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Mike Munger: Great response to debate non-invite

In Libertarian on August 20, 2008 at 2:29 pm

IF you have a pair of sympathetic talk-show hosts who are popular, you can hold you own on-air Shadow Debate.

Dr. Mike Munger, North Carolina’s Libertarian candidate for governor, conducted a “shadow debate” today on the Brad & Britt Show, which airs on WZTK FM 101.1. The format was to replay the questions and answers from the Democrat and Republican candidates’ debate last night on WTVD-TV 11, then air Dr. Munger’s comments.

Audio of the entire 30 minutes is at the (newly spiffy-ized) Munger08 site.

Munger is an extremely engaging interviewee – which is no doubt why he gets invited back to shows like this so often. He even got to take questions form the audience, which the other candidates did not!

If you want to be on Mike’s campaign update email list, either fill out the contact form on his site, or email me directly (at

  1. I read about the planned ‘Shadow Debate’ on the LPNC website and found it a great idea. I believe other Libertarian Candidates can use alternative media to better get their ideals out too. The major campaign by the two-party system to box up all other party’s and have them drown each other out is staggering. Add that campaign to this attempt to silence the other party’s in public debates and you have more than enough proof that ‘new blood’ is needed.

    If you feel it necessary and find it easy to silence the competition then perhaps you have had the power for too long.

  2. Is the “form” there in reference to your recent comments to G.E., or are is it just a typo?

  3. Good strategy for candidates excluded from debates, especially with added video and youtubing.

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