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LP criticizes Biden for being ‘too libertarian’

In Politics on August 23, 2008 at 7:09 pm

In a recent e-mail sent out by the LP, Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his VP runningmate is criticized… NOT for Biden’s votes for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and DOMA (all of which LP presidential usurper, Bob Barr, voted for as well), and NOT for advocating a “surge” in Afghanistan (like LP VP wannabe W.A.R. told a self-described Zionist newspaper he supported), but for:

  • Opposing English being made the nationalist language
  • Opposing energy socialism/fascism in ANWR
  • Opposing special rights being given to gun manufacturers
  • Supporting McCain-Feingold, which the thuggish Barr junta tried to use to muscle its way on to private property just a week or so ago

Worst of all, the LP criticizes Biden for being a lifelong government employee — just like Bob Barr, who went from the CIA (where he’s still an asset) to federal prosecutor (where he jailed who knows how many innocents) to Congress (where he did more to destroy liberty than most) to being a lobbyist (hardly a “private sector” job). And besides, is being a scamdicapper and Boiler Room-style fraudster/bilker of investors (W.A.R.) any better?

The LP truly shouldn’t cast stones.

Read more about it.

  1. How is supporting McCain Feingold or any other restriction on political speech a libertarian position?

    I understand that it is hypocritical of Barr to criticize what he has used to benefit himself. But, really, that position of Biden is not “too libertarian” is it? C’mon.

  2. Of course not.

    You are correct, that position should not have been bulleted with the three that proceeded it.

  3. I do wonder about the LP sometimes. It seems to no longer have any principles.

  4. A former student of mine in Delaware, on the verge of completing his law degree, met Senator Biden for the first time about ten years ago. As bright young men might do, he asked the Senator for his single best piece of advice for succeeding in American politics.

    Joe thought for a second, then said, “Getting your teeth bonded. You have to have the right smile to make it.”

  5. This particular press release really drove me nuts. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a longtime admirer of Biden as a public official — not necessarily of his particular ideology. I think he’s a good guy by major party standards.

    But what bugged me about this release is that it is old-party-style trash-talking about an opponent. I understand why the Democrats and Republicans do this sort of thing, but let’s face it: The LP is not going to win the presidency this year. Far better to respectfully address differences and keep our dignity than to resort to name-calling. I’m fine with the LP pointing out where it differs from the Obama and McCain tickets, but why be personally nasty?

  6. What did you expect? The LP Media Director is a kid just recently out of college, who was carrying “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” signs just a couple of years ago. He’s not even clever or experienced enough to figure out that the obvious retorts will compare Barr’s dismal congressional record to Biden’s.

    In fact, those comparisons are so obvious that I’m not even going to bother to enumerate them. We all know what they are, and we know how damaging they are to Barr, and to the LP.

    So in the end, assuming anyone else even pays any attention to the press release (which is doubtful) it’s only going to make the LP look like rank amateurs, as usual. And you know what? As long as the LP can’t figure out something that simple and that obvious, they are amateurs.

  7. You know what? I like ElfNinosMom as press secretary!

  8. I could definitely do a much better job than wonder boy. That’s not necessarily saying much though, since obviously even a well-worn No. 2 pencil is sharper than him. LOL

  9. Put your application video on your new Youtube channel!

  10. Susan Hogarth would be another good choice, being that she is a grammar Nazi and whatnot. (And also has a clue about what it means to be libertarian to boot).

  11. Maybe I’m missing something because it’s early in the morning and I’m not totally awake yet (fill in punch line here), but where’s the “too libertarian” part here?

  12. In the first three points, if libertarianism is understood to be the non-initiation of force.

    In the rest, if Bob Barr is the epitome of a libertarian.

  13. Bubba most be smokin the good stuff again cause he can’t believe anyone here could possibly be saying Biden is a Libertarian or anything close to one. Perhaps if I start takin to drink that might help?

    No harm in tryin, you all have a good one!

    PS – Join the BTP you all, I hear they love Biden!

  14. Joe Biden is a anti-drug nazi. He’s the author of “the RAVE Act” which allows the sponsors of a dance party to be charged with felony drug possession and “intent to distrubute” if anyone attending their party brings drugs to it. (Even without their knowledge.) This law is currently being used to turn all Americans into snitches for the drug gestapo.

    I think Biden is even worse than McCain, who is practically the anti-christ of US politicians. Too bad the LP press release doesn’t even mention this.

    I guess there aren’t many people in the LP who are hipsters, or even aware of how to market the LP.

    Let’s ask Sean Haugh, (the LP political director who didn’t think we should capitalize on Wesley Snipes’ tax resistance) what he thinks.


    Biden is slime, let’s not criticize him for things that make him seem less slimy than he is.

    If the LP starts pulling its punches in a “quid pro quo” defense of the areas where it has become unprincipled, it is a corpse.

    -Jake Witmer

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