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Dear Libertarian, help us with our convention!

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From the Libertarian Party:

Dear Libertarian,

The Libertarian National Committee will soon be deciding on a location for our 2010 national convention. It will most likely be held during the Independence Day weekend, over two-and-a-half days in the window of July 1-5.

If you have never attended a national convention before, it is something you do not want to miss.

Several locations have been put forth as possible venues, and the Convention Oversight Committee would like to know your preferences. Since we have been in Denver and Portland recently, a site in the east would provide some desirable balance.

Please take a quick moment to fill out this very brief survey

to share with us your thoughts about some possible convention sites.

Thank you for your input!

Admiral Michael C. Colley
Chair, Convention Oversight Committee
Libertarian National Committee

One of the options in this survey is on board a cruise ship departing from Ft. Lauterdale. This would make the cruise fee mandatory for attendance and require a passport, since cruises are required by law to make an international stop.

  1. I went to the survey and then hesitated when it asked for name… I can see how the powers that be might screen out the choices of the undesirables.

  2. Yeah, I thought about that, but I filled it out anyway. My answers in case anyone is curious;

    * 1. Indicate those convention locations which you would be likely to attend.

    Aboard a cruise ship departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    Austin, Texas
    Charleston, South Carolina
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Washington, DC
    I will not attend the 2010 convention regardless of location.

    I checked everything except the motherfucking cruiseship.

    * 2. Indicate those convention locations to which you would be inclined to bring family members.

    Aboard a cruise ship departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    Austin, Texas
    Charleston, South Carolina
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Washington, DC
    I will not bring family members to the 2010 convention regardless of location.

    None of my family members would be caught there either dead or alive

    * 3. How many Libertarian Party national conventions have you attended?

    5 or more


    * 4. Have you ever previously brought family members with you to a national convention?

    Not applicable


    First Name


    * 6. Last Name


    * 7. In which state do you live?


    * 8. Are you a member of the Libertarian Party?

    a) Yes, I am a Life member
    b) Yes, I am a current member (have donated $25 or more in the past year)
    c) Yes, but my membership has lapsed
    d) Yes, I have signed the pledge but have not yet donated
    e) No, I am not a member, but I plan to join
    f) No, I am not a member, and I do not plan to join

    a) Yes, I am a Life member

  3. A cruise fee and a passport? I think it will be difficult to convince a significant fraction of the party membership that the actions of such a convention, such as the election of a new National Committee, are valid or binding on the party.

  4. I think that the people pushing the cruise ship idea want to either drive that significant fraction out of the party or else take away any say we still have in the party.

    LP Titanic?

  5. I pretty much echoed Paulie and George… I suspect a lot of the motivation for the cruise ship is to get rid of those party members who voted with their wallets in Denver…

    I think our “leaders” were dismayed by the significant numbers that weren’t willing to buy their line about costs for the Denver dog and pony show, and are essentially wanting to price the “deadbeats” out of the market…

    By doing the cruise ship, they force everyone to pay through the nose for room and board to stay on the ship, and get the cruise line to kick-back the convention costs – they can jack the price of the cruise up enough to cover the extra… It also limits the options for delegates to walk out.


  6. I don’t think the business of the last convention is done yet.

  7. Here we go again.

    This was floated (excuse the pun) by Aaron Starr et al. for the 2006 LPCA convention.

    It was a flop, bad weather, super-low attendance.

    It’s only purpose was to disenfranchise the so-called “povertarians”?

    Crap floats to the top again, doesn’t it?

    Too bad the 2008 convention didn’t flush when it had the chance…

    And George and Paulie are 1000% correct.

  8. If they pull this off, then it becomes time to start organizing our state parties to secede.

  9. Pittsburgh is within a days drive of most of the East and Midwest. I vote for that. Let Austin hold the 2012 nominating convention for the Ruwart/Kubby ticket. I also think they need to move the 2010 convention up to springtime (which is probably May in Pittsburgh!) so there is enough gap between it and when the next nominating convention should be held in Fall 2011.

  10. I’m not sure if Roscoe is serious or sarcastic, but I like all of those ideas. Including the Ruwart/Kubby ticket and the fall 2011 convention, as well as Pittsburgh followed by Austin.

  11. Ruwart/Kubby is not a fusion ticket. It is a pure losertarian ticket. St. Louis is closer to Heartland & more east. Let Tom come pick up people.

  12. G.E., secede & affiliate with BTP.

  13. Looking ahead, I think the 2012 LP Convention should be held at a fabulous 5-star hotel in London or Paris. They should also move the date forward to October 31.

  14. I think we may have a winner.

    Abu Dhabi, Aug 6 (IANS) Got a million dollars to splurge on a holiday? You stand to figure in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    A hotel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hoping to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by offering what is being dubbed as the world’s most expensive holiday package.

    Priced at $1 million, the package by the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi offers pure opulence for two guests to stay seven nights in a 680 sq m palace suite on an all-inclusive basis, the state-run Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

    ‘As well as luxurious living with The Palace, the package covers first class return trip from any international destination serviced by Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi, chauffeur-driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi, and daily spa treatment in the Anantara Spa,’ the report quoted Janet Abrahams, director of sales and marketing at Emirates Palace Hotel, as saying.

    ‘The package seeks to give celebrities, luminaries and well-known businessmen the lifetime chance to stay in the unique iconic Emirates Palace, experience seven days of wonder and at the same time the opportunity to effectively promote their business message,’ she said.

    Built at a cost of over $3 billion, the hotel is reputed to be the most expensive hotel ever built and has 302 rooms and 92 suites.

    The hotel is owned by the government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and is currently managed by the Kempinski group.

    According to Abrahams, the package also offers to take guests on journeys to explore neighbouring countries.

    ‘The offer is tailor-made to the guest requirements, but as an example we can include day trips by private jet to Iran to create your own Persian carpet from the most exclusive and well-renowned hand-maker, to Dead Sea in Jordan to experience the famous sea and afternoon Anantara spa treatment in the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, to Bahrain for a deep sea pearl diving experience,’ she said.

    ‘Your pearl will then be hand designed with unique jewellery settings and at every step of your excursions, your Emirates Palace butler will be there to guide and assist you.’

    Guests can also enjoy a ‘Royal Golf Experience’ at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and make their own individual perfume with experts from YAS Perfumes.

    Other features of the package include a deep-sea fishing trip, ‘Emirates Palace Sunset and Desert Island Tour’, gifts including Emirates Palace Gold Champagne, the rarest pearls in the world from Robert Wang and a selection from Holland and Holland Sporting Guns.

    Abrahams said that guests who book for the package would be able to say that they were part of an industry first and collaborate with the Emirates Palace Hotel in registering with the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The hotel’s general manager Hans Olbertz said the premier property is seeking to establish Abu Dhabi as a world-class tourism destination for vacationing and promoting the Emirates Palace as a signature landmark of Abu Dhabi to the world.

    He disclosed that part of the costs of the package would be donated to social and charitable organizations in the UAE.

  15. Ruwart/Kubby is not a fusion ticket.

    Neither is Barr/Root. So it would balance things out.

  16. Serious.
    But that Abu Dhabi idea looks cool too. May have trouble getting a quorum however, though a Libertarian harem could also be difficult to find.

  17. Bubba just took a cruise, it was $249 for 5 days. Can’t beat that in any hotel. Bubba says why not a cruise, all meals included for $249 plus my group got free meeting space. I think this is a great cost saving idea for most people. My wife says if I don’t check the cruise box, she ain’t going. Lookin at most LP woman (no offence) I’d rather have my wife around, she’s eye candy to say the least!

    Bon voyage!

  18. How about he just contract with Sir Richard Branson and have it at his space hotel while we’re at it?

  19. Cleveland is about the best option for me.

  20. “Cleveland is about the best option for me.”

    Ditto. I don’t know if I could be bothered to attend anywhere else. Heh.

  21. How about we let the Redpath faction have on a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle?

    Count me down for that!

  22. I’m sure this will get great press coverage if it is held on a cruise ship somewhere. Yes in deed!

    Whatever I never did get the email with the password they promised had been sent.


  23. More likely they’ll only get coverage if it sinks, is hijacked, gets lost at sea, gets stuck in a hurricane, or if everybody gets ill on it.

  24. For whatever it’s worth department, I also did the survey, Mike, and have now been waiting about 18 hours for that confirmation e-mail… As of a few seconds ago it has not arrived, (and I checked my spam filter traps to verify that it hadn’t been caught in error as well)

    I’ve gotten about a dozen messages since I sent the survey, so I KNOW my e-mail connection is working…

    Why am I not surprised that the LPUS office people can’t even get a website right???


  25. Bubba just took a cruise, it was $249 for 5 days.

    I crashed for free on people’s floors and couches in Denver. Can’t do that with a cruise.

  26. Last night in the comment section I made a point of mentioning that wherever the convention is held they, being the LPHQ planning team, should look at the cost of travel. Maybe I should say I attempted to make such a point. Cleveland would be good, but what about madison, Wisconsin, Or Milwaukie. Maybe Omaha, Nebraska, or Des Moines, or Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There’s always Memphis, or Little Rock, How about Kansas City? There are a bunch of Cities in the middle of the country where I am sure we could get good media coverage and decent facilities at resonable costs. It might be nice to find someplace out of the ordinary. Get me the friggin map!

    It might be nice to know who is on the site selection committee and how much experience they have had at this type of work previously.

    Comments, criticism please!


  27. One last point. If it is going to be held in July, which I am not overly fond of, they might wish to look at trying to book a college campus somewhere. Might get that fairly inexpensively. And thanks to Stachild for the idea.


  28. I would agree, I’ve heard good things about being able to get college campus locations for short bucks in the summer…

    The other thing that IMHO would be useful is to make sure the location can be reached by Amtrak – those of us that don’t buy fancy underwear like Wes 😉 does might prefer a travel method that doesn’t involve getting groped by TSA…

  29. I filled out the form and got the page saying I’d be sent an email to confirm. It never arrived. Anyone else have this problem?

  30. Peter, I think we all did.

  31. I didn’t have that email problem, but I also used one of my anonymous email accounts…

  32. Lidia had that problem. I think they’re filtering emails…

  33. The survey has changed. The email request is no longer there…

  34. I got the confirmation email and completed the survey fine.

    But I only got the survey link via the LP-Radicals list.

    I was hoping for Philadelphia to be an option, but I guess not.

  35. Indicate those convention locations which you would be likely to attend.

    I ignored the survey. The questions explicitly asked by the survey don’t enable me to indicate my true preferences.

    If I honestly answer the question “Indicate those convention locations which you would be likely to attend.”, I will have to say I would attend a convention at any of those locations — or really any location period. But that doesn’t mean I in any way want the convention to be on a cruise ship and I don’t want my response to be misinterpreted as such.

    Given the choices of lying, having my response used to support something I oppose, and not participating, I choose not to participate in the survey.

    It would be nice if national would send out a survey to actually find out people’s preferences.

  36. George Donnelly wrote:

    I was hoping for Philadelphia to be an option, but I guess not.

    Philadelphia plans to make a pitch for 2012.

  37. Philadelphia in 2012 would be good, with one caveat–make it in the spring, not the humid summer. And do the nominee’s campaign photos at Independence hall and the Liberty Bell…

  38. Philadelphia would be an excellent venue for the 2012 convention. It is affordable, large, easy to get to, has good airfares and nonstop flights to most parts of the country.

    Summer wouldn’t be too bad here either. Humidity isn’t a huge concern when things are air conditioned (as most things are here), and the range of hotel options in Center City is excellent.

    Philadelphia as a convention venue is such a good idea that I’m sure the LNC would never consider it. 😉

  39. Need I remind anyone that Aaron Starr first hatched the “cruise ship” gambit at the LP California convention a few conventions back.

    It went over like a lead balloon. And it didn’t save him and his faction from being voted out anyway.

    Frankly, if they sail off into the deep blue with a $4,000 cruise convention, I’ll sail on out of the LP.

    A man’s got his limits.

  40. Las Vegas is currently tied with “None of these” in the preference poll I’ve posted at

    I populated the ballot with locations in swing states and cities that the LPNatCon has never been held in, except when I took some nominations from a few Libertarian listservs.

    Folks who prefer “None of these” can vote accordingly.

    2010 or 2012 Libertarian NatCon locations
    (Rank the candidates you support!)
    1 candidate will be elected.
    [add/drop] Nashville, Tennessee
    [add/drop] Memphis, Tennessee
    [add/drop] Orlando, Florida
    [add/drop] New Orleans, Louisiana
    [add/drop] Williamsburg, Virginia
    [add/drop] Jacksonville, Florida
    [add/drop] Missoula, Montana
    [add/drop] Manchester, New Hampshire
    [add/drop] Las Vegas, Nevada
    [add/drop] Cleveland, Ohio
    [add/drop] Lexington, Kentucky
    [add/drop] Reno, Nevada
    [add/drop] Dallas, Texas
    [add/drop] Charleston, West Virginia
    [add/drop] Louisville, Kentucky
    [add/drop] Miami, Florida
    [add/drop] Little Rock, Arkansas
    [add/drop] Albuquerque, New Mexico
    [add/drop] Austin, Texas
    [add/drop] None of these
    [add/drop] Tampa, Florida
    [add/drop] Des Moines, Iowa
    [add/drop] St. Louis, Missouri
    [add/drop] Detroit, Michigan
    [add/drop] Cincinnati, Ohio
    [add/drop] Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    I ranked the highest/voted for Cleveland, Ohio in both polls/surveys because Ohio’s a critical swing state, Ohio is centrally located in the U.S., the LPOhio is fairly active, a few prominent libertarian economists live in Ohio (e.g., Bill Peirce, Richard Vedder) … and I’d like to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum while I’m there. 😉

  41. I have it on competent authority that the space hotel is being built by hotel magnate Bigelow, not airline magnate Branson. Branson, however, is offering suborbital flights in time for the 2010 convention.

    The down side is the $200,000 price tag. The benefits include the length of the trip, about half an hour from air drop to landing. Plus eight minutes in near weightlessness should bring the vomit out of everyone – as if LP events didn’t already make you wanna barf. Also on the plus side, only six or eight to a cabin, so it’ll be a small insider clique running things. “Same as the old boss.”

  42. If the next convention takes place before the technological singularity, then I don’t care where it happens, I will find a way to get there.

    If it happens after the technological singularity, then perhaps I’ll have a more intelligent viewpoint that is unknowable to my current mind.

    I hope that clears up where I stand.

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