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60 Seconds For Bob: How to defraud call screeners and piss off talk radio hosts

In Libertarian on August 6, 2008 at 5:58 pm

Dear Friend,

60 Seconds for Bob

Yesterday, we asked you to subscribe Bob Barr’s YouTube page. After a few weeks of being stuck at around 2,700 subscribers, we now have 3,280 subscribers. We gained 528 subscribers nearly overnight! Good job!

Now for today’s task: Call Talk Radio!

We need to hit the local airwaves to let people know about our candidate, Bob Barr! Bob stands for maximizing individual liberty and minimizing government power.

Give the following task a shot and get back to me by e-mailing and let me know how it went.

Also, feel free to save this task for tomorrow morning if you have a favorite morning program to call.

So here’s the task:

1. Go to and enter your zip code to find a local talk station.
2. Visit your station’s Web site to get the call-in number.
3. Tune in, get the topic of discussion and dial.
4. If you get through, you’ll probably be connected with the call screener. Say you want to weight in on the topic being discussed.
5. When you get on the air, address the topic if you wish, then say something along the lines of, “That’s a great issue to discuss but let me tell you about a real choice in the race for the presidency, Bob Barr.
6. Finally, and this is important, before it’s too late, plug our site:
7. Shoot a quick note to me at and let me know how it went.

That’s it!

I’ll report back to you tomorrow with feedback from others.

That does it for today’s “60 Seconds for Bob!”

In Liberty,

Shane Cory
Deputy Campaign Manager
Bob Barr for President

P.S. Below is our daily update with the progress since yesterday following the plus sign. Keep in mind that these numbers only improve with your help and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

Daily Campaign Update:
Funds Raised in August: $18,715* + $7,982
Number of Donors: 5,644* + 68
Email Subscribers: 19,881 +118
Meetups: 6,152 members + 47
Volunteers: 3,809* + 40
* Funds raised online only.

To donate by mail:

Barr 2008 Presidential Committee
P.O. Box 725007
Atlanta, GA 31139

To donate by phone:

Call 1-800-Bob-Barr

Paid for by Barr 2008 Presidential Committee.

Federal law requires us to report the name, address, and name of employer and occupation for any individual whose aggregate contributions total over $200 in a calendar year. Corporate contributions and gifts from foreign nationals are prohibited. Personal Credit Card gifts only. Contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Limit of $2,300 per person per election and $4,600 per couple if signed by both parties and drawn on a jointly held bank account.

  1. Sounds like a really good way to get the talk shows annoyed at the LP and it’s candidates…

    Of course fraud is a subject that the Barr campaign has plenty of expertise in, so it hardly seems surprising that they advocate it.

    I’m also hardly surprised that the Barr campaign doesn’t have any objection to “poisoning the well” for any other REAL Libertarian candidates…

    So we now have the Barr campaign openly and officially advocating fraud… I’m REALLY impressed!

    LPMA Presidential Elector, with yet another reason not to vote for Barr – as if I needed one!

  2. This is so damn typical of the amateurishness of the entire Barr campaign apparatus, and the LP’s promotional approaches in general. It reads like a concept dreamed up by a smart ninth grader.

    Real marketing? It’s not hard. But these guys will never get it, because none of them have ever had a real career in business.

    Having the guy who used to fix the computers in the LPHQ directing your marketing strategy makes as much sense as having the marketing guy running your mission-critical UNIX server.

  3. I have been a staunch Barr supporter, but dammit, the campaign is doing everything possible to convince me to lessen my support.

  4. The lame “call talk radio” concept as a replacement for actual activism is something Shane Cory pulled out of his sphincter a long time ago when he was the disgruntled conservative in charge of LPHQ.

    As we can see, this was a great strategy for lowering the membership totals for the LP while at the same time building a base for a candidate like Bob Barr.

    The talk radio strategy is but one reason among many that Mr. Cory should have been sent packing years ago – certainly after the Iraq Exit Strategy foolishness.

    I see the LP still encourages folks to call talk radio:

    What a great way to communicate with know-nothing crypto-fascists. Why with any luck, maybe the LP can run a Neal Boortz/Glenn Beck ticket in 2012.

  5. C’mon, Tom, talk radio is a very good way to spread the libertarian message. Let’s just make calls when the topic warrants injection of the message/candidate, and not toss Barr into a discussion on Bret Favre or something. I’ve made many such calls and it can be fun jousting with the (mainly) conservative hosts of such shows. Not every Libertarian has the time or inclination to go door to door for a candidate, so spreading the message on popular local talk radio is a good use of limited resources.

  6. I support using Talk Radio to promote the Barr campaign.

    I am not so concerned about the so-called “fraud,” but
    I don’t think it is wise to tell a blatant lie to the call screener. So, it is simply necessary to comment on the
    subject at hand as well as mention Barr. If the subject
    at hand is anything about the Presidential race, Barr is on
    topic. However, to the degree that it is about some issue,
    the talk host is likely to ask where barr stands on the issue.
    And so, this requires a little research.

    The problem, then, is that it requires a little more work.

    And perhaps doesn’t fit into the 60 second theme.

    Anyway, I don’t think that there is going to be much anger if first time callers use this approach–

    Well, I don’t think this should be used for an “all sports” talk radio program.

    Barr has already “appeared” on our local show, and one of the guest hosts says he is leaning towards Barr.

  7. “We’re getting reports now from that big jet crash out at the airport. Dozens are feared dead. I have on the line a caller who is at the scene. Tell me, caller, what do you see?”

    “It’s terrible, Kent! Bodies and plane wreckage everywhere. That’s a great issue to discuss, but let me tell you about a real choice in the race for the presidency, Bob Barr.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “You know, Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate for President. His website Bob Barr 2008 dot–”

    “I’m being told by my producers that was a crank caller. Let’s go to Mr. Baba Booey on line 2…”

  8. Talk radio is mostly right-wing foam-at-mouth stuff anyway. They’re not going to be interested in a Libertarian or even a repubLibertarian.

  9. Brian, not entirely so, see air america, sirius, etc. There are a few libertarian ones, like Mancow Muller.
    Now, I do think it is a good idea to spread the message via local radio shows, very small ones as well, and some of the bigger ones have podcasts/mp3 to download. The same should be done for the local candidates. Perhaps they can organize a joint Barr/local LP candidate interview? But it would be a waste of time calling the Michael Savages of the world etc. Barr has already appeared on a few.
    They should encourage other ways as well. With the Ron Paul campaign it was really bottom-up: people took their own initiative and also call in.
    It should just be so organized that the callers are smart and have tact and will not misuse anytime to get the message across, but rather use and comment on the theme discussed, making an intelligent, relevant remark and then move over to the LP and Barr and also mention the local candidate.
    Music and art are very good ways to get the message across as well.

  10. […] 60 Seconds For Bob: How to defraud call […]

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