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New anti-Fed novel equally entertaining, educational, and heroic!

In Libertarian, Media on August 28, 2008 at 5:49 pm

The Flight of the Barbarous Relic puts, in novel form, virtually everything every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve, fiat-money central banking, and monetary history, and it does so following an unadulterated Austrian line, without any conspiracy mongering or Antisemitism — two curses that plague the Honest Money movement. Author George Ford Smith is unique among popular Fed critics in his understanding that the Fed is not bad because it’s a “private bank” that generates “windfall profits” for its “shareholders” — the Fed is bad, truly evil, because it is a government institution designed to provide a blank check for the unbridled growth of the federal government at the expense of liberty.

Oh yes, there has been a conspiracy — but it’s not a “theory,” it’s historical fact. George F. Smith reveals this indisputable truth throughout the course of this 274-page, impossible-to-put-down thriller, and also clearly demonstrates how the Federal Reserve redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich, all within the context of a gripping plot.

The story focuses on a gold-loving, free-market economist who seemingly “sells out” and joins the mainstream, eventually rising to the position of Fed chairman. But his “sell out” was false — he only put on Keynesian/Monetarist (as if there’s a difference) garb in order to infiltrate the Fed so that he could expose and destroy it! I’m not giving anything away here since this happens very early in the book. The heart of the book is how the government reacts to having its deception exposed.

George Ford Smith’s knowledge of monetary history, the nature of government, and the unfortunate ignorance and apathy of the American populace is truly peerless. This book should be heralded by the Mises Institute,, and the Ron Paul R3VOLution as the first of hopefully many great works of fiction exposing the truth about the Federal Reserve and the government it sponsors by secretly stealing from the productive class. Five stars are not enough for this heroic effort!

  1. Sounds like a cool book. I’m putting this on my must read list. Thanks for spreading the word out this.

  2. I wonder if CATO recommends this book? Not likely . . . their economists don’t understand that free markets includes the commodity of money, by which all other goods and services are measured against, just like ALL goods and services are measured against each other in terms of utility and subjective value.

  3. CATO was officially anti-Fed until a year or so ago. They are so pro-Establishment now, it is truly sickening.

    But hey, guess what good news my boss just gave me:

    I got an email this week from someone at the Cato Institute. He offered to provide us with link, data, research, and information from their scholars that he thinks is relevant to AE. He also agreed to help us with any information that we want from them, including interviews. Since you’re a libertarian, I thought you might be interested. Is there any specific information you would want from them? Feel free to let me know your ideas and hopefully he can get it for us.

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