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Press Release: Massachusetts Libertarians file for November

In Libertarian on August 15, 2008 at 2:28 pm

Libertarians File for November

Boston, August 14. Libertarian Party U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Underwood and Libertarian State Party officials have filed nominating papers with the Massachusetts Secretary of State. “We filed over 15,000 certified signatures,” said State Chair George Phillies. “That’s far above the legal minimum of 10,000, enough to make our statewide slate immune to any credible challenge.” The nominating papers guarantee that Underwood and a Libertarian Presidential candidate will be on the Massachusetts ballot this November.

Underwood says of Iraq: “The end result was that militant Moslems sympathetic to Bin Ladin are more powerful today than ever. A vote for the major parties is a vote for the war. Bring all troops home. We are expending our wealth keeping troops abroad.” Underwood is a former Democrat. He says of his political past: “At age 21 I became a Democrat. Democrats were the part of the working class who stood against the Republican party, which by and large served the interests of the millionaire class, old money. Then, in the North, state governments shifted from funding education to increased regulation. Most of the Democratic Leadership did little to improve our lives. So I became a Libertarian.”

Nominating papers list the Libertarian Presidential team as George Phillies and Chris Bennett. The Libertarian Party is working vigorously to replace Phillies and Bennett with national Party nominees Bob Barr and Wayne Root. “We promised we’d do replacement,” Phillies said. “Then Massachusetts changed its rules. We’re trying to change them back. I hope we succeed, because I want to keep my promise on replacement. If we fail, Chris Bennett and I will wage a vigorous campaign across Massachusetts. We’ll campaign for the Libertarian goals of peace, liberty, and prosperity. We’ll campaign against Democratic and Republican achievements: Perpetual war. Ever-fewer civil liberties. A bigger national debt. Falling standards of living.”

For more on the Libertarian Statewide slate, contact the candidates directly:

George Phillies
508 754 1859

Robert J Underwood

or read their web sites:

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