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“60 Seconds For Bob”: Why is Barr suddenly losing so many supporters?

In Libertarian on August 8, 2008 at 7:27 pm

The Following is an email from the Bob Barr campaign.  Yesterday’s “60 Seconds” email reflected that they lost 360 meetup members overnight, and today’s shows that they lost 72 email subscribers overnight.

Dear Friend,
60 Seconds for Bob

It’s been a great first week for this exercise. Since we started, we’ve had over 700 people subscribe to our YouTube page; we’ve had dozens of people go on the air to talk about Bob Barr; now we have thousands of e-mails whizzing around the Internet promoting our candidate.

Not too bad for a few minutes of work for the week!

Here’s today’s task: Join a Bob Barr Meetup!

In yesterday’s email, you may have noticed that we took a hit on the number of Meetup members that we have. That loss came on the heels of an article on Tech Pres that touted our recent success on Meetup.

We need to get our numbers back up so that our Meetup Coordinators and activists can have more to work with.

Don’t worry, this one is really easy.

So here’s the task:

1. Go to
2. Enter your zip code and search.
3. Find a nearby Bob Barr Meetup and join it!
4. If there are no nearby Meetups you can either fill out the form to get invited when one starts or your can start your own. To start your own, contact Shana Kluck and she’ll walk you through the process.
5. Once you’re part of a local Bob Barr Meetup, you’ll be informed of upcoming meetings and events so please stay active and attend!

That’s it!
In Liberty,

Shane Cory
Deputy Campaign Manager
Bob Barr for President

P.S. Below is our daily update with the progress since yesterday following the plus sign. Keep in mind that these numbers only improve with your help, and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

Daily Campaign Update:
Funds Raised in August: $24,931* + $2,596
Number of Donors: 5,806* + 100
Email Subscribers: 20,004 – 72
Meetups: 5,810 members + 18
Volunteers: 3,858* + 21
* Funds raised online only.

To donate by mail:

Barr 2008 Presidential Committee
P.O. Box 725007
Atlanta, GA 31139

To donate by phone:

Call 1-800-Bob-Barr

Paid for by Barr 2008 Presidential Committee.

Federal law requires us to report the name, address, and name of employer and occupation for any individual whose aggregate contributions total over $200 in a calendar year. Corporate contributions and gifts from foreign nationals are prohibited. Personal Credit Card gifts only. Contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Limit of $2,300 per person per election and $4,600 per couple if signed by both parties and drawn on a jointly held bank account.

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  2. Interesting signature Shane has. Tells me a lot about him. That’s all I can say on this.


  3. The lesser of 3 evils is still evil…… That may have something to do with it.

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