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60 Seconds For Bob: “A site called”

In Libertarian on August 11, 2008 at 7:51 pm

Dear Friends, 60 Seconds for Bob

Our online team has been working day and night to get the word out about this campaign. We have a great team of volunteers who help us every day on a site called We have been posting comments, submitting articles, and voting those submissions up. Its hard netroots activism and now it’s paying off…

Here is today’s task: Digg!

We are within 1,500 friends of surpassing John McCain on

Its support like this, early on in the race, that will help our campaign surge towards success in November. As we continue to show strong support on sites like Digg , YouTube , Facebook , and MySpace more people will be turned to our message of Liberty for America.

So here’s the task:

  1. Go to and login or create an account.
  2. Visit Bob Barr’s Profile page here:
  3. On the top right hand side, next to Bob’s picture, click on the “Add Friend” button.
  4. Then Digg up Bob’s new video:

That’s it!

Check back regularly for new campaign articles at our Digg profile , it’s always changing with new submissions. The more ‘diggs’ you give us on our articles, the greater chance we have to increase our exposure to a huge audience by hitting the front page.

The more we operate on Digg, the more we notice users converting from other campaigns. We are seeing people change their profile icons from Obama, Huckabee, McCain & Ron Paul to Bob Barr!

Thank you so much for taking 60 seconds out of your day for Bob.

Your Friend,

Martin Avila
eCampaign Manager
Bob Barr for President

P.S. Below is our daily update, with the progress since the last message following the plus sign. Keep in mind that these numbers only improve with your help and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

Daily Campaign Update:
Funds Raised in August: $39,545* + $14,614
Number of Donors: 5,896* + 90
Email Subscribers: 24,394 + 4,390
Meetups: 6,204 members + 394
Volunteers: 3,913* + 55

* Online only.

  1. I share the “This is the internetz?” perspective here, since I don’t know a thing about this site.

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