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Drawing for an afternoon with Bob Barr

In Humor, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics, Presidential Candidates on September 6, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Dear Friend,

My last message to you included an impassioned plea for help for the Bob Barr campaign. It may have been a little long, and I shared with you some fairly personal information regarding my decision to support Bob and work for him full time.

Well, one response to my appeal was that it was “annoying.”

If you were annoyed, I apologize. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is annoy you or any other Bob Barr supporter.

In my enthusiasm for this campaign and the history-making work we are doing, I may have gone “over the top.” Let me warn you, if you think my last message was extreme, you may not want to read on.

As I write this, it is well past midnight. On TV I have seen talking heads smiling and spewing out so much pro-McCain rhetoric it makes me ill. They seem to think that they can sucker in a lot of votes by convincing voters that McCain’s greatest attribute is that he isn’t Barack Obama. Little is said convincing us to be for McCain. Much is said slamming Obama. Nothing is said about the real issues of concern to you and me.

The Bob Barr campaign, however, has been busy pointing this out and calling attention to Bob’s position on virtually every issue. The result is that as people get to know Bob and where he stands on issues, they realize that he really does stand for meaningful change in our government.

They recognize Bob Barr as a man of integrity, courage and commitment. Bob Barr will never compromise on principle. And, his campaign will never resort to vicious personal attacks on his opponents.

I hope that as you have gotten to know Bob, you appreciate him more and more.

I further hope that you now know enough to consider investing in this historic campaign. (Maybe my appeal for financial support is what someone found annoying!)

Bob’s opponents are being funded by a combination of our tax dollars and gifts from special interests. You are all we have to get Bob’s message out. And your gift will help Bob get radio and TV ads out in the next few weeks.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I offered you a free bumper sticker in exchange for your gift of $5 or more. So many people responded that we have had to re-order more. Now I figure that pretty much everyone who wants a sticker has one.

That left me at a loss for how to motivate you to give – beyond your altruistic patriotism and love for the liberty we enjoy in this great nation. So, my boss, Campaign Manager Russ Verney suggested that we have a drawing among all new contacts in the month of September for a free “afternoon with Bob.” We figured some might enjoy lunch with Bob, others a day of quail hunting or a day at the shooting range, some might like to go to the movies, while others might want to take in a baseball or football game. Whatever YOU want to do (let’s keep it legal-and within reason) with our great candidate, Bob Barr, you are free to select. Of course this will be after the election and every effort will be made to accommodate the winner’s choice, but there are obviously some restrictions. (We can’t, for example, afford to pay travel expenses.)

So send us a few bucks, send us $50 or whatever you can, and your name will be entered into a special drawing to win this exciting prize.

Thanks so much for your loyalty and support.


Robert Stuber
Finance Director

  1. The grassroots movement to position Bob Barr as an alternative choice to the change-chanting and yet change -resistant main stream candidates is beginning to take hold. Here are some letters to the editors supporting his candidacy:

    One more way to influence others to propel this candidacy

  2. br2008: Your comment was stalled by the spam filter. My apologies.

  3. What if I want to use my time with Barr to marry him, but I’m in a state that doesn’t allow it? Will he give me my money back?

  4. Only way I’d be willing to go shooting w/ Barr is if I could play Cheney and get Barr to hold the targets for me…


  5. br2008: Your comment was stalled by the spam filter. My apologies.

    This is possibly because the same comment has been left on many, many other wordpress blogs.

  6. That certainly would explain it. So Barr has a sock puppet, eh? LOL

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