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Boston Tea Party comments on Libertarian National Committee meeting

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Press Release

“Libertarian National Committee Goes on Witch Hunt”

The Libertarian National Committee spent almost 2 hours in executive session today condemning Angela Keaton for making supposed sexist statements about 2 national committee staff members. Ms. Keaton will publicly apologize for making such statements. Mr. Redpath has been trying to remove Ms. Keaton from the national committee for a long time now but was unable to do it this time. He will keep trying. Redpath has made it known that he will do anything he can to remove any of the people
who align themselves against the reform caucus.

Meanwhile those same people will not address the situation of Tom Stevens. He is a Presidential Contender on at least 2 state ballots: Florida and Colorado and aspires to be on others. Tom Stevens is the head of a competing political party known as the “Objectivist Party” The Objectivist
Party was formed by Thomas R. Stevens in February 2008. Tom Stevens is a long time NY Libertarian Party activist.

Contrary to the best interest of the Libertarian Party Mr. Stevens is currently serving on the National Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee, The New York Libertarian Party State Executive Committee and the Queens County Libertarian Party Executive Committee. He is also serving as a New York Presidential Elector for Libertarian Party Candidate Bob Barr.

He continually says he is Bob Barr’s opponent so he can get Mr. Barr more votes. Besides being ludicrous, such actions are a violation of Florida law.

And the man continues to hold important positions in the Libertarian Party, The Libertarian National committee continues to refuse to do anything about it while persecuting an overly friendly but harmless woman.

Bill Redpath and the other officers of the National Libertarian Party should be removed forthrightly before they take the Libertarian Party into the gutter and into oblivion.

As a 34 year activist for the Libertarian Party I had to leave the Libertarian Party because of these people. I now have taken up direct opposition to them by becoming the Florida Favorite son “vice presidential candidate” for the budding “Boston Tea Party,” which is the replacement of the once “Party of Principle” and the only political party with 2 libertarian candidates on the national ballot.

Thank You,
John Wayne Smith, Chair
Boston Tea Party of Florida
2008 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Florida Boston Tea Party
CEO, 1000 Planets, Inc.
Building a Private Road to the Stars!
203 W. Magnolia St.
Leesburg Florida 34748

  1. I’ve reconsidered and have rejoined the BTP, though I will stay a Libertarian — registered and dues-paying — as well. Unlike W.A.R., I hedge my bets.

  2. I did the same thing yesterday, Peter. The crazed band of bloodthirsty LNC members who are out to get Keaton inspired me to register a protest and join the BTP. However, I retain my LP membership and registration for the time being just to see how things work out.

  3. It is not the reform caucus doing this. it is a dixiecrat conservative cabal.

  4. Please note that the LPNY does not have an Executive Committee, Mr. Stevens is on the State Committee as the appointed rep for the Queens chapter.

    Eric Sundwall
    Chair, LPNY

  5. Gene – Hearing you say this: “The crazed band of bloodthirsty LNC members” is music to my ears. I’m sure Steve LaBianca will be happy too.

  6. The BTP are right, this time.

    Hopefully the marketplace of ideas will be providing an alternative that is not insane (i.e. something other than the BTP) for The Rest Of Us.

  7. I’m a BTP member. That just means I filled out a blog comment registration form. I’m also a life member of the LP.

    I’m a registered whatever the hell pays.


  8. Milnes: It has nothing to do with “Dixiecrats” or the reform caucus. It has everything to do with control freak behavior. There are even “radicals” who have severe control issues.

  9. G.E.: if you have known me for any significant amount of time, you’d have heard me many, many times use even more severe language about the LP leadership, especially some past “leaders” in the California LP. Anyone who was at the 2005 LPC conventions knows pretty well how vocal I was about Starr and his compadres pulling some pretty NON-libertarian crap.

    the things with me, G.E., is that I am a radical at heart and mind, but I am willing to bite the bullet and be pragmatic when it’s needed. This is politics, after all. I don’t believe there is any such thing as “principled” politics. For me, Libertarian politics is just a way of battling back against the bastards.

  10. Pretty cool press release, John Wayne Smith! You are great. I love the way LFV has enhanced your comments with graphics. The Hindenburg “oh the humanity” photo was particularly apt.

    Thanks to each of you for joining my party of choice, the Boston Tea Party.

    Bmillerlib, you seem to think the BTP is insane. What’s up with that? With nearly 300 members now, it is pretty hard to characterize it as crazy. Some of the members, and most of the national committee might be nuts, but they are my kind of nutty.

    And at least you know what’s going on with them. Executive sessions be damned!

  11. With nearly 300 members now, it is pretty hard to characterize it as crazy.


    Is there some minimum number of people whose adherence to something makes it not-crazy?

    ‘Cause that sure doesn’t fit in with my ideas on the popularity of statism.

  12. Insane is a personal attack on an individual. It makes no sense to characterize a group of people with such an insult, because what’s his name, bmillerlib, hasn’t met all these people. He’s tarring them all with a broad brush. He’s denigrating their sanity as if he were himself some paragon of rationality.

    But, what do you care, Hogarth? You wanted the Boston Tea Party’s endorsement so you could turn around and bitch about every position held by any other endorsed candidate, right? You are a divisive and destructive person who doesn’t want cooperation from anyone who dares to oppose your LP party loyalty idiocy. Go screw the horse you rode in on.

  13. Smith is working with the LRC types as a false opposition. He has a reputaton for a habit of posing as a purist while forming or joining bogus Libertarian parties in Florida to disrupt the operations of the local party, or joining to make long tirades against the people getting things done or start crippling lawsuits. The right-wing types always vote to let him back in. when he ran for governor, he advocated more Eminent Domain laws as a libertarian position.

    Watch out.

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