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Bob Barr’s attempted thuggery thwarted by judge

In Libertarian Party-US on August 16, 2008 at 2:20 am

Posted by Fred Church Ortiz at Independent Political Report

According to the LA TimesTop of the Ticket blog, the judge deciding on the Barr campaign’s last-minute lawsuit against Saddleback Church’s two-party forum was deliberating until at least 8 PM Friday night. According to an update recently posted, the judge has declined the campaign’s request for an injunction, and the event will proceed as planned.

Hooray for the judge heroically striking down the odious Barr’s attempts to use state violence to muscle his way into a private event.

How sad is it that a loss for the LP’s presidential candidate can be celebrated as a win for freedom?

Denver delegates who voted for Barr on any ballot: Hang your heads low in disgrace. Denounce this usurper at once and, in time, you may reclaim your dignity.

“Libertarians” who work for this cretin: Resign if you have any integrity whatsoever.

  1. G.E. do you endorse Chris Bennett as the preferred Libertarian Vice President candidate, and if not why haven’t we seen one post from you questioning a wannabe Vice President’s libertarian credibility?

    If so, you might want to re-think any credibility you have questioning someone else’s integrity.

    G.E. what do you think of using state muscle to pay for college degrees? G.E. what do you think of using state muscle to steal welfare checks when you are an able bodied individual fully capable of working?

    Other than that, yeah, Bob Barr is an idiot and doesn’t deserve my vote.

  2. Why are you questioning my credibility when you can’t have the balls to reveal your true identity? Why does G.E. have to question my libertarian values when you can yourself or is it that I won’t answer these things to someone who is under an alias and is AFRAID to show their real self?

  3. G.E. You’re a moron

  4. Post #3 was not made by me.

    ENM – Please ban whoever posted post #3 for the crime of impersonating another poster.

  5. G.E.

    (1) Duh.

    (b) As a cop once said to drunken friend, “Stupidity is, unfortunately, not a crime”.

    Don’t be so uptight. Makes you sound like Jim Davidson. Next you’ll be issuing cease-and-desists.

  6. Cease and desist all criticism of me at once, Susan!

  7. Fake GE: I already asked you nicely not to use others’ names. I’m not asking you this time, I’m telling you. I have far more important things to do, than babysit users in a forum intended for adults.

  8. Right, because welfare queens like Chris Bennett are something to be afraid of. Although, now that you mention it, a lot of welfare queens are pretty scary.

    I was curious if G.E. held all LP candidates to the same scrutiny on their libertarian credibility and behavior or if he fraudulently played favorites. If G.E. didn’t know you were sucking at the government’s teet, well then, you have even more credibility issues for not disclosing that crucial info, huh?

    Go write a press release or something for your Senate candidate. “Larry Stafford” searched in Google News returns nothing. But that’s not your fault either is it?

  9. Yeah you’re right I’m a welfare queen. I drive on government made roads, I send my kids to public schools. My wife works for the local school district and I work for one of the largest corporations in the US. Yeah I’m such a welfare queen!

  10. LFV is censoring truth! Hahahaha, isn’t this funny. A post disappears on the Last Free Voice? Free as long as you don’t prove Chris Bennett is a welfare queen that paid for college by stealing money from taxpayers. And a hint for Chris Bennett editing Yahoo Group posts from years ago to try to cover his tracks. SEVERAL people still have the ORIGINAL Yahoo Group message that was emailed. It won’t go away. Be a human and admit it instead of acting like Bill Clinton and GW Bush.

    Chris Bennett’s own words again. We’ll see how long they last this time on.

    “I think every person who works in this country has an important job whether they are a cook like me or a ditchdigger,garbage man or a homebuilder. The reason why I am going to college is to stop working for the man aka the multi-billion dollar corporations who take advantage of workers every day and to get out of a “career ” I’m getting sick of after 16 years. I work, take care of my family and keep a 3.0 average. But I guess I’m leeching of the government……By the way, I served in the Army for a while but for personal reasons, I feel I made the worst decision in my life by doing so. But that doesnt mean I disrespect those who serve every day to protect our freedom, in which Congress keeps eroding every day may I remind you. This is a capitalist country….we shouldn’t be forced to serve in the military just to get an education..Thus I don’t think its right for me to pay for another’s education through force either. Unfortunately, the only way for poor folks like my wife and I to get an education is to apply for Pell Grants and such or I’d be working for “the man” for the rest of my life. I’m too smart for that! I want to improve my life and I’m sorry but the military is not always the way to go for many. I pay taxes just like you. I pay Social Security because I’m forced to. I might as well get my Social Security now by going back to school than not getting my benefits when I retire. As a black man, Jim believe it or not, I will get less than .40 cents of every dollar that I put in…is that fair? If you don’t believe me goto they did an analysis a few years back on who gets what in benefits by race and gender. I may not serve for Uncle Sam like you BUT being a father a husband a college student and a cook is hard work. So actually Jim, I am not getting a free ride when it comes to my education.”

    Chris Bennett
    LPI_King Sized Mattress aka “Freeloader”

  11. I’d be curious to learn what’s wrong with sending a cease and desist letter? Would it be better to send an armed force to defend private property without even providing a request in the form of a cease and desist letter?

    It seems to me that a cease and desist request is a valid and honorable course of action.

  12. Does LFV have a “Twit Filter”? If so, what is the process for adding people to it? (I have a certain young horsey nutcase in mind…)


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