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Steve Kubby: Placer County Republicans whine over Kubby Vindication

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The following was submitted to LFV by Steve Kubby.  The blogger notes at the end are part of what Steve sent us, and were not written by LFV.


As most of you know, I had the court’s permission to move to Canada, I returned voluntarily to clear up an alleged probation violation, I was never extradited, and was I never convicted for “Narcotics production.”

Despite these facts, the Placer County Republicans continue to lie about me as well as their own criminal and dopey response to the passage of California’s historic Prop. 215.

It’s time the Placer County Republicans grow up and do what former Republican Congressman and now Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr has done — declare that the drug war was a mistake and must end now.

–Steve Kubby


Auburn Journal Took up Case of Celebrated Pothead
Posted by Aaron Park on August 23, 2008 at 06:32 PM

Remember Steven Kubby?

He was extradited from Canada to the USA when he ran to avoid prosecution for Narcotics production. (at least Rothe stuck around)

Before and after Rothe had his civil rights restored from his prior Drug Trafficking conviction – the Auburn Journal took up the cause of Stephen Kubby.

In 2003, Kubby’s felony conviction was reinstated as reported by the Auburn Journal

There was a follow-up story trumpeting Kubby’s plight as he applied for refugee status in Canada

And another in 2006 when his ‘stay’ in Canada was about to run out

And this is basically a commentary printed in the AJ taking Kubby’s side

And this year a follow-up story was run:

By Gus Thomson

Journal Staff Writer

A Mendocino County court has dismissed the remnants of a 1999 Placer County prosecution of medical marijuana proponent Steve Kubby.

The ruling – which sees Kubby’s misdemeanor convictions for possession of a magic mushroom stem and peyote buttons expunged under California law – came last week.

Full erasure of the conviction would take a governor’s pardon, but Kubby said Tuesday that the court decision to dismiss the case leaves him “fully vindicated and in possession, once again, of my inalienable, inseparable, non-transferable rights.”

Mendocino County Chief Probation Officer Wesley Forman issued a statement said that he had no objection to the dismissal by Judge David Nelson because Kubby had complied with the terms of his probation.

Kubby’s legal challenges started after a January 1999 raid on his Olympic Valley home in Placer County. The raid netted 265 marijuana plants from an indoor grow.

Kubby was a chief proponent of medicinal marijuana law Prop. 215 when it was passed by voters in 1996 and ran for governor as a Libertarian two years ago. He was also a candidate for Libertarian Party presidential nominee this year.

Kubby’s chief defense at the trial was that he and his wife had a doctor’s recommendation for medical use of marijuana and that his use kept a rare form of adrenal cancer at bay.

In one of the most contentious trials in Placer County legal history, a mistrial was declared after a jury leaning 11-1 for acquittal on possession-of-marijuana-for-sale charges remained deadlocked after
five days of deliberations and four months of testimony.

Kubby would eventually serve 20 days of a 120-day jail term in Placer County on the jury’s peyote and mescaline possession convictions, both misdemeanors.

Kubby, 61, now lives in Mendocino County. He said that he has fond memories of much of his life in the county but that he wouldn’t return as long as the district attorney who prosecuted the case – Brad Fenocchio – was still in office.

The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at
A more detailed story will appear in a future edition of the Journal.

Blogger’s Notes – I can hardly wait to see the full story. What I have read thus far looks pretty biased in favor of the pothead. While Rothe didn’t write any of the stories, he has a responsibility to make sure his paper isn’t used to pimp an agenda.

Even worse – a reporter by the name of Ryan McCarthy wrote some of the stories. McCarthy was a known pot user himself. Given how Rothe and the journal have reported on crime over the years – why should anyone be surprised?

  1. Republicans don’t whine – we win!
    Democrats are whining wimps.

  2. So are you suggesting dope should be legal?

  3. Is that even a serious question? LOL

    Medical marijuana is legal in California, as well as a number of other states.

    Don’t look now, but you’re on a libertarian blog. We all think marijuana should be legalized.

  4. Gee you think I dont know I’m on a wacked out doper website. Im just checking to see if your drug induced mind can comprehend information. The term medical marijuana is oxymoronic. The substance has over 400 carcinogens in it. It is lethal and clearly has detrimentally wapred your brain.

    The “medical marijuana intiative was driven by the socialist George Soros. He has funded this criminal act in many states.
    Do your homework and get out of your doper trance.

  5. Great, the Idiot Brigade has arrived in force. I knew you’d make it over here, LOL. In fact, I lured you here so we could have a little fun.

    FACT: I don’t take drugs.

    FACT: I don’t even drink.

    Perhaps you can make your point (such as it is) without assuming facts not in evidence.

  6. The Idiot Brigade is one thing. The Asshole Brigade is another. I can’t blame idiots for being idiots. Most of them probably can’t help it. But I think they choose to be worthless piece of shit asshole scumbags. They can’t make a point because they don’t have one. They just get their jollies trying to tear down other human beings who don’t do anything to hurt anyone else.

  7. I have great respect for Steve Kubby. He was my 2nd choice for the LP nomination in Denver. I voted for him on all VP nomination ballots.

    Unfortunately, I must take issue with this statement made in this piece:

    “It’s time the Placer County Republicans grow up and do what former Republican Congressman and now Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr has done — declare that the drug war was a mistake and must end now.”

    Yes, Republicans EVERYWHERE should grow up. That includes Barr who, to the best of my knowledge has NOT campaigned on ending the War on Drugs. Ending prohibition of medical marijuana-Barr supports, and maybe even marijuana completely, I see Barr has alluded to. But Barr calling for ending the COMPLETE War on Drugs . . . I think not. Barr calling for making crack “legal”, no . . . methamphetamine . . . not a chance.

    When the call for ending prohibition of medical marijuana is made, it is done out of compassion for the ill, who can benefit from marijuana. Fine. However, this position (which Barr essentially takes)ignores the larger, more fundamental issues of the right of self-ownership, and the violence and chaos brought on by prohibiting markets in drugs to be “above board”.

    I am not sure why Mr. Kubby has made these statements about Barr calling on ending the Drug War. If he or someone else provide proof of Barr definitively indicating that this is his position, I would love to see it. My knowledge of Barr’s stance is that of when he was on Hannity and Colmes. Barr said he was opposed to “legalizing” crack and other “hard” drugs. This totally misses the libertarian arguments for ending the Drug War.

  8. Where can I reach the person who operates this blog?

  9. My husband, Ryan McCarthy, is not “a known pot smoker,” as you report on your blog. You have him mixed up with someone else.

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