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Robert Milnes: “Libertarians: Suspend Barr, Install Fusion Ticket, Win Election”

In Libertarian on August 16, 2008 at 9:12 pm

The following was written by Robert Milnes, and was forwarded to Last Free Voice by the author.

The libertarian movement is complex; there are many schools of libertarian thought. One argument is between the “purists” and “reformers”. However I believe the main division is between “right” and “left” libertarians, the purists v. reformers being on the left. On the right we have among others the “Dixiecrat” conservatives. Bob Barr and Ron Paul are in this area. It could even be argued that this area is so far to the right as to be no longer libertarian. Unfortunately, right libertarians have a lot of support and influence within the party. According to Libertarianlist poll, 72% of LP members supported Ron Paul’s candidacy. At the LP convention Barr barely but clearly got a majority over “purist” Ruwart. Ruwart then refused to consider the vice presidential position so great are the differences. I say unfortunately because libertarians cannot win the GOP nomination. The Ron Paul campaign in which he did not win a single primary demonstrated that. Also an all libertarian LP ticket cannot win an election. See: The Libertarian Vote study by the Cato Institute. There is simply not enough votes. However a fusion LP ticket, one libertarian one green(leftist) man and woman just might win by combining their inclusive vote rather than split it. Unfortunately again this involves working with leftist progressives which right libertarians are loathe to do. This would forfeit any chance of Libertarian Party presidential election victory. Now there is a Libertarian National Committee(LNC) meeting coming up. September 6 & 7 in the Arlington, Virginia Hyatt Regency Hotel. This represents a clear and possibly final opportunity in 2008 to suspend the candidacy of Bob Barr pursuant to party bylaws for cause. And to then install a fusion ticket to try to win the election via The Progressive Alliance Strategy. The question to be answered is: Does the Libertarian Party want to pursue the candidacy of a non libertarian Dixiecrat conservative that cannot win or try to win with a fusion ticket?

  1. No comments? So, everyone agrees.

  2. No, it’s just that nobody is bothering to argue with a lunatic anymore.

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