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$46 Underwear Fighting $65 Million Domain Mall Subsidies

In Humor, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on August 29, 2008 at 8:13 pm

Fighting to prevent $65 million in subsidies (corporate welfare) to a luxury mall:

Covered in the Austin Chronicle.

The Travis County Libertarian Party opposed the corporate welfare.

Stop Domain Subsidies is a grassroots effort attracting people from all political persuasions, and lots of small business owners.

The Austin Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Meetup group is supporting this effort and is expected to provide lots of the labor.

I’m predicting a huge fight, but victory for Proposition 2, which will help prevent millions in corporate welfare to retail developments.

An aside: this is the first time I’ve posted a video to YouTube.  I can foresee getting myself into all kinds of trouble with this new skill.

  1. I notice y’all got more welfare in that Elgin commuter rail. Streetcars, light rail and commuter rail are some of the latest gubmint boondogles. We be seein’ it all out this way. Money fer nuttin’. Instead they could open the transit market to private operators. Whatever.

    Wes I’ll send you some stuff on transit later this weekend if I remember.


  2. Well, figuratively and literally, developers and municipal governments believe that they have the common folks by the ba*ls!

    Give ’em hell, Wes!

    p.s. Don’t go broke buying too many pair of those!

  3. There are thousands of these kinds of tax giveaways that need to be fought by local LP and CFL groups everywhere.
    This is how the libertarian movement will obtain “gravitas,”
    not through quixotic campaigns for state and national office.

  4. Harsh. Well-spoken though. That took a lot of courage.

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