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Press Release: Longtime LFV Contributor Chris Bennett to be Libertarian VP Candidate in New Hampshire

In Libertarian on August 6, 2008 at 4:50 pm

The following is a press release from the Phillies/Bennett campaign.

Chris Bennett to be Libertarian VP Candidate

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Presidential candidate George Phillies today gained a running mate. Chris Bennett of Springfield, Illinois completes the Libertarian Party ticket. “I am delighted to have Bennett on board,” Phillies said. “He is a wonderful campaigner. His fine Libertarian positions speak for themselves.”

Bennett, speaking on his positions, said “I am strongly against the invasion and the ‘police action’ in Iraq. I am against a Fair Tax and I will continue to fight to decrease the tax burden for all Americans. I
will continue to fight to restore our civil liberties and constitutional rights and fight to eliminate the Patriot Act, the Real ID Act, and the Military Commissions Act. As an African-American, I will use my
candidacy to recruit more minorities and women into the libertarian movement. As a recent college graduate, I will continue to convince younger voters and non-voters that the Libertarian Party is the future.”

Bennett has been a Libertarian Party volunteer since 1991. In 2004 he was active in the Libertarian Presidential campaigns of Aaron Russo and Michael Badnarik. He is currently the campaign manager for Larry Stafford, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Illinois, and is the Libertarian Party of Illinois Legislative Chair. He serves as a campaign adviser for the Boston Tea Party’s Jay/Knapp Presidential Ticket.

Christopher Dean Bennett, 35 was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1972. He now lives in Springfield, Illinois with his wife Evonne and children Charity, 9, and Brandon, 7. Bennett was graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield on May 10th, 2008, with a political studies degree with a minor in economics. He had previously attended Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, class of 1990.

To contact the candidates

George Phillies
508 754 1859

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett’s remarks are abridged from

The so-called “Fair Tax” is a national Sales Tax.

  1. Congratulations to Chris, who is (I believe) the first African-American VP candidate of a national party to appear on the ballot.

  2. Congrats Chris. Let the haters hate. Go show the LP what its like to have a proper VP candidate.

  3. first African-American VP candidate of a national party to appear on the ballot.

    Rosa Clemente is Afro-Latina (Greens 2008).

    Julius Hobson was the VP candidate of the People’s Party in 1972 with Benjamin Spock. Not sure how many states.

    Arrin Hawkins, SWP, 2004 (14 states).

    Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party, 2008

    Angela Davis, Communist Party, 1980 and 1984

    Willie Mae Reid, SWP 1976 and 1992

    Ezola Foster, Reform Party 2000

  4. Depends on what you consider a “national party”

  5. Ezola Foster, Reform 2000, every state I believe. National enough?

  6. I see on that the Boston Tea Party people have endorsed Chris and his running mate in NH and Mass. Yay, Chris! You go!

  7. Congratulations, Chris!! Keep the dream alive for the citizens of the nation, the party that you represent and for all those voices no one hears. We, the people, need more leaders of your caliber who believe and have put forth an enormous amount of time, effort and dedication to bring us back to a time when we, the people, had a true voice in our government. I wish you continue success and support you in this your life’s work and great passion.

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