus they have had a ballot access director call for burning petitions with gathered signatures.

    Send $25 now to become a member of the LP! You can’t get this kind of zaniness anywhere else. And for only $19.99 more we’ll throw in a video of Joe Francis and the LNC members gang raping one of their own. Indicate gay or straight on the application – there’s enough rape to go around.

  15. I want everyone to know I did NOT vote for Bob Barr and I did NOT vote for Root! Not that it matters, just for the record.

  16. jre,

    actually, in most cases, “chill” is excellent counsel.

    for all we know, this entire thing is orchestrated by Barr and Paul.

    I repeat: Chill.

  17. Barr a “major player”????? Hah!

    Nadar is on more ballots than he is, I know more (L)libertarians NOT voting for him than for him, and the Ron Paul people hate him – see for yourself at Paul’s Campaign for Liberty blog.

    I would be embarrassed to be a member of the LP – if I still was. (Too libertarian for the Libertarian Party).

  18. 19 Robert Capozzi

    for all we know, this entire thing is orchestrated by Barr and Paul.

    OK, you can wake up now Bob. The ED position is yours . . . oops, you’re still dreaming!

  19. 18 Jill Stone

    I want everyone to know I did NOT vote for Bob Barr and I did NOT vote for Root! Not that it matters, just for the record.

    Neither did I Jill. I voted for Mary Ruwart on all 6 presidential nominating ballots, and Steve Kubby on the two V.P. nominating ballots.

  20. I’m guessing “maja playa” Barr has a few more tricks up his sleeve. How about if he pulls out of the race a week before election day and tells his supporters to vote for McCain to prevent a black person from winning the election.

    I’m sure “libertarian” Glenn Beck would give him a national forum to do this. Then Dondildo Rittberg could return to tell us all to vote for McCain so that “libertarian” Palin would be in line to run in 2012.

    Richard Viguerie could show up with suitcases filled with cash and pay most of the LNC to quit, leaving the LP in a total shambles. Shane Cory, Neal Boortz, and the Reform Caucus gang could volunteer to become the new LNC. The LP could then stop running candidates above the local level.

    I’m wondering what part of Ron Paul’s Unity Agreement Bob Barr didn’t like. It sure is odd he didn’t want his name on it.

  21. too bad… i like bob barr, but he is really screwing up. i don’t know if it’s arrogance or what, i guess he’s just pissed that ron paul didn’t endorse him? by pulling out he has really taken away from what ron paul was trying to do. he would have gotten far more votes from ron paul followers if he had attended the press conference, seeing as his positions are far closer to ron’s than any of the other candidates. but now many see him as a traitor. and he seems to surround himself with jackasses like mike ferguson and this andrew davis character.

  22. […] to stage his own, in the same building–literally minutes before the event was to begin. His campaign staff explains it this way: The real question is why Bob, who is a major player in this election, want to be on stage with […]

  23. […] major candidate with his whole 1% of the vote. His "freethinking" campaign said so! Andrew Davis responds to accusations re Barr no-show � Last Free Voice […]


    Excerpt from above:

    And that’s not the worst part. In a move, which I can’t find a single reason to defend, Barr offered the VP slot to Paul. Obviously, Paul wasn’t going to take second seat to a guy he wouldn’t endorse. He definitely won’t accept such a position from a guy he could have easily beaten in the Libertarian Convention. Trust me. I was there. Paul would have won on the first ballot.

  25. Bob a major player? Give me a break. One should not get in the habit of believing his own press releases.

  26. […] Andrew Davis responds to accusations re […]

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