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Upon further checking …

In George Phillies, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics on August 28, 2008 at 4:03 pm

Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported, and the Texas LP and Bob Barr’s presidential campaign followed up with press releases on, the fact that Barr is the only ballot-qualified candidate for president in Texas. It seems that the Republican and Democratic parties couldn’t be bothered to nominate their tickets by the statutory deadline.

This is a great issue for the LP and the Barr campaign to jump on. When Texas certifies John McCain and Barack Obama for the November ballot — and yes, that will almost certainly happen, the law be damned — protesting and possibly even litigating the matter will be a great way to highlight both the absurdity of ballot access barriers and the political establishment’s bias, even to the extent of breaking the law, toward preserving the power of the “major party” duopoly.

That said, I just got an interesting email, sent over the signature of Barr’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Shane Cory.

The letter makes appropriate hay with the Texas ballot fiasco. Cory notes that Texas’s Secretary of State now claims that “upon further checking,” the GOP and the Democrats did, in fact, file their paperwork before the deadline and will be free to amend said paperwork as their national nominations become official.

Cory then launches into a (well-deserved) excoriation of ballot access barriers, using the “upon further checking” theme to sarcastically “remove” all of the barriers to 50-state ballot access for Barr.

As it turns out, upon further checking , we were able to collect 10,000 more signatures in West Virginia a few days after that early deadline passed.

Upon further checking, we found that ballot substitution is permitted in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Also, upon further checking, we found that Maine stopped accepting our petitions a week earlier than they had done in the past.

Not to mention that, upon further checking, we do object to the state of New Hampshire insisting that two libertarian candidates for president be listed on the ballot.

Whoa. Stop and hold. There’s something wrong here.

Upon further checking, as of this moment (about 3pm Central, August 28th, 2008), the state of New Hampshire still insists that only one Libertarian candidate for president — George Phillies — will be listed on its ballot.

Upon further checking, the Barr campaign has until September 3rd to collect its nomination certifications from the various locales and get them turned in to the Secretary of State, but that apparently hasn’t happened yet.

Upon further checking, per New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, the deadline for town and city supervisors to certify nomination papers was yesterday.

Did some of those supervisors take until the last possible minute to issue those certifications? Or did the Barr campaign drop the ball in New Hampshire? Given the precedents in West Virginia and Maine, a wait-and-see attitude — and some further checking over the next few days — would seem to be in order.

  1. Upon further checking, you can look up at FEC.GOV what Mr. Cory was paid by the Barr campaign as a salary.

    In July.

    Not counting expense reimbursements.

    $18,000. That’s $216,000 a year, annual rate. Is that right? Just checking.

    But perhaps the pay covers half of June, too. That’s a mere $12,000 a month, $144,000 a year annual rate. Is that right? Just checking.

    Perhaps the rate is $6,000 a month. Was Cory then paid $6,000 at the end of July for July, $6,000 at the start of Juy for June, and another $6,000 for..well, Bob Barr is not dumb. He likely does not give people their monthly salary in advance…for May, for three months at $6,000 a month, or $72,000 a year? Perhaps that one is right? Just checking.

    Just checking up.

    It’s interesting to read Mr. Cory claim that they checked up and found that Massachusetts does allow substitution, as opposed to having done it by mistake in the past. Where does his claim come from? Just checking.

    Upon further checking, the LPNH has known about its state law since its early 2007 convention. The LNC knew, too. If they thought something was wrong, did they try to do something about the New Hampshire Secretary of State?

    Just checking.

    On further checking it seems awfully late to argue a point in court when you knew about the issue a year or more ago.

  2. It also seems discourteous as anything. What a bunch of whiny cry babies.

    What I don’t understand is when did Libertarian Party activists become so inured, so used to litigating? I would like to know what ever became of gentle persuasion?

    There has been a lot of time available to the LP to ask George Phillies politely to support a substitution bid, or to withdraw from the ballot if the LP’s other candidate gets on. Why not ask politely? It seems because the LP is run by a bunch of children who would rather kick over another child’s sand castle than ask for help making theirs better. Bullies are mean, and mean people suck.

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