Steve G.

Best libertarian speech ever

In Libertarian on September 4, 2008 at 12:57 am

Heroic speech about the Federal Reserve by Tom Woods. Less than excellent quality, but definitely worth watching.

  1. For me, the Fed-as-primary-enabler of war and welfare is a stretch. It IS one, but not the only one. It MIGHT even be the primary enabler, but it seems unknowable.

    Unwinding the Fed seems like a good idea to me, but railing against it as the prime mover of all statism seems hysterical and overstated. Lots of people opposed the Iraq War who don’t oppose the Fed, for ex.

    I don’t see this thread of thought as the only worldview to support major reductions in the size and scope of government.

  2. Lots of people opposed the Iraq War who don’t oppose the Fed, for ex.

    There’s a word for these people. It starts with “m” and ends with “orons.”

  3. GE,

    Good for you that you have the ability to discern other people’s IQs without even KNOWING them.

    Please share how you developed this unique ability!

  4. I got it from my momma

  5. I roughly agree with GE, although when you’re trying to get someone to vote for you, it doesn’t usually help to call them “moron”. (Even if they are one.) LOL

    I get the sense that G.E. is familiar with G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve”.

    I recommend this book above all others, assuming the target being propagandized for conversion into a freedom lover is able to read thick books, and is fairly smart. (If they are unable to get through thick books, I might first recommend Harry Browne’s “Why Government Doesn’t Work”.) Also, TCFJI has radicalized more non-libertarian people into becoming “new libertarians” than any other book that I know of, other than perhaps “Atlas Shrugged”. I also recommend “The Ominous Parallels” as something that is likely to appeal to above-average intelligence conservatives.

    TCFJI is similar in message to “Ominous”, and I highly recommend it as a first introduction into libertarianism for people who require hard facts to illustrate principles. And, to all people who would simply like more information on the topic of the US monetary system, and Fed bailouts.

    Griffin also has a site that encourages the social participation of people who want individual freedom. It is suitably vague as to promote multiple divergent strategies.

    I also recommend financially supporting for “getting to liberty before fascism becomes too entrenched to fight”. Optimal is Peter Voss’s effort to build a freedom-friendly artificial mind that functions at electronic speed (unlike our wetware).

    I know this is all off topic. I can’t watch the vid now, because guests are sleeping. 😀 Perhaps my future posts will be more critical of the reference material.

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