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BTP Presidential nominee Charles Jay outlines campaign goals

In Libertarian on August 5, 2008 at 2:22 pm

The following is a message from Charles Jay, Boston Tea Party Presidential Candidate.

Dear Liberty Lovers,

When I ran for president in 2004 on the Personal Choice Party ticket, people would ask me, “Why are you running? There’s already a libertarian in this race.”

Certainly they had a point.

But now, four years later, as the nominee of the Boston Tea Party, I could give you 100 reasons why I’m in this race. And every day, it seems like there’s a new one.

I believe, as I’m sure you do, that we need a presidential candidate who champions liberty. After all, how many people became libertarians thanks to the presidential campaigns of men like David Bergland, Harry
Browne, and Ron Paul?

In its thirty-seven year history, the Libertarian Party has had some great candidates and some who were just “good.” Some LP standard-bearers — like Browne and Paul — were tremendous spokesmen for liberty, while others were merely average. But never in the LP’s history has the party’s presidential candidate actively spread a non-libertarian message — that is, never until now.

Republican Bob Barr managed to narrowly win the LP presidential nomination on the sixth ballot, with 51% of the convention vote. Rather than being humbled by the narrowness of his victory, Barr — much like Bush with his narrow presidential “wins” — interpreted his nomination as a “mandate” to redefine libertarianism in the mold of Dixiecrat “States’ Rights” conservatism, unilaterally casting aside long-held libertarian principles like last week’s garbage.

Yes, Bob Barr is getting a certain amount of media coverage — but to what end?

Barr is using his mainstream-media platform to advocate Bush Republicanism in the guise of libertarianism — he is no threat to the statist quo.

For example, when given the stage to make the libertarian case for laissez-faire free-market capitalism, Barr said that the government “has to do something” to prevent millionaire investors from losing money in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stocks. “Doing nothing would be inadvisable,” Barr said — in direct opposition to a press release put out earlier by the LP entitled “Let Them Fail!” Republican Ron Paul, a true champion of economic liberty, later made the case that Fannie and Freddie should be allowed to go bust — not propped up with taxpayer dollars and then “privatized” as Barr suggests.

Sadly, Ron Paul will not win the GOP nomination. The Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, though probably preferable to Barr, is a social conservative who doesn’t respect the personal choices of all Americans. And Bob Barr, though a Libertarian, is no libertarian.

So who will champion liberty from now until November?

The answer is me, Charles Jay.

In 2004, I saw the writing on the wall, and I left the LP. As it turned out, there were still enough true libertarians in the party to ensure the nomination of Michael Badnarik — a fine candidate — and I admit, one who articulated the philosophy the party was supposed to represent.

But now, I understand why I needed to run then — so I could run all the better now.

You see, I gained invaluable experience as the Personal Choice Party’s candidate for president in 2004. Now in ’08, as the nominee of the upstart Boston Tea Party, I can build on the lessons learned four years ago and give you the best libertarian campaign possible for your buck. This ain’t my first rodeo.

The Boston Tea Party was formed in 2006, in response to the evisceration of the Libertarian Party’s principled platform by the so-called “Reform” Caucus. Like I said, I saw this coming two years earlier, so it was no surprise to me. Then, after Bob Barr secured the LP’s nomination in May, the BTP experienced a huge growth spurt as disgruntled libertarians fled the former “party of principle” for a new, truly principled libertarian alternative. Every time Bob Barr opens his mouth, the Boston Tea Party gets more new members.

* Where do I see the Boston Tea Party going?
* Do I see it eclipsing the LP in the next few years?
* Will the LP continue its rightward drift towards statism until it merges with the GOP?

I can’t say for sure. What I do know is that the Boston Tea Party is growing and there are plenty of “dual citizens” — members of both the BTP and the LP. Some Tea Partiers have renounced the LP and want to
devote all of their energies to our new party. Others see the BTP as a backup, or as a vehicle to “keep the LP honest.” I see both views as having merit.

But in order to really make a difference, we need to be able to reach beyond the diehard libertarians who know all about the BTP and Charles Jay. Yes, a vote for Jay is an anti-vote for Barr, and it’s important for true libertarians to have their voices heard. But we don’t want these voices to fall on deaf ears.

That’s why I need your help.

Look, I have no delusions of grandeur. I’m not going to raise $40 million like Bob Barr says he plans to. But the good news is, I don’t need to.

You see, in addition to being a libertarian agitator, I have a real job in the private sector: I create wealth rather than receiving a taxpayer-funded paycheck. And how I make my money is by making money for others via Internet marketing.

Bob Barr may be getting a lot of press from the dead-tree media and on the military-industrial complex’s cable networks, but the people who read and watch the old media are set in their ways — they’re not likely to become libertarians anyway. The Internet, my friends, is where the action is, and I know how to use the Internet to advance a message.

With your help, the Charles Jay for President Campaign will:

* Reach millions of voters via Search Engine Marketing
* Target “convertibles” by age, interests, geographic location, etc.
* Run economically efficient banner ad campaigns at leading libertarian and constitutionalist sites and blogs
* Hit the social networking sites with effective ad campaigns and viral marketing
* Make fun and informative YouTube videos that users will gladly distribute for free, rather than spending tons of cash of commercials no one will watch
* Present a real, uncompromising libertarian message through articles and press releases that will get notice in the blogosphere and indexed with high page ranks by search engines

This is what I do for a living, and I’m damn good at it. With your help, our message will be heard by people to whom it will actually matter!

We can’t afford to run a campaign crisscrossing the country in private jets or even Greyhound buses. We plan to run a national campaign on a shoestring budget — will you help us afford the laces?

Please make your most generous contribution today. Whether your gift is $2300 or $23; $1000 or $100; $500, $50, or even $5 — every bit helps. Contribute online at:

And make no mistake about it — although I’ve got an Internet-based business, and we’ll be harnessing the cost advantages of cyber-marketing to our advantage, this is a REAL campaign, not a Web-based fantasy. We also have to get on the ballot where that’s still possible, and coordinate effective write-in campaigns where it’s not. In order to do this, we need your help.

Click Here to Donate Today

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If you believe that we do need a candidate to champion liberty, and if you agree that Internet marketing is the future of political campaigning, then I trust you will make an investment in the building of a true libertarian alternative by supporting my campaign.

Yours in liberty,

Charles Jay
Boston Tea Party Candidate for President

P.S. A gift of $100 could help us reach up to 2,000 potential libertarians with a targeted marketing message.

P.S.S. A gift of $1,000 could make the difference between getting on the ballot in one or more key states.

P.S.S.S. A gift of $25, $10, or even $5 would be greatly appreciated. I understand that, like our campaign, many libertarians are on a shoestring budget themselves. This is all the more reason we need a champion of libertarian economics to spread our message.

  1. So he ran in 2004 because he predicted a sinister future with Barr?

  2. Well you know the various “crap” you see with the LP today? Some of us saw signs of this in 2004.

    I’m assuming thats what he means.

  3. I saw sinister “crap” in 1996 and refused to renew my membership in the national LP in 1998.

    Vin Suprynowicz wrote:

    “The Libertarian Party won’t pick its presidential nominee until its national convention in Washington, D.C., July 4, 1996. But the party’s small salaried staff, now working out of the Watergate Hotel of 1972 break-in fame, has its own campaign strategy: choose a presidential nominee by fait accompli at least two years in advance, and put him on the road to do fund-raising. ”

    I wrote:

    “Since that time, I haven’t encountered a vehement response from Perry Willis, or an ardent defense of his actions, or a really clear-cut explanation of how the Libertarian Party has lived up to its principles. Maybe I’ve missed one or two such things, so if you’ve encountered them, please point me at ’em.”


    “So, on the one hand, he failed to save the LP. Instead, he made it as useless and unreliable as any other political party. On another hand, he failed to save the Harry Browne campaign, which lost two elections, anyway. On yet a third hand (and oh, is this monster many-tentacled), Willis killed off many campaigns about which he has no remorse. On a fourth hand, he turned off a great many LP active voters, sponsors, and contributors. In the end, he decided to shape the Harry Browne campaign and the LP in the image of his choosing.”

    “Where is the political force that the LP wields? It is not in the national headquarters, it is not in the White House (because Harry keeps losing), it is not in Congress (because the LP apparatchiks like Willis keep focusing on the White House), it is in state and local races. The LP is made up of hundreds of individual activists who do most of the work, thousands of individual contributors who do most of the funding, and a few self-important types like Willis who do all the whining and most of the cheating.”

  4. “Republican Bob Barr managed to narrowly win the LP presidential nomination on the sixth ballot, with 51% of the convention vote.”

    True, but if you count the “non-votes” (26 of them) Barr got a whopping 49.7% (324 out of 652 credentialed delegates).

    Someone correct me if they know this to be wrong, but I don’t believe that in the history of the LP presidential nomination since 1972, has the ultimate winner received less than a majority of the credentialed delegates votes. Add in the fact that W.A.R. received just over 44% (289 out of 652) of the credentialed delegates, and we have the most unpopular (with Libertarians) LP presidential ticket ever.

    All this from arguably the most high-profile nominee ever!

  5. I wonder if all the people who talk about “having a feeling something was wrong,” who quit the LP years ago, understand that they helped lead to the situation we have today?

    Just asking.

    Blaming the rest of us isn’t so hot when one doesn’t consider his own role in the situation. If enough people had come to convention from the “radical” side, the situation today wouldn’t be nearly as dire as all the fourth party and fifth party former LPers make it appear.

  6. No, Brian, I don’t understand anything of the sort. I left the LP at the national level by refusing to renew my membership, and refusing to participate in national politix within the group, because I didn’t want anything to do with it. You are now blaming me because your party sux. Why don’t you stop finding blame in others and work on fixing your party?

    The situation today is the responsibility of those who are in the LP today. How can you even conceivably argue that it is my responsibility?

    I denied the scum my money for the last 10 years. You’ve been rewarding them for bad behavior by renewing your dues.

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