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LP News and other questions

In Libertarian Party-US on August 23, 2008 at 11:41 pm

I’ve been back in the Libertarian fold for about four months now, and I have a few questions I’ve yet to be able to get answered.  First of all, does anyone know if LP News still exists?  I have received not a single issue so far, and my e-mails to LPHQ have been ignored.  Actually, I did get a reply to one message that addressed multiple topics — but my LP News query was not addressed.

Also, whatever happened to Jo Jorgensen?  Art Olivier?  Richard Boddie?  etc. etc. — where do former LP candidates go?

  1. The “June/July” issue appeared on doorsteps in early mid-August.

    It covered the convention.

    It gave no reports of votes at the convention, only that Barr/Root won. It did not cover the LNC elections. It did not cover the platform debate, let alone what the new platform is. It did spend three pages of a very thin issue listing about 1500 new members.

    State chairs just received a request for LP News material covering more-or-less the rest of the year.

    Organizations in which a monthly newsletter has historically been a benefit, that stop publishing the newsletter monthly, sometimes suffer consequences with membership renewals.

  2. Yeah, I just got that June/July issue — my first, and I rejoined the national back in March.

  3. Does it really surprise you that your emails to LPHQ have been ignored?

  4. I have no idea what National does email-wise. I remember I emailed volunteering to monitor the defunct LP myspace page. I found the guy running it in IPR or something. He said he’d email me cause he needed someone to run it. That was a few months ago. No response from National or the guy running the page that hasn’t been logged in for months.

  5. I actually don’t know anything about the background of any current staff except Sean Haugh. What are their stories?

  6. I received a back issue of LP News within two weeks of getting current on my dues (in May or April, I think). I got the next issue couple weeks after that, but I think I’m behind again.

  7. At the convention in Denver, David Nolan, a co-founder of the LP, reported a drop in membership since 2000.

    Where would one go to find current figures on this point, along with historical figures?

  8. Where’s the link to the online LP News? It’s not easily found on the national web page.

  9. Where would one go to find current figures on this point, along with historical figures? has fairly recent figures (late 2007), as do LNC meeting minutes. I think there is a file in the lpradicals files area with historical information, and for a while I was posting monthly reports at alabamalibertarian yahoo group (archives still available).

    Where’s the link to the online LP News? It’s not easily found on the national web page.

    It’s been completely removed from the national website.

  10. Hey, there are more important things to do than run the basic operations of the party (like the LP News).

    We’ve got lawsuits to file against other Libertarians, press releases calling for mandatory US English legislation to put out, Title 9 amendments to promote, and FOX “News” segments to appear on!

    Stop damaging the fight for liberty by asking questions and demanding transparency. You’re victimizing Aaron Starr!

  11. Let Starr be victimized. I would rather they restore the online version.

  12. Bubba pays for his LP News knowin it helps the fight for liberty. Bubba doin’t mind helpin out a little and gettin somethin for his $25 a year. Bubba says if you want a free lunch, then join the BTP (I did too — no newsletter yet — still waiting. Better email BTPHQ and complain some, wouldn’t want them to think they’re too perfect).

    Praise Jesus! Find Christ and join the BTP!

  13. Jo Jorgenson left the LP in a huff at the 2000 LP Nominating Convention in Georgia, immediately after Anarchist Harry Browne won the nomination. She joined the Republican Party.

    Art Olivier is still very much around and active in Southern California Libertarian Party politics.

  14. Eric,

    Jo was Browne’s 1996 running mate, so your explanation sounds odd.


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