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Angela Keaton responds; says LP members should have open debate about integrity

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The following is a statement written by LNC At-Large member Angela Keaton.

Without a discussion as to the merits of this lawsuit, the members of the Libertarian Party should have an open debate as to whether the officers of the LNC have the necessary integrity to lead the party of principle.

Angela Keaton
At Large Committee
Libertarian National Committee

  1. What is there to debate? The Redpath criminal junta has repeatedly showed that it considers itself a law unto itself.

    It is time for state organizations to begin disaffiliation.

  2. G.E., ouch! 50 cut off noses to spite the face! Isn’t there some other response/remedy?

  3. There’s something very wrong with the world when Milnes is the sensible one in a discussion.

    No offense intended, Robert.

  4. Bob,

    You’re missing the forest for the trees. Or, rather, you are discounting the importance of the trees to the extent that they comprise the forest. Or something like that.

    The LNC is not the only conceivable umbrella organization under which state LPs could get together to assist each other and support a presidential slate — and if the LNC is broken from the standpoint of doing those things, the time to discover that and do something about it is NOW.

    If the current umbrella organization is broken, then it is almost certainly retarding the progress of the state LPs.

    If the current umbrella organization is broken, then even if the state LPs become strong enough to conceivably sway a presidential election, it will not serve them well in doing so.

    It is the opinion of some (myself included) that the LNC is broken and, at this time, either incapable of doing or unwilling to do its job. Any number of remedies to that assessment are possible, up to and including the state parties deciding to set up a different umbrella organization and let the LNC fall off the edge of the dustbin of history where it’s been dancing for some years and into said dustbin for good.

    Of course, lesser remedies might be possible, or in order. Perhaps the LNC can be scared straight by the POSSIBILITY that the state LPs will discard it. Perhaps a majority of the LNC can be persuaded to take control and fix things. Perhaps a more effective LNC can be elected in 2010. But disaffiliation should NEVER be off the table.

  5. Here is the thing, if you are on a certain board, and that board doesn’t have integrity, or you find you can no longer stand the leadership of said board, then do as I did and please join us in the illegally named BTP.

    Seriously, no bird turd here, join us. Quit the LP once and for all and come stand tall with other freedom loving individuals.

    Stop the HATE and don’t be late to the next PARTY!

  6. Bubbu, there is nothing illegal about the name of the Boston Tea Party.

    I do think you have the right idea. There’s no reason to fight over the scattered bones of the LP. Let the dead care for the dead. Life is for living.

  7. Vote?

    Why vote?!?!?!

    We don’t need a vote.

    Aaron Starr wrote a MEMO last year!

    That’s all we need for action. Aaron Starr’s memos.

    Aaron is The Decider. LNC members are supposed to read his memos and understand that His decisions are for the Common Good, and defer to Him at all times.

    Sheesh, who do these LNC members think they are, management or something?!?

  8. I would support pouring pig’s blood on Aaron’s clothing. Aaron “has fancy plans and pants to match.”

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