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Angela Keaton’s report from Rally for the Republic

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The following was written by LNC member and Development Director Angela Keaton, and was provided to LFV by the author.  Thanks, Angela!

While stationed for at an alternative to the GOP’s convention, I stayed at the Hotel Saloon, Minneapolis’ only gay motel. I highly recommend it and both the Saloon Bar and Pi, the lesbian bar. Didn’t make it to the Gay 90s a few blocks down but some Ron Paul supporters received some acceptable adult gay entertainment there.

The butch who owned Pi said it is acceptable to support Ron Paul just as long as you call him Ron Paul and not “Dr. Paul, cuz that’s creepy.”

The police and secret service were in full force. Pumped up on Starbucks, I foolishly challenged two police officers and two secret service agents much to the amusement of former Outright ex com member Mike Nelson. They were complaining about the presence of “anarchists” in their fair city. I asked if they had ever met an anarchist. “You just did, here’s my card.”

The LP had a presence there but unlike some of the published pictures, it was mostly staffed by two volunteers (Rich Paul and another man whose name I did not get.) The Barr workers and LP staff were nowhere to be found save when I bumped into too attractive to be a libertarian Austin Petersen.

Frankly, the booth was unremarkable bordering on unprofessional. The fact that the LP paid twice the price that paid for such a sloppy display is why it was the right thing for me to discontinue raising money for the LNC.

People noticed the lack of quality and it reflected poorly. Image does matter. The bags were nice though.

An donor was also staying at the Hotel Saloon for the Ron Paul event. He’s a Catholic lay leader and rebukes religious people who would vote for a mass murderer just to avoid gay marriage. Something that those who attended the “other” event should reflect upon.

Keaton, an anarchist, no hyphen

  1. Sad that Ron Paul could get 11,000 supporters to go to Minneapolis and the LP couldn’t find several dozen to man booths? WTF?

  2. Bubba was there too!

    Tons of people around the LP Booth. Everyone LOVED the bags.

    Ron Payul and Bob Barr rocks.

    PS — Did not see the Antiwar booth but then again, the LP Booth was in a primo location.

  3. Once upon a time…
    In a land called…
    There’s a story
    About the Ox and the Plow
    and how the Ox just trots on top of the rocks
    and never stops to watch the clock or monitor the crop
    and how the plow keeps digging down, underground
    wandering around, wondering how we allowed those bullies and cowards
    to knock down our towers
    and now how a powwow of cowboys
    can allow bomb showers to rain on sour flowers by the hour

    I will never scowl upon a crowd that shouts aloud about the misuse of power
    But I do frown down upon clowns only making sounds and not helping out
    The box
    The Ox
    is just an Ox
    and the Plow
    is the power

    We all despise the crimes and lies that have defined our lives
    But despite the plight
    this is not the demise of our times
    Open your eyes
    don’t just cry and watch time fly
    Recognize the disguise we’ve been hypnotized by
    Then realize the signs that describe the size of the almighty prize
    And rise…
    above the rest
    Don’t be left just to protest with the pests
    Even as unwelcome guests
    and amid the smell of burning flesh
    We should feel blessed
    We have someone to protect our lives and deaths
    I know it’s hard to digest but let it infect
    Because the less we expect
    The more we progress
    So let’s get up, get dressed and step up to the test
    Let’s show some respect
    and help clean up this mess

    We won’t just mingle and speak the lingo
    We’ll tie a string around our finger
    and let this single jingle’s ring linger….


  4. Frankly, the booth was unremarkable bordering on unprofessional. The fact that the LP paid twice the price that paid for such a sloppy display is why it was the right thing for me to discontinue raising money for the LNC.

    Perhaps you could write up what the exact problems wer, what the difference in price was, etc etc so we can make sure it’s done better in the future.

  5. Well considering the Angela is an LNC member, one can only assume, George, that something might get brought up about said problems at a future meeting.

    Thanks for the suggestion, oh wise “web master”

  6. I’m not sure just what the booth in question looked like, but IMHO just about every LP booth I’ve ever seen could use some serious improvement…

    All it takes is money, and not necessarily huge amounts of that…

    There are companies that make professional displays for big corporate type entities with money to burn, and which have been designed for easy transport and setup (even a sales droid can do it…) Not cheap when purchased new, but a lot get traded in as corporations change “images” and so forth, and can then be had fairly cheap… Get a skirt and cover for the table that looks good – looks more professional, and lets you hide things under the table w/o looking messy.

    There shouldn’t be any question when coming up to the booth who it’s for – but if the banners and such are getting “tired” and look cruddy either clean them or replace them.

    If you are working outside, have a shelter that doesn’t take an engineering crew to assemble.

    I have disagreements about this, but my opinion is that table displays should be kept SIMPLE – just a few handouts or other items related to the theme of the event one is at (don’t put out the gun flier at the pot rally and vice-versa) DON’T try put out every flier the LP and ISIL have ever come up with, limited only by table space… If a visitor has concerns other than what is displayed, they will ask – gives a chance to do recruiting pitch. (Maybe have those extra handouts behind the table…)

    Look at the people working the booth – volunteers are great, but make sure they really help… Ask for at least a modicum of personal hygiene – don’t eat garlic sausage for lunch, (or if you do follow it w/ a box of Altoids…) check out what they are wearing, should be reasonably appropriate to the event. Libertarian theme T-shirts are fine, but avoid “Macho Flash” designs – you don’t want your shirt to start fights or offend potential “customers” (Example, back when I was in a motorcyclists rights group, we discouraged our (mostly HD owning) booth workers from wearing shirts of the “Jap bikes suck” variety)

    It might even be worth getting a special shirt made up just for booth workers – gives a neat uniform look and acts as a reward for active volunteers…

    I think there is a lot that can be done to look professional and upscale


  7. per Art’s comment. Don’t argue with people. I have been to too many Libertarian booths where people want to argue with the public.


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