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Barr to be thrown off Pennsylvania ballot?

In Civil Liberties, Constitutional Rights, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Republican on September 6, 2008 at 5:19 pm

I received a call this morning from a Green Party honcho in Pennsylvania telling me that a lawsuit filed by the GOP against the Barr campaign could result in the LP losing its ballot access in Pennsylvania.

This person mentioned that the Greens are apparently concerned that this could end up with a repeat of 2004, when the Democrats bullied the Greens off the ballot and then sent their six-figure legal bills for the challenge to senior state Green officials, effectively bankrupting them.

The repercussions from that effort are still reverberating, with Green officials suing the involved Democrats and law firms, and a prosecutor’s office becoming involved in the fray (suggesting some dirty dealing on behalf of the Democrats).

Fast-forward to 2008.  The LP of PA is both larger and better funded than the Greens.  If the Republicans succeed in knocking off the LP in this state, the Democrats likely will do the same to the Greens.

I could find nothing on this, other than an oblique reference in a letter distributed on Facebook by Stephen Gordon, claiming to quote Shane Cory:

From Barr’s Deputy Campaign Manager Shane Cory:

Today, I’m sitting here in Atlanta nervously awaiting word from a trial that is taking place today to kick Bob Barr off of the ballot in the state of Pennsylvania.

Although we did everything correct to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania and compete in the election against John McCain and Barack Obama, an operative for John McCain, Victor Stabile, decided that he didn’t “like to see anything taint that process.”

. . .

While losing sleep over of the case filed against us in Pennsylvania, I’ve been on pins-and-needles waiting all week to hear the outcome of our case in West Virginia.

It’s interesting to note the implication that the Barr campaign and LNC lack the resources to fight this battle — especially considering the threatened-yet-not-yet-filed lawsuit in New Hampshire. The city of Philadelphia alone has over 100,000 more residents than the entire state of NH, and if the LP is thrown off the federal ballot, there will be no Libertarian party alternative for voters in the nation’s sixth most populous state.

  1. A local GOPer started the Pennsylvania lawsuit, and the trial was yesterday. The claim is that the LP defrauded voters by making a last-minute substitution.

    As far as I know, the court has not yet rendered a decision.

  2. Judge to render a decision “expeditiously.” Case may hinge on if LP circulated some petitions in Etzel’s name and some in Barr’s name. If all were circulated in Etzel’s name, then the well documented substitution principle may apply. If the LP loses this, it is time to go nuclear on the Penna. GOP.

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