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LNC Alternate, Scott Lieberman, do the math for us regarding Keaton

In Libertarian on September 8, 2008 at 12:45 am


Scott Lieberman

Scott Lieberman

Previously you presented your reasons for opposing an Iraq Withdrawal Resolution on another blog. Part of your reasoning involved the amount of person-hours spent on it:

2. There were approximately 40 people in the room when this motion was considered during the Feb 17, 2008 LNC Meeting. The original agenda stated that we would give this agenda item 5 minutes, but we spent at least 10 minutes debating this motion plus related secondary motions. That means the debate regarding this resolution wasted over 6 person-hours of LNC member’s time and the audience member’s time, to pass a resolution that will get zero publicity outside of libertarian blogs.

Can you provide similar calculations regarding the efforts to kick Angela Keaton off of the LNC at the recent meeting?

  1. Oh, this should be good.

    *grabs popcorn*

  2. Sheesh, the LNC Amen Corner has been awfully quiet on this one, haven’t they?

  3. The LNC wasted a ridiculous amount of time. I would also like to see that waste of man-hours quantified, but I’m not going to attempt to do it myself without a video, audio, or written record to go on for the time estimations.

  4. Chuck,

    The non-specific “buttloads of person hours” is probably specific enough, and obviously true even from a distance.

    Hell, it sounds like more time was spent menacing Keaton this weekend than we spent in August of 2001 on “The Willis Affair” … and that one involved abuse of LPHQ resources to steal a presidential nomination!

  5. I think the units of measurement can be summarized simply:

    1 unit of “Too Damned Much”

    The conversion to time hours is left as an exercise…

    And despite all of that I still got a chunk of eaves painted…

  6. Michael,

    I got a garage door mounted myself — but I turned on phone alerts for Twitters from Keaton 😉

  7. The butt is a measure of volume, not time. It is 14 firkins or 126 gallons. So, a butt load of time is 126 gallons of time, not exactly easy to convert to manhours.

  8. I spent an inordinate amount of time reporting on it this weekend, so I can only imagine the number of wasted man-hours involved.

    I would like to see it quantified, though, just out of curiosity. I can probably go through some of the emails and my phone records, to get an idea. I don’t have time to do that now, though, mostly because the LNC’s BS wasted my time as well, and now I am behind on things which are actually important.

  9. Hey Tom, email me about that garage door offline. I think you might have some insight on that I could use. (I’m serious, mine is acting weird and I would like to compare notes.)

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