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The Advocates: Invest!

In Libertarian on August 18, 2008 at 4:43 pm

Sharon Harris reminds us that libertarians need to keep investing in longer-term vision even — or especially! — during difficult campaign battles.

She points out the hard facts for organizations like hers during campaign season:


First, we have the “election season paradox.” During election times, the demand for our services drastically increases. Yet, ironically, covering the costs of these services becomes more difficult, because so many libertarian resources flow into political campaigns — campaigns that are great for our movement, campaigns that are helped immensely by the work of the Advocates. But this cuts into the pool of donations from which we depend upon.

And now there’s a second big problem we’re facing. As you know, the economy is in real trouble right now. Many people are worried — and rightfully so — about their financial future. And they’ve cut back on donations — even to organizations they strongly believe in, like the Advocates.

At a time when our cash flow is critically low, the movement for liberty needs us more than ever.

And, of course, you can donate directly here, or by calling 800-932-1776, or by Paypal from here.

  1. I second Sharon’s observation. Organizations such as the Advocates, Future of Freedom Foundation, and International Society for Individual Liberty, do valuable education work (that many LP groups eschew) and deserve support from libertarians. Many valuable groups are not receipients of stipends from the Koch organization (not that there is anything wrong with that) and depend on small contributions.
    Please go to the Advocates and ISIL websites, look over their fine services, and make a donation. Thanks for your support.
    Dave Walter,
    Treasurer, ISIL

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