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Last chance to submit agenda items for September LNC meeting

In Activism, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics 2008 on August 28, 2008 at 4:41 pm

The next LNC meeting is in Washington DC on September 6-7.

LNC At-Large Representative Angela Keaton asks that members please make it a point to attend. It is the first and last meeting before the general election.

Anyone who would like their LNC representative to place an item on the agenda must submit those items ASAP to Bill Redpath ( wredpath at his dot com ) with the words AGENDA ITEM in the subject line.

  1. Thanks for the reminder… I have just sent a message with the following text to Mr. Redpath, I will be interested in seeing how he responds…

    I have seen a reminder that it is in order at this time to request items be added to the agenda for the upcoming LNC meeting on September 6-7.

    Please place an item on the agenda to discuss Sean Haugh’s efforts to get signed presidential nomination petition sheets destroyed in Massachusetts.

    Specifically, I would like to raise the following issues:

    1. Is this behavior on Haugh’s part in any way acceptable?

    2. What disciplinary action has been, or will be taken in regards to this matter?

    3. What steps have been taken to ensure that Haugh does not repeat this action or any similar behavior?

    4. As it seems that this action on Haugh’s part was due to personal disagreements with some highly competent and effective professional petitioners, who’s services may be of use to libertarian ballot access efforts in the future, what steps have been taken to ensure that personal vendettas are not allowed to interfere with future ballot access efforts?

    Please note that for the information and benefit of other potentially interested parties, I have sent copies of this message to Ms. Keaton, the other members of the LPMA State Committee, and posted a copy on the “Last Free Voice” blog. While I will be unable to attend the LNC meeting as an observer, I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the discussion relating to this agenda item so that all interested parties can be aware of it’s handling.

    Thank you

    Arthur Torrey
    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    LPMA Presidential Elector, who will NOT vote for Barr!
    Town Meeting Representative
    GPG key: C02F53C5
    Fingerprint: 7D31 C4B5 7DEE 22FD 8C07 D76F A832 933F C02F 53C5


  2. Well, I’ve heard from both Angela and Bill on this… Angela says that she might or might not be able to get my specific item onto the agenda, but that the topic is on already (Which is pretty much fine with me. As long as the topic is discussed I am not all that worried about how it is put on…)

    However, Bill seems a bit less concerned?

    Arthur: I do not include agenda items unless they are from LNC members.
    Also, I have already sent the agenda out for this meeting. If an LNC member
    wants to amend that agenda before meeting business starts, they can propose
    that. Bill Redpath

    At least I know how us peasant’s rate…


  3. I would respectfully disagree with your suggestion that the chair is not concerned. Members of the LNC have had weeks to submit agenda items, and the cutoff for items was a number of days ago. I just looked at my LNC mail folder and the “last call” for items was sent out on the 23rd. The agenda was e-mailed to us on the 26th.

    This article was posted on the 28th. I’m not sure when it was sent to LFV, but it appears to have been published five days late. Bill’s reaction to your message was quite understandable since the agenda has been set for several days.

    There is a very important reason why agenda items are submitted by LNC members. Someone on the committee must want to have the topic be discussed. Regional and at-large members frequently submit agenda items at the request of members of the party.

    We represent you, so contacting your LNC representative is usually a very effective way to get an issue put forward. A number of items on the upcoming meeting’s agenda came from the general membership.

    I certainly agree with Angela’s recommendation that Libertarians attend the LNC meeting. I would encourage anyone near DC to attend and be involved in what the national committee is doing. We’ll be in San Diego in December and here in Charleston (where the LSLA will also be meeting) at the end of February.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  4. I received it after the “last call” date of 8/23.

    It should indeed be sufficient for members to contact their LNC representative. However, is it actually sufficient to do that? (That’s a real question, incidentally, as I honestly don’t know how responsive LNC reps are to such requests.)

    Apparently the person who sent me that information didn’t think it was at all sufficient.

  5. I just noticed that, when I originally posted the above earlier today, I failed to “break down” Bill Redpath’s email address so it wouldn’t be picked up by spambots. I have corrected that oversight.

  6. I wouldn’t be suprised if there is an attempt to justify Haugh’s nefarious actions by slandering and lying about one of the best petitioners and Libertarian activists in the country, Gary Fincher.

    Keep in mind that Haugh ordered Carol McMahon of the Massachusetts LP to “BURN (quite literarlly)” 2,000 Libertarian Party ballot access petition signatures, whether the signatures had been paid for or not (which shows total disregaurd for LP donors). Haugh did not say to check the signatures to see whether or not they were good (and note that after they were checked, they were found to have been of high validity), he just said to burn them. This is destruction of property and fraud and is also a violation of election law. It just so happens that in Massachusetts it is actually written on the petitions that it is a violation of the law to alter, deface, mutilate, destroy, or supress petitions, and that violations of this law carry penalties of up to 1 year in prison and fines of up to $1,000.

    There is no way that Sean Haugh can legitimately weasel out of this one. There is NOTHING that justifies his disgusting behavior.

  7. Who cares about Sean Haugh?

    The real culprit here is Bill Redpath, who has the power to fire Sean Haugh and doesn’t. The same Redpath who presided over the Cory regime and countless other crimes.

    I absolve Sean Haugh of all responsibility at this point. It is all on Redpath. Haugh is clearly mentally unstable. If I gave Robert Milnes the job of teaching a kindgergarden class and he freaked out and microwaved and ate a child, who would be at fault? I WOULD for not firing an obviously incapable, mentally unstable person.

    Anyone who supports Redpath is a man or woman without integrity.

    I had someone tell me that Sean Haugh will not be fired unless someone else better can be found to take his job. In the meantime, he has a free rein to do WHATEVER he wants.

    This is Bill Gun-Grabbing Nazi Redpath’s fault. PERIOD.

  8. Agreed, who cares about Sean Hough? That situation is one of many that lead to the conclusion that the LP is dysfunctional. The argument over 2 libs on the NH ballot. Lame ballot access and fundraising. The very existance of the split off BTP. The fact of a dixiecrat conservative as LP nominee. The LNC needs to straighten things out at its next meeting. The most important thing that should be on the agenda is suspending the mistake of the non-LIB Barr candidacy with a fusion ticket to get 15% polling & increased fundraising & go on to win the election!

  9. If dumping Barr and/or Redpath is on the agenda, I’ll attend. LNC member Ruwart should be there so we (fusion ticket) can be handed off to in person. I’d ask Virginian Karen Kwiatkowski to attend also. G.E., meet you there?

  10. How exactly can members attend? Do we just show up? Isn’t it all held in a fairly small conference room?

  11. Yes, you can just show up. The conference room usually has room for at least a few dozen visitors, and we normally have a number of empty chairs around the room.

    There is also time reserved during each meeting for public comment, so you will be allowed to speak if you want to.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  12. “Microwaved and ate a child”? :-O

  13. G.E. sure can get graphic . . . and bizarre in his verbiage! Over the top IMHO, especially considering that the guy Milnes, well let me just say that to the extent that one interacts with a neurotic (maybe psychitic in this case?) person, the more neurotic that person becomes. G.E. (And everyone else) I suggest that you ignore Milnes . . . it is better for your mental health.

  14. I should have said “to the extent that one interacts with a neurotic person, the more neurotic one becomes”.

  15. Worth pointing out in passing that Mass. chose to be a free and independent state, rather than buy off on the LNC NON-rep that NY and some of the other states was attempting to force on us…

    (Note that our State Committee had given the LPMA delegation explicit orders NOT to join any region willing to elect certain individuals as LNC Reps, and that several efforts to negotiate region affiliations in advance of the convention had been ignored)

    IOW, we CAN’T “submit items to our LNC Rep” because we don’t HAVE one… (Not that our previous rep would have been likely to do so in any case, as he is a definite part of the Redpathogen gang…


  16. Your choice to not join a region does not prevent you from submitting items. Note that I said “Regional and at-large members frequently submit agenda items at the request of members of the party” in my previous comment.

    There are five at-large representatives. You are certainly capable of contacting one or more of them.

    Stewart Flood
    LNC Region 4

  17. Steve La Bianca, Ha, Ha, Ha! alleged “mental illness” contageous-over the internet! Haw haw! if the more one interacts with a neurotic or psychotic the more of that one(the therapist?) becomes? No psychiatrist in right mind(!) would see patients-which is VERY lucrative by the way.

  18. Steve, I’m trying to organize a radicals’ purge of the LP from the Linos & dixiecrat conservatives at the next LNC meeting & you are feeding into one of many myths of mental illness perhaps generating hysteria & advising everyone to ignore me. Which side of the lunatic fringe are you on anyway?

  19. We need 3/4 LNC vote to oust Barr & Redpath. Everybody show up & pile on your grievances.

  20. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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